Noriben: Portable, Simple, Malware Analysis Sandbox


Noriben   is a Python-based script that works in conjunction with Sysinternals Procmon to automatically collect, analyze, and report on runtime indicators of malware. In a nutshell, it allows you to run your malware, hit a keypress, and get a simple text report of the sample’s activities.

Noriben allows you to not only run malware similar to a sandbox but to also log system-wide events while you manually run malware in ways particular to make it run. For example, it can listen as you run malware that requires varying command line options, or user interaction. Or, to watch the system as you step through malware in a debugger.

Noriben solely requires Sysinternals procmon.exe (or procmon64.exe) to function. It requires no pre-filtering (although it might tremendously assist) because it incorporates quite a few white record gadgets to scale back undesirable noise from system exercise.



Cool Features of Noriben:

If  you will have a folder of YARA signature information, you’ll be able to specify it with the –yara choice. Every new file create shall be scanned towards these signatures with the outcomes displayed within the output outcomes.

If you will have a VirusTotal API, place it right into a file named “virustotal.api” (or embed immediately within the script) to auto-submit MD5 file hashes to VT to get the variety of viral outcomes.

You can add lists of MD5s to auto-ignore (resembling your entire system information). Use md5deep and throw them right into a textual content file, use –hash to learn them.

You can automate the script for sandbox-utilization. Using -t to automate execution time, and –cmd “pathexe” to specify a malware file, you’ll be able to routinely run malware, copy the outcomes off, after which revert to run a brand new pattern.



Bypassing Anti-Sandboxing

One   common instance to use Noriben is with malware that is VM and Sandbox aware. Throwing the sample into any existing sandbox will most likely result in a report with no artifacts as the malware didn’t run. Some applications look for manual user activity, such as mouse movement and clicking. Other malware may infect the WinHTTP stack and only trigger when a web browser is used. By just launching Noriben in the background, all of the system behavior is logged as the analyst manually controls the system to give the impression of a normal user. Once the file has been detonated, the results can be reviewed as a standard sandbox report.



Command Line-Based Applications


In   rarer cases are malware samples that require command line options in order to run. Launching these executables within a sandbox would immediately fail as the malware does not have the arguments to operate. However, an analyst manually controlling the malware while Noriben is running can quickly gather all system artifacts from various command line options.



General Attack Artifacts

Even   more interesting, Noriben has been used by pentesters to determine what system artifacts exist when launching an attack against a system or service. By monitoring files created or registry entries modified, a security analyst can determine all artifacts that result from running an attack, a PowerShell command, or a Javascript-based web page.



Perfect for Malware Analysis on the Road

It’s    commonly a scenario where an analyst may have a proper sandbox environment in a home lab but on the road has only a laptop. In working with various Sales Engineers and Support individuals from security companies, there were many times where they needed an immediate malware answer out of their hotel room. Noriben was designed to be used with little effort, little setup, and little maintenance. Even if you don’t have a dedicated malware VM, any Windows VM will do! Even <a snapshot copy of> your corporate environment!




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