Mobile App Penetration Testing in India

Mobile App Penetration Testing

Mobile App Penetration Testing has become the need of the hour to use the latest technologies of android & IOS in mobile smartphones are concerned. As technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years, mobile technology to the invention of the Android & IOS app has ushered in a whole new dimension. But, what it has also done is that it has made mobile security vulnerable to potential attacks that were not even in the picture during the classical mode of application. Thus the need for a Mobile app penetration testing company in India has skyrocketed. Enterprises are searching for a mobile app testing company in India; we at ICSS helps enterprise secure their android applications from being hacked. When it comes to mobile app testing company in India, enterprises trust heavily in our technical competencies. Thus the need for mobile app penetration testing has been increasing rapidly.


Mobile App Penetration Testing - ICSS


Mobile is the new standard platform for Android & ios application development – from banking applications to healthcare platforms. However, managing risk on these new devices is also a growing challenge, with new app vulnerabilities found every day. Any of the cybersecurity firms can detect vulnerability by using mobile app penetration testing, but ICSS is considered the best among the other service providers.

Organized cyber-attacks on Android & ios applications have increased in numbers. Threat actors are increasingly targeting unsecured android apps, which have resulted in massive data leaks. Critical data like customer personal information, credit/debit card details are sold on the dark web. Indian Cyber Security Solutions aims to provide top-notch mobile app penetration testing and provide threat mitigation action plans to enterprises.

Mobile app penetration testing company in India

Nowadays, businesses use mobile applications to deliver their services to the end customer, which has created many security challenges in front of organizations. Mobile app penetration testing company in India – Indian Cyber Security Solutions offers a holistic risk assessment for your mobile application.

Mobile applications have an essential part of day to day life as everyone uses Android & IOS-based smartphones. Cybersecurity may often become a false perception if we don’t know how we developed our apps, as well as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Being the leading mobile app penetration testing provider in India, we aim for providing the best to our clients. Being the leading Mobile app penetration testing company in India, we always look for clients and provide the best services.

The simplest way to identify and avoid cyber risk is to perform android app vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. As per various reports, 80% of mobile phone users believe that their mobile apps are secure enough or hardly have any idea about mobile app security. Thus, to save you from any future threats, ICSS, one of India’s best Mobile app penetration testing company, is here for you.

The primary objective of conducting mobile app penetration testing is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in the application that the attackers can exploit for monetary grain. Mobile app penetration testing company in India – ICSS is here for providing you with the best services.

Why Choose us?


we will pay 70% of the project cost back to the client if any cybersecurity incident is recorded & proved the exact scope of work where ICSS had performed the VAPT.

VA & PT –

ICSS performs both VA- Vulnerability Assessment and PT- Penetration Testing for all clients.


This agreement states that if any critical data of the client is exposed, tempered, or used for any promotional activity without any client’s written consent, ICSS will be held responsible and can be sued in the court of law. ICSS singes NDA with every client before the audit / VAPT.

ZERO-False Positive Report –

ICSS provides manual-based testing and tool-based testing, which reduces the false positive report to maximise accurate identification of critical level vulnerabilities.

Mobile App Penetration Testing Company in India

ICSS provides a wide range of services:

1. Mobile App Penetration Testing company in India focuses on providing the following service benefits to its clients.
2. Identify and remediate Android Phone application risks
3. Assess and report on mobile application security to executive management and other stakeholders
4. Identify critical information exposures attributed to mobile apps in your environment
5. Evaluate the security posture of new mobile technologies in the development
Mobile app penetration testing company in India - ICSS


We use the same tools and techniques as malicious hackers for Mobile penetration testing, providing detailed visibility into security vulnerabilities – without the associated business risk. ICSS customised methodology ensures each test is conducted safely and is focused on your environment’s unique needs.

Methodologies used by Indian Cyber Security Solutions as one of the leading Mobile App testing company in India are as follows:

Each assessment begins by identifying the attack surface of the app and its associated servers. We recognise how your application exposes itself to the underlying mobile platform and how it connects to backend servers.

Vulnerability Detection

Once the target has been fully enumerated, the Indian Cyber Security Solutions Team uses vulnerability scanning tools and manual analysis to identify security flaws. With decades of experience and custom-built tools using Machine Learning & AI, our security engineers find weaknesses automated tools miss.

Attack and Post-Exploitation
Once our security engineer has noted all potential weaknesses, the focus turns to the controlled exploitation of all vulnerabilities, noting false positives and confirming positive hits’ impact. During each phase of the compromise, we keep client stakeholders informed of testing progress, ensuring asset safety and stability.
Assessment of Reporting
Once the engagement is complete, the ICSS team delivers a detailed analysis and threat report, including remediation steps. Our consultants set an industry standard for clear and concise information, prioritising the highest risk vulnerabilities first.

The assessment includes the following:

– Executive Summary
– Identified Vulnerabilities and Risk Ratings
– Detailed Risk Remediation Steps
– Strategic Strengths & Weaknesses

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How Indian Cyber Security Solutions Team works?

Indian Cyber Security Solutions being one of the top-rated Network Security Service providers in India follows specific steps that are highly important in cybersecurity. Network Penetration testing VAPT service is an onsite service provided by ICSS where the enterprise invites our teams of network penetration testers at their testing site for the VAPT process. Indian Cyber Security Solutions aims at delivering cybersecurity VAPT service to clients. Our team of technical experts assesses the enterprise’s critical infrastructure and provides valuable cybersecurity consultancy to the organizations. ICSS helps the enterprise implement cybersecurity measures as per the penetration testers’ technical VAPT report. Enterprises heavily rely on cybersecurity products for their critical infrastructure protection. ICSS aims in helping out enterprises to allocate the proper budget for cybersecurity. VAPT services help determine the organisation’s actual pain area and take steps to patch vulnerabilities.

Why is Mobile app penetration testing important?

Mobile app penetration testing is how we can find out the loopholes (or security flaws) in an Android app. It has been observed by the Indian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS) team while performing Mobile App Penetration Testing that a big void is there in the market relating to more improved & secured android & ios application. Companies wanting to promote their app would first require to make sure that it is market safe & devoid of all security concerns. It has to be maintained as the top-most priority so that there is no possibility of data theft to the customers. It would mean damage to the company & it’s business both financially & from the reputational aspect. Hence, it is essential to go through Android & IOS Security Testing first so that the feebleness of in-app (from the point of view of security) can be identified & then safeguarded accordingly. With this objective in view, our specialists at ICSS are successfully developing mobile apps & preparing Mobile App Penetration Testing for various businesses.
Mobile App Penetration Testing - ICSS

Mobile app testing company in India

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is a renowned mobile app testing company in India that offers excellent mobile app testing services. We built our niche in mobile testing services, especially in mobile testing applications on iOS and Android devices. With a team of dedicated quality auditors, we perform all types of web, mobile, native, and hybrid mobile apps testing, including a reliable mobile testing approach.

As the leading mobile app testing company in India – ICSS follows a systematic approach in mobile app security testing. We understand the unique security challenges and vulnerabilities with each mobile architecture with deep experience in Mobile penetration testing. With our customised assessments ICSS team of security engineers addresses specific concerns, such as reverse-engineering to malware threats of the Android & IOS app.

Each mobile security assessment simulates multiple attack vectors and risks, including insecure storage, stolen device risk, mobile malware attacks, and authenticated/unauthenticated android app users. Android & IOS Apps residing on in-house mobile devices? We provide custom scenarios to map enterprise security posture as well. This has resulted in ICSS being the favourite among the clients regarding the best mobile app penetration testing. Thus they have rated as the top-notch mobile app testing company in India.

Integrating both static and dynamic analysis, our security engineers test each android app at rest and during runtime to identify all vulnerabilities.   This enhanced methodology also targets local vulnerabilities, such as insecure storage of credentials, Android & IOS backups including sensitive app data, etc.

ICSS being the leading cybersecurity and mobile app testing company in India, focuses on decompiling or reverse-engineering the apps. We can identify more vulnerabilities through a full source code review of the application. By reviewing the android app source code during the penetration test, even profoundly buried vulnerabilities can be identified and mitigated.

As a leading mobile app pen testing company in India, we follow Standard and Jailbroken Device Testing.

Our mobile security assessments take multiple attack vectors and threats into account, including Jailbroken iOS and rooted Android devices. By comparing both options’ vulnerabilities, we can demonstrate the security risk from multiple user types, including dedicated attackers and everyday users.

Mobile App Penetration Testing Report

After completing the active portion of the Mobile App Penetration Testing, we formally document the findings. The output provided includes an executive summary as well as detailed technical results. The summary report is written for senior management. It hence consists of a high-level overview of assessment activities, scope, most critical/thematic issues discovered, overall risk scoring, organisational security strengths, and relevant screenshots.

Whereas the technical findings section of the report contains all vulnerabilities listed, with tech details. Wherever applicable, we also provide the steps to replicate the problem and provide references and recommendations to help fix the reported vulnerability.

The security problems are categorised into three different levels as below:

Level 1 – Critical

Vulnerability can be exploited by a potential hacker who can cause the highest possible impact with the highest probability.

Level 2 – High

A vulnerability that we can exploit primarily internally or rarely externally can cause a moderate impact with moderate probability.

Level 3 – Low

A vulnerability can be exploited with the most negligible probability or impact but must be fixed as a good practice to strengthen overall security.

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