Mongo DB Databases hijacked

mongo db databases

Mongo DB Databases wiped out

Mongo DB databases had been kidnapped by the hackers. The hackers have deleted mongo DB databases from the company servers and are demanding ransom for safely return of the information. The victims are hospitals, small businesses and educational institutes. Nearing 27,000 database could be hacked.

There are security measures built into Mongo DB databases, it’s just that some users don’t bother to use them. For instance, some MongoDB administrators have been leaving their systems accessible to the open internet, without having so much as an admin password in place.

Even though there is security people are very reluctant to use and implement this. It is very frustrating for the companies who had been the victim. It is very obvious for the admin to have the minimum knowledge.

mongo db databases

What is the company behind MongoDB doing about it?

I imagine it is feeling pretty frustrated that some of their users are being so careless with the software.


MongoDB Inc clearly needs to reach out to the community and underline the importance of not having unsecured instances of MongoDB running openly on the net. It has posted some advice for users on its website.


Of course, the damage is somewhat lessened if you had taken the precaution of backing up your database. If that’s the case then you only have the embarrassing problem of explaining to your customers that their data has been stolen and personal information exposed, rather than be utterly incapable of doing any business.


However, if you’re the kind of outfit that doesn’t have an admin password for your database and leaves it open to the internet then I don’t hold out much hope that you’ve been making backups.



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