Advance Python Training in Hyderabad

Python Training in Hyderabad

Advance Level

Python training in Hyderabad advance level by Indian Cyber Security Solutions focuses on advance level coding in Python. If you have completed the basic course on PythonCertified Python Programmerfrom Indian Cyber Security Solutions before you can now be ready to explore the world of hacking and penetration testing by developing hacking tools in python.

Python has been the top most powerful and flexible open source language that is really very easy to learn. In our instructor based Python Training in Hyderabad Advance Level we will teach you how to use the powerful libraries for data analysis and manipulation.

Hyderabad, The city, which has traditionally been known for its pharmaceutical and infrastructure businesses, has struggled to develop its identity with regards to the startup sector. However, the entrepreneurs and startup mentors from the panel believe that the backdrop of the city as a vaccine hub and an IT destination will bolster health technology and biotechnology startups. While Hyderabad still has a long way to go, entrepreneurs are buzzed about the upcoming summit, which they believe would open several doors for the city and its entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The versatile use of Python programming in the industry had made it very popular among the new graduates and working professionals who want to excel in the domain of python programming. Our placement focused python training in Hyderabad advance level will help to gain necessary practical and in-depth knowledge. Our python training in Hyderabad advance level will focus on the in-depth advance portion of python coding where you will learn the concepts of writing python scripts, sequence & file operations in Python, machine learning, cryptography with Python, socket programming by python.


Python Training in Hyderabad Advance Level





Jobs as Python Developers – Python Training in Hyderabad Advance Level


After you complete our Python Training in Hyderabad advance level you can apply for several jobs for python developer. There are several job opportunities in Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Delhi & Mumbai.

As a fresher after completing Python Training in Hyderabad advance level you can look for an average salary of INR – 18K to 20K in India. With experience you can really draw a handsome salary.





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Python Developer – INDIA

Python Engineer – USA/UK/Spain

Python Application Developer

IT Security Engineer

Software Engineer


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Python Training in Hyderabad Advance Level

Course Details


Module-1 Quick Review


Lecture1: Data Types

Lecture2: Exception in Python

Lecture3: Function in Python

Lecture4: Class in Python

Lecture5: Modules in python



Module-2 Threading & More


Lecture1: Threading

Lecture2: Argparse

Lecture3: Advance class Design

Lecture4: Build Windows application



Module-3 Socket Programming


Lecture1: Lab Setup

Lecture2: Socket Client

Lecture3: Socket Server

Lecture4: Port scanner

Lecture5: SocketServer Framework



Module-4 Network Packets & Web


Lecture1: Creating Http Server

Lecture2: Fetching Web pages

Lecture3: Packet Sniffing

Lecture4: Packet Injection

Lecture5: Scapy

Lecture6: DNS poisoning

Lecture7: PyExfil



Module-5 Shell Programming In python


Lecture1: Reverse Shell in TCP

Lecture2: Reverse Shell in HTTP

Lecture3: Persistence Shell



Module-6 Password Hacking With python


Lecture1: Keylogger Desing

Lecture2: Creating Proxy Server

Lecture3: Dumping saved password from Browsers

Lecture4: Facebook Password Phishing

Lecture5: Firefox API Hooking



Module-7 Python For Windows


Lecture1: Basic of Windows Platform Structure

Lecture2: Hacking Windows Platform

Lecture3: Backdooring basics

Lecture4: Backdooing windows platform

Lecture5: Erasing Tracks with python



Module-8 Implementing Cryptography


Lecture1: Basics of Cryptography

Lecture2: RSA algorithm

Lecture3: AES algorithm

Lecture4: RSA Secure channel coding

Lecture5: AES secure channel coding

Lecture6: Key Generation

Lecture7: RSA Coding-Decoding with python

Lecture8: Introduction to Paramiko



Module-9 Bypass Code Writing in Python


Lecture1: Bypassing Firewall & IDS

Lecture2: Hijacking Internet Exploler

Lecture3: Bypassing Botnet Filtering



Course Duration for Python training in Hyderabad Advance Level


3 Months ( 2 classes X 2 Days )


Course Fee


Class Room Training

INR – 11,000/-


Online Training

INR – 9,000/-



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Python training in Hyderabad Advance Level coding

Hyderabad has several  congenial factors to further fuel growth in IT sector. It has earned global reputation as a cosmopolitan city known for its assimilative cultural ethos. Firm foundation, futuristic policy, strategic advantages associated with the city etc., would significantly contribute to the enhancement and enrichment of the IT landscape of Hyderabad. So students of Hyderabad can placed themselves by the Python training in Hyderabad Advance Level from Indian Cyber security Solutions which provides best advance python course in India.

Hyderabad has several  congenial factors to further fuel growth in IT sector. It has  earned global reputation as a cosmopolitan city  known for its assimilative cultural ethos. When the IT sector was opening up in the country in mid-90s , Hyderabad became a natural choice for the IT majors. It has become a critical national and international IT hub. The presence of  leading national research and academic instituitons has provided the right eco system for the growth of this knowledge-intensive sector. Information Technology Minister KT Rama Rao said 30 companies including top national and international firms were in talks with the state government to set up their operations in the area. According to the minister, these units will create 1.25 lakh jobs. He expects the units to come up in next five years.

Hyderabad is an important seat of learning in southern India. Many famous institutes are established in Hyderabad for education like Osmania University HyderabadUniversity of HyderabadJawaharlal Nehru Technological University, HyderabadInternational Institute of Information TechnologyIndian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad etc.




Osmania University Hyderabad





University of Hyderabad





Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad





International Institute of Information Technology





Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad



Students from these and from other colleges, universities can polish their technical skills by Summer training and winter training from Indian Cyber Security Solutions and also can do Python Training in Hyderabad Advance Level. This is the best institute for Python Course in Hyderabad and can get chance to work as a Python Coder.

Hyderabad city saturated for IT growth and other industries, the government is seriously considering new sites along the 139 km ORR to promote IT, BT and other sectors.

The new IT hubs would have all infrastructure and facilities for the companies besides campuses having schools, colleges, hospitals, good roads, drinking water, drainage facilities, adequate power supply and policing among others.

Some startups use Django (python web framework) to build their full stack web apps. MNCs like TCS, Cognizant,Qualcomm etc use python in some manner, Students of Hyderabad can find python openings in their careers section after doing Python Training in Hyderabad Advance Level from Indian Cyber Security Solutions.


Python Programming Course

Python Programming Course by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the most demanded training in India as well as in Hyderabad. We provide Classroom training in Kolkata. It is not possible for all to come for classroom training in kolkata, so you can do Python Programming Course from Hyderabad. Also you can invite us to come in Hyderabad for give you Hands on training in Hyderabad colleges and universities.

The role played by the Hyderabad IT companies in the growth of the software industry in India has been an important one. Since 1990, Hyderabad has seen a steady growth of IT companies establishing their offices and headquarters in the city. The growth of the software industry has even led to the establishment of an IT Park called HITEC City. In this IT Park there are many renowned national as well as multinational companies that have established base in India through Hyderabad. So it is a great opportunity for Hyderabad students to work in future in the field of Python Programming by doing Python Programming Course in Hyderabad.

Python is a high level and multi paradigm programming language designed by Guido van Rossum, a dutch programmer, having all the features as conventional programming languages such as C, C++ and Java have.

It is one of the fastest growing languages and has undergone a successful span of more than 25 years as far as its adoption is concerned. This success also reveals a promising future scope after Python Programming Course.

At the peak of its IT revolution, Hyderabad was home to biggies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. A common anecdote of the time was how then Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu, managed a meeting Bill Gates and convinced him to start Microsoft’s Research Centre out of Hyderabad. So you can work as Python developer by doing Python Programming Course.

Python is here to stay! And we have reasons to state that. Python programming Course has seen increasing popularity among the masses and Linux communities is also being used by big players like Google. Python is a comprehensive and major high level programming language which is mostly associated with Linux domain of users. It is an open source language lending support to the main programming codes that are in vogue. The best part is that python programmers can write codes that can be object-oriented, functional or imperative in design.

This language was designed with an aim to provide platform independence and code readability in mind. These 2 unique features make this language logical and adaptable as well as easier to understand. The flexibility that Python runs same source code on a wide array of platforms, which so ever it operates  makes it stand out of the crowd in programming market today, where majorly all other languages fall short. Python has been described as most organized and standardized language by several users. With these remarkable powers, and portability across multiple platforms, this language promises a well built career ahead for all the aspirants.

Hyderabad was a late entrant to the IT industry, but it is poised to grow to $50 billion by 2025. The IT industry has benefited the youth in the city massively.

Hyderabad’s IT industry currently employs 14.5 lakh, which is set to increase in the coming years. Major Internet and mobile companies like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Nokia, NASA and many others major market players use Python programming to develop easy to use and simplified web application and systems. Along with these Python is also core to Linux, Python is must for all Linux programmer and system developer.

Python programmers are most demandable in IT industry these days and get paid more compare to other language programmer. Thus future of Python programming Course is bright and secured.



Python Programming Course







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