Israeli Hacker Hacks Again

Israeli Hacker Hacks Again

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Israeli Hacker Hacks Iranian ISP ‘Daba’

Israeli Hacker does it again, Iranians exposed to privacy breaches, yet once more!!

The login credentials of thousands of online registered users of an Iranian Internet Service Provider (ISP) called Daba have been leaked earlier today by a hacker operating by the name of Zurael_sTz after who was able to hack the official website of Iranian Internet services provider Daba. This hacker Zurael_sTz is no new to the hacking world and has been doing the same in the recent past by hacking Palestine, Egyptian and Jordanian sites. And now he has taken his latest breach to twitter and shared 3 files containing data acquired from the Daba domain. ( The hacker has been identified as a pro-Israeli and from the tweet information it can be comprehended that there are 52K users in the list.

Israeli Hacker

However, courtesy to Israeli data mining company Hacker-DB it has been learnt that though the hacker is claiming to have leaked 52,000 users’ credentials but post-scanning the leaked files the claimed number of data was not found.  It is however possible though that his assertion is true and he might post the remaining data in the future. It doesn’t end here. The administrator account is also exposed in the leak which includes the username, password, e-mail address and name.

The data breach exposed sensitive data such as hashed passwords, bank account numbers, email addresses, telephone and mobile address besides exposing 342 e-mail accounts with 2960 usernames.

It is indeed a huge blow to numerous innocent Daba users as the company provides dial-up, voice services, ADSL communication, Internet cards and other services to users in Iran. It’s also a matter of grave concern to the entire nation of Iran as it is constantly facing cyber attacks for it was just in the last month that an Internet bot exposed the personal details of thousands of telegram users in Iran containing personal information like full names, phone numbers and personal address of registered telegram users.

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