MacOS under Ransomware attack

Ransomware targets Mac

MacOS under Ransomware attack

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MacOS under Ransomware attack

MacOS under Ransomeware attackMacOS under Ransomware attack. Crypto-ransomware is more popular nowadays and is more common amongst cybercriminals. Mostly it affects windows systems  but also affected Linux or macOS in 2016 like  KillDisk affecting Linux and KeRanger attacking OS X.

We have seen a new Ransomware campaign for Mac, last week. This new ransomware, written in Swift, is distributed via Bit Torrent sites, calls itself “Patcher”.

Torrent contains one zip file- application bundle where we two different fake application “Patchers” are present – one for Adobe Premiere Pro and one for Microsoft Office for Mac.

The application is poorly coded and it’s impossible to reopen the window if it is closed.

The application has the bundle identifier NULL.prova and is signed with a key that has not been signed by Apple.


$ codesign -dv “Office 2016”

Executable=Office 2016 2016 Patcher


Format=app bundle with Mach-O thin (x86_64)

CodeDirectory v=20100 size=507 flags=0x2(adhoc) hashes=11+3 location=embedded


Info.plist entries=22

TeamIdentifier=not set

Sealed Resources version=2 rules=12 files=14

Internal requirements count=0 size=12


The a window will open where you need to click the start button and the encryption process will start. It will copy a file called README.txt. Its content is shown later in the article.

The ransomware will generate a random 25-character string to use as the key to encrypt the files. The same key is used for all the files, which are enumerated with the find command line tool; the zip tool is then used to store the file in an encrypted archive.

Finally, the original file is deleted with rm and the encrypted file’s modified time is set to midnight, February 13th 2010 with the touch command. The reason for changing the file’s modified time is unclear. After the /Users directory is taken care of, it does the same thing to all mounted external and network storage found under /Volumes.

Once all the files are encrypted there is code to try to null all free space on the root partition with diskutil, but the path to the tool in the malware is wrong. It tries to execute /usr/bin/diskutil, however the path to diskutil in macOS is /usr/sbin/diskutil.

The instructions left for the victims in the README!.txt files are hardcoded inside the Filecoder, which means that the Bitcoin address and email address are always the same for every victim


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There is one big problem with MacOS under Ransomware attack. It Does not have any code to communicate. This new crypto-ransomware, designed specifically for macOS. Unfortunately, it’s still effective enough to prevent the victims accessing their own files and could cause serious damage.


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