Linux is hacker’s first choice

Linux is hacker’s first choice

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Linux is hacker’s first choice

Linux is hacker’s first choice as it is an operating system that is based on open source. By open source we mean, the user or the programmer can use source code that has been applied to design Linux as per programmers or developers requirement. Hence one can easily modify the specification required and a hacker can do that easily in order to carry out own purpose.


Linux is hacker’s first choice

Sharing transparency

Linux shares transparency, hence understanding the operating system to the core will help hackers to work effectively.  Since no other operating system such as Windows and Mac provides the level of transparency as it does, it comes to the lime light and becoming as Linux, first choice of hacker’s. Linux gives this privilege to hackers and making their work effective and efficient.

Not A Control Freak                    

Linux provides control over granular, which means a user can have a great level of control over the operating system from a small input to bigger one. Hence this ability of Linux makes languages easy to understand and code in better manner.

Linux provides best hacking tools

Linux provides best hacking tools

Most of the tools for hacking are programmed for Linux since it has great range of diversity and flexibility that helps users to perform effectively which other operating system does not provides to this level. Linux is hacker’s first choice as it provide great customization readily available to the hackers.


Linux has great advantages in future

Linux was advantageous operating system in the past and will maintain the stability in the future and in regards of reliability and robustness too, hence Linux is upcoming grand thing in IT industry where it will be prior web servers’ choice. Most of the networking devices and virtualization are in application of kernel of Linux. Now coming to the smart phones or tablets most of the bands are using Linux/ UNIX over Windows now this is a big thing that’s crowding up and most part of the world are using Linux as their operating system for the smart phones or tablets.


The future lies with Linux, the hackers or the upcoming hackers would join an elite profession if they took this part seriously. Linux is next big thing in IT industry and job demand is ample in the industry to thrive well security criteria are major concern. Remember , Linux is hackers first choice.


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