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The Cyber World’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

A trending tool that every industry must know!


Internal organizational security and external real-world risk are served by Vulnerability Assessment and penetration testing respectively.

The advancement in technology is taking place at a breakneck speed. Regularly new technologies are invented for making human existence more comfortable than what is today. But we all know that every good opportunity can come with something bad in its bag. So we are touching the sky with the advancement in technology on the one hand while on the other hand the technology is attacked by the unauthorized personnel only for the sake of dragging the information of the organization.

The world of cybersecurity is growing rapidly with the increase in the number of cybercrimes. These days Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) are two of the trending tools in the world of cybersecurity. Both are the different types of security services offered by an organization for serving different purposes in some organizations. Identifying vulnerabilities in the infrastructure of a system is one of the major tasks. The vulnerabilities present in the network or the server can be identified by the use of these services.

What is Vulnerability Assessment (VA)?

The term vulnerability assessment suggests that this security service is offered for detecting the vulnerabilities that can arise in a system or networks or even in the servers. Apart from detecting the vulnerabilities it also configures the issues so that no third party (hackers) can take advantage of these vulnerabilities.
This service is mainly done to detect the flaws in the system and to remove them. As previously mentioned, a vulnerability assessment is performed for the internal security of an organization, thus, this process is carried out within the network and on the internal devices.

What is Penetration Testing (PT or Pen Test)?

The term penetration testing is itself justifying that it focuses on the identification of the various routes that can be used by a third party (Hacker) to enter into the network. It further identifies the future damage that these routes can cause to the organization and also finds the internal compromise that a third party can do once they are into the system.
This service is done to know about the various available paths through which an unauthorized individual can get into the system of an organization and thereafter breach the available data of an organization or do any other kinds of unusual activities with the available information in the system. This process is undertaken by a highly experienced and professional person to find the available routes into the system.

Applying the VAPT process

Different organizations use different processes for applying the VAPT. A few of the necessary processes that are carried out for applying VAPT are mentioned beside.


Scanning the application or the network with the help of vulnerability scanners


Searching for the vulnerabilities available in the system


Exploiting the vulnerabilities found in the previous two steps

Preparing report

Preparing a final report by combining the information obtained from all the previous steps data.

Why an organization should do VAPT?

VAPT is the trending tool that provides a lot of other features to an organization for providing security to the information of an organization.

VAPT ensures the protection of the information of an organization

VAPT helps an organization in knowing about its security weaknesses

VAPT provides the organization with various methodologies that can be used for securing the information of the organization

VAPT allows the organization to know about the various routes that can be used by hackers to get into the system of the organization

Some of the key benefits of doing VAPT

01. Evaluation of application

A comprehensive evaluation of the application lets you know the flaws in the application.

06. Improves image of company

Improves the standard of the company and creates a brand image

05. Prevents data breaches

Protects the business from data breaches

02. Know the loopholes

It helps in understanding loopholes or errors in the system that can lead to cyber-attacks.

03. Threat review

Gives a detailed view of the threats

04. Protects data

Helps enterprises in protecting their data and systems from hackers.

VAPT offered by Indian Cyber Security Solution

Every corner of the digital entity must be shielded with advanced and impregnable fortification. Hence, by opting for the services offered by ICSS, the leading VAPT Testing Company, one can make significant efforts in making the digital entity vulnerability free.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions (ICSS) is one of the leading and best VAPT Testing Company. ICSS uses VAPT and implements it organically into the client’s system. While doing this we make sure that the process is thorough and effective. We even ensure that the client gets an opportunity to redecorate its cybersecurity details. As it is meant for the betterment of the safety and security of the company. The online domain is getting infected with malware and virus everywhere at an alarming rate because of machine learning.

To ensure security to the organization one of the first and foremost essential requirements is to measure the condition of the protective details of the websites, the apps, or the systems. The methods and processes used by ICSS for ensuring security make it stand out from the crowd. The techniques used by ICSS are prodigious and thus are referred to as the Best VAPT Service providers.



The experts of ICSS access the websites, the apps, or the systems through prudent VAPT services. For a complete assessment & refurbishment of an online entity’s security aid, the following three sub-services are very crucial.

Web Security Services

It assesses the protection of the website and offers cyber solutions for it.

Network Security Services

It makes sure that the data in transit do not face any security breach as the data stands out to be more susceptible during dataflow.

Android Security Services

It is there for safeguarding the user end against privacy hack possibilities.

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