$31 million hacked from Russian Central Bank

Russian central bank hacked

$31 million hacked from Russian Central Bank

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Russian Central Bank Hacked – $31 million stolen from Bank

Russian central bank hacked

Russian central bank hacked as millions of dollars of customers were stolen on Friday as disclosed by bank authority. This is the latest example of a planned cyber-attack on the financial institutions.

After the Russian central bank hacked the officials came out with a stunning information that the hackers were on a plan to hack about 5 million rubles but could only manage 2 million rubles.

Around $ 26 million of the stolen funds had been recovered by the Russian central bank as they freezed the accounts which was used by the hackers to transfer the funds.


Details of how the hackers were able to get inside the system and compromise it was not revealed by the authorities and is under investigation. In the past hackers had targeted Russian banks by compromising E-payment systems, installing malware on ATM Management infrastructure.




These are the common ways used by hackers to steal money from banks across the globe. Experts in India have predicted that this kind of strategic attacks can affect the current banking infrastructure prevailing in India.


Due to demonetization and sudden increase in online banking transactions, common people are not fully aware about the security issues and how to us online banking and e wallets safely.


Russian central bank hacked


This kind of hacks have also increased the demands for ethical hackers across the globe. Currently in India more than 77,000 ethical hackers were demanded every year as per the report of NASSCOM. Experts believe that these numbers will increase and demands for well trained white hat hackers will increase.


CEH (certified ethical hacker ) certification is what students and working professionals are targeting as this is the best global certification one can have to secure a job in any MNCs in India and abroad.


In the meanwhile FSB s website warning shows that the attack was planed by a un-named country for 5th of December.


Watch this video to understand how the Credit card hacks and underground market works    


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