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CCNA Course in India

Networking training in Bhubaneswar by Indian Cyber Security Solutions provides the real time training with placement opportunities for fresher’s.  Our Networking training in Bhubaneswar provides basic to advance level training following the CISCO –CCNA global training module. After completion of our Networking training in Bhubaneswar one could easily apply for jobs available in different MNCs.

Bhubaneswar has many of the top IT companies of the country, with many more constructing their campuses. This includes Infosys, Tech-Mahindra, TCS, Wipro, Mindfire Solutions, Mindspace, Genpact, Firstsource, Mindtree and MphasiS. Some of the local homegrown companies include Orisys Infotech, Exilant, TCubesolutions, ESSPL, Discoverture, Tatwa, CSM, and Luminous. Many of these companies are located in Bhubaneswar’s main 350 acres IT Park, Infocity. A second 600 acre IT park, Info Valley is under development with Infosys creating a new campus there. So students of Bhubaneswar can placed themselves in higher position by the Networking training in Bhubaneswar.

Our trainers are working professionals in different organization as network security professionals with around 5 to 10 years of vast experience in the field of network security with CCNA CISCO certification & MPLS certified.  Our Networking training  in Bhubaneswar is completely focused on providing hands on practical knowledge on network with various CCNA projects during the course curriculum. Our Networking training in Bhubaneswar is rated among the top ten institutes providing in depth knowledge in CCNA-CISCO certification.




Networking Training in Bhubaneswar




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Networking  – Jobs in Bhubaneswar




Network  Administrator

Network Engineer

Network Security Engineer


Eligibility criteria for CISCO – CCNA training in Bhubaneswar


Any student with minimum knowledge in computers can apply for this course. Our CCNA training starts from the basics of networking and then goes deep into the CISCO modules.


Networking Training in Bhubaneswar Module – Cisco Course Curriculum




CCNA – Networking Training Module


Chapter-1 Introduction

Lecture 1:What is Computer network?

Lecture 2: What is LAN?

Lecture 3: What is MAN?

Lecture 4: What is WAN?

Lecture 5: Parts of network


Chapter-2 Internet

Lecture 6: How the internet works?

Lecture 7: What is webserver?

Lecture 8: What is Server?

Lecture 9: What is client and host?

Lecture 10: What is NIC ?

Lecture11: What is Protocol?


Chapter-3 Topology

Lecture 12: Bus topology

Lecture 13: Ring topology

Lecture 14: Star topology

Lecture 15: Mesh topology


Chapter-4 Network Components

Lecture 16: OSI model

Lecture 17: What is Modem?

Lecture 18: What is Router?

Lecture 19: What is Switch?

Lecture 20: What is Repeater?


Chapter-5 IPv4

Lecture 21: How binary code works?

Lecture 22: What is Network ID?

Lecture 23: What is Host ID?

Lecture 24: Subnetting

Lecture 25: CIDR notation


Chapter-6 Protocol

Lecture 26: What is TCP?

Lecture 27: What is UPD?

Lecture 28: What is HTTP?

Lecture 29: What is FTP?

Lecture 30: What is TFTP?

Lecture 31: What is SMTP?

Lecture 32: What is POP?

Lecture 33: What is ICMP?


Chapter-7 Routing and switching

Lecture 34: Cisco hardware components

Lecture 35: Cisco software

Lecture 36: Router categories

Lecture 37: Routers ports

Lecture 38: Router functions


Chapter-8 Routing

Lecture39: How it decides best route?

Lecture 40: Static routing

Lecture41: Dynamic routing


Chapter-9 VLAN

Lecture 42: VLAN configuration


Chapter-10 NAT

Lecture-43: Static NAT configuration

Lecture-44: Dynamic NAT configuration

Lecture-45: NAT overload configuration (PAT)



Lecture-46: DHCP methods

Lecture-47: DHCP scope

Lecture-48: DHCP leased period

Lecture-49: DHCP configuration parameters


Chapter-12 DHCP

Lecture-50: DHCP configuration


Chapter-13 RIP

Lecture-51 RIP configuration


Chapter-14 OSPF

Lecture-52 OSPF configuration


Chapter-15 EIGRP

Lecture-53 EIGRP configuration


Chapter-16 IPv6

Lecture-54 Understanding IPv6

Chapter- 17 BGP

Lecture- 55 What is BGP
Lecture- 56 what is IBGP
Lecture- 57 what is EBGP
Lecture- 58 How to configure BGP?



CCNA – Advance Networking Training Module


Chapter-1 Introduction 

Lecture 1:What is Computer network?

Lecture 2: What is LAN?

Lecture 3: What is MAN?

Lecture 4: What is WAN?

Lecture 5: Parts of network


Chapter-2 Internet 

Lecture 6: How the internet works?

Lecture 7: What is webserver?

Lecture 8: What is Server?

Lecture 9: What is client and host?

Lecture 10: What is NIC ?

Lecture11: What is Protocol?


Chapter-3 Topology 

Lecture 12: Bus topology

Lecture 13: Ring topology

Lecture 14: Star topology

Lecture 15: Mesh topology

Lecture 16: Hybrid topology

Lecture 17: Tree topology


Chapter-4 Network Components 

Lecture 18: OSI model

Lecture 19: What is Modem?

Lecture 20: What is Router?

Lecture 21: What is Switch?

Lecture 22: What is Repeater?


Chapter-5 IPv4 

Lecture 23: How binary code works?

Lecture 24: What is Network ID?

Lecture 25: What is Host ID?

Lecture 26: Subnetting

Lecture 27: CIDR notation


Chapter-6 Protocol 

Lecture 28: What is TCP?

Lecture 29: What is UPD?

Lecture 30: What is HTTP?

Lecture 31: What is FTP?

Lecture 32: What is TFTP?

Lecture 34: What is SMTP?

Lecture 35: What is POP?

Lecture 36: What is ICMP?


Chapter-7 Routing and switching 

Lecture 37: Cisco hardware components

Lecture 38: Cisco software

Lecture 39: Router categories

Lecture 40: Routers ports

Lecture 41: Router functions


Chapter-8 Routing 

Lecture 42: How it decides best route?

Lecture 43: Static routing

Lecture44: Dynamic routing


Chapter-9 VLAN

Lecture 45: VLAN configuration


Chapter-10 STP (Spanning Tree Protocol)

Lecture 46 : Configuration

Lecture 47 : Root  bridge selection

Lecture 48 : BPDU


Chapter-11 Inter-vlan

Lecture 49: inter-vlan configutration


Chapter-12 NAT 

Lecture 50 : Static NAT configuration

Lecture 51: Dynamic NAT configuration

Lecture 52: NAT overload configuration (PAT)


Chapter-13 DHCP 

Lecture 53: DHCP methods

Lecture 54 : DHCP scope

Lecture 55: DHCP leased period

Lecture 56: DHCP configuration parameters

Lecture 57 : DHCP configuration



Lecture 58: Server configuration

Lecture 59 : Relay

Lecture 60 : clint

Lecture 61: How to configure in dhcp server Tftp ,Dns , Gateway options.


Chapter-15 RIP 

Lecture-62 RIP configuration


Chapter-16 OSPF 

Lecture-63 OSPF configuration


Chapter-17 EIGRP 

Lecture-65 EIGRP configuration


Chapter-18 IPv6 

Lecture-66 Understanding IPv6

Lecture-67 Modified EUI 64


Chapter-19 HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol)

Lecture 68: priority

Lecture 69: pre-emption

Lecture 70: version

Lecture 71: Configuration HSRP


Chapter- 20 BGP 

Lecture- 72:  What is BGP

Lecture- 73: What is IBGP

Lecture- 74:  What is EBGP

Lecture- 75:  How to configure  IBGP?

Lecture  76 : How to configure EBGP ?


Chapter- 21 configures and verifies device management

Lecture – 77 Time zones

Lecture- 78 Loopback


Chapter- 22 (Use Cisco IOS tools to troubleshoot and resolve problems)

Lecture – 79 Terminal monitor

Lecture – 80 Ping and trace route with extended option

Lecture – 81 Log events


Chapter- 23 (Infrastructure Security)

Lecture – 82 Local authentication

Lecture – 83 Secure password

Lecture – 85 Access to device

Lecture – 86 Source address

Lecture – 87 Telnet/SSH


Chapter-24 (WAN Technologies)

Lecture-88 Configure and verify PPP and MLPPP on WAN interfaces using local authentication.

Lecture-89 Describe WAN topology options

  • Point –to-point
  • Single vs dual homed

Lecture 90-Describe WAN access connectivity options

  • MPLS
  • Metro Ethernet
  • Broadband PPPoE
  • Internet VPN (DMVPN, site-to-site VPN, client VPN)


Available batches for CCNA Classroom training in Kolkata

Weekdays Batch:

Monday & Friday | Tuesday & Thursday

First Batch – 11.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M

Second Batch – 1.30 P.M   to  3.30 P.M


Weekend Batch:

Saturday & Sunday

First Batch – 11.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M

Second Batch – 1.30 P.M   to  3.30 P.M



Course Duration

45 hours of training program

Course Fee

Classroom – INR –  7,850/ + 18% GST

Online –        INR – 5,850/– +18% GST



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Why Choose Indian Cyber Security Solutions for CCNA training?


  1. 5 to 10 years of industry working experience in Networking
  2. Cisco Certified CCNA trainers
  3. 100 % money refund guaranteed if you are not satisfied with our training
  4. Hands on experience on CISCO training module
  5. 30 % discount for merited students who have 90% marks in class X & XII exams


Networking Training in Bhubaneswar


The young generation in Bhubaneswar has understood the value of self-employment and is willing to take the risk with a lot of enthusiasm. From the developments and incidents that are taking place in the startup ecosystem of Bhubaneswar we can anticipate its emergence as the next major startup hub of India.

Bhubaneswar, the State of Orissa has many Universities and more than 100 engineering colleges like KIIT UniversityUtkal University, Bhubaneswar,IIT BhubaneswarOrissa University of Agriculture & Technology, BhubaneswarSilicon Institute of Technology, BhubaneswarCollege of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar etc.




College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar



KIIT University



Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar



Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar




Utkal University, Bhubaneswar




IIT Bhubaneswar


These colleges together produce over 40,000 professionally qualified technical and management graduates and some 50,000 general graduates. Bhubaneswar is emerging as a hub for technical and management education. Students from these and from other colleges, universities can polish their technical skills by Summer training and winter training and Networking Training in Bhubaneswar from Indian Cyber Security Solutions, the best training institute for Networking and can get chance to work in Networking field.

Recently, Nasscom has upgraded Bhubaneswar as a tier-II city that has potential of 30 per cent growth in the IT space. Meanwhile, several large IT companies, including Infosys, TCS, Mahindra, Satyam and Wipro, have been in Bhubaneswar for a while. Their presence in the city has resulted in a large community of techies. When they consider starting their own business, Bhubaneswar naturally comes up as a possible location for their startup and recruit sizable number of entry-level work-force from Bhubaneswar. Currently there are only 10-20 MNCs in Bhubaneswar and most of them are located either in Mancheswar or Jayadev Bihar-NandanKanan Road . So Government has to do something to first build office space or get land for those companies.

We  are looking for a land in Bhubaneswar to grow our training institute as sooner than later in Bhubaneswar so the students of Bhubaneswar can got trained in online courses and placed themselves in a good work position by do Networking Training in Bhubaneswar but we are providing now online training on Networking.


Networking Courses Online

Networking Courses Online by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the most demanded training in India as well as in Bhubaneswar. We provide Classroom training in Kolkata. It is not possible for all to come for classroom training in kolkata, so you can do Networking Courses online from Bhubaneswar. Also you can invite us to come in Bhubaneswar for give you Hands on training in Bhubaneswar colleges and universities. We go for workshop in various college in various state in India.

Recently, Nasscom has upgraded Bhubaneswar as a tier-II city that has potential of 30 per cent growth in the IT space. Meanwhile, several large IT companies, including Infy, TCS, Mahindra Satyam and Wipro, have been in Bhubaneswar for a while. Their presence in the city has resulted in a large community of techies. So it is great opportunity to all Bhubaneswar students to get trained by Networking Courses Online and work in higher position.

Doing a Networking Courses Online not only provides knowledge and skills but also offers a ticket to success. It means that the moment your resume has a CCNA certification course the best multinational companies would be glad to have you onboard. As a CCNA candidate, you would get a job faster than any other individual. Those who specialize in the various courses offered by CCNA have better job opportunities.

The industry requirement for CCNA certified people has increased. Today, recruiters are looking for competent individuals who have an edge over others. They seek those certified networking professionals who have an advanced knowledge of protocols. Once you receive this high-grade recognition, you will get the confidence to opt for better career prospects. In fact, you will observe that with the right efforts and dedication, you would be able to excel in your field after doing Networking Courses Online from Bhubaneswar.

Bhubaneswar as IT hub and Rourkela as industrial centre figure in the vision statement issued recently by the Centre on the priorities that should be given to cities included in the smart city list. In the smart city report submitted to the Centre recently, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) had given emphasis on Information Technology (IT) and accordingly the ministry of Urban Development planned to make the State capital a centre of excellence in the field of IT. After the Networking Courses Online, the candidates can look out for a career in various firms.

Networking Courses Online would make the candidates apt for various networking jobs. In addition to these, the aspirants will also be made familiar in the area of Cisco’s switches and routers. Cisco certified professionals will also be capable to execute and administer connections for remote sites which run on WAN. They are also updated with basic knowledge regarding matter of network security, networking of wireless computer and further computer skills.

Bhubaneswar is slowly turning out to be the favored destination of many IT & ITES companies as many big players have already setup their operation at Bhubaneswar. The IT sector scenario in Bhubaneswar finally seems to be changing for the better. This trend is surely going to benefit the young engineering graduates of the city who had no other option but to leave the state and move to other IT hubs like Bangaluru, Hyderabad & Pune in search of jobs and better carrier opportunities. These young professionals can finally hope to fulfill their dream of working in world class companies in their own state by doing Networking Courses Online.


Networking Courses Online




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