Placement assistance in kolkata

Placement assistance in Kolkata

Placement assistance in Kolkata in recent years has retained its growth and is rapidly expanding among several institutions and a trend that has been taken very seriously. This is helping students to get the inspiration of a robust career ahead without facing the real-world job struggle, peer-competition, or family pressure. Seeing this advantage several Colleges, Universities, and training institutions across the city have buckled up in marketing themselves for providing the Best placement assistance in Kolkata where the key is to check all the capable candidates and provide them with 100% placement assistance in Kolkata.

Getting a placement nowadays can be a really challenging task going forward as most companies want the best out of the best students to sit for the placement drive. This has led the companies to dig a little deeper when it comes to analyzing the candidate’s educational background.

Criteria for a student to acquire a job in an MNC

  • If you have acquired more than 60% marks in both the 10th and 12th standards.
  • If you have successfully acquired 60% marks in graduation.
  • If you don’t have any backlogs.
  • More than a year gap in studies will not be allowed.

These criteria are what most companies are keeping to evaluate the best out of the huge crowd of students who have successfully completed their graduation. Those who are not carrying the desired marks in their board exams, as well as graduation, are still eligible for those companies who have kept a lower cutoff rate.

Kolkata is known by many as a city, that has always been the backbone of the industrial revolution in India. Currently, it’s known as the IT hub of the east as Sector V and New Town has contributed heavily to the city infrastructural and industrial growth.


Best Placement Assistance in Kolkata

Best Placement Assistance in Kolkata is provided by Indian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS) as claimed by many. ICSS has fulfilled the organizational needs of an enterprise on the grounds of cybersecurity and other related technologies. Students who have completed any of the courses given below from ICSS are completely eligible to appear for an interview.

Campus Placement

  • CE|Hv11
  • CE|P
  • Cyber Security & Diploma in Cybersecurity
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Android Development
  • Cloud Computing

Once you finish the courses, you will be appearing for an examination which will be held in ICSS. After that, you will be made to sit on several interviews which will help you to boost your confidence, knowledge, and command of the language. Going forward as the process goes on