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IOT Training Hyderabad from Indian Cyber Security Solutions is designed with basic knowledge of electronic circuit design, microcontrollers and programming languages. Our IOT Training Hyderabad introduces you to advance concepts and methodologies to design, build, and deploy IoT solutions, participants to prevalent communication technologies and protocols including new generation IoT friendly application and physical layer protocols. Students will gain a sound understanding of widely accepted IoT frameworks and standards by IOT Training Hyderabad. The course covers popular, service-rich cloud platforms to teach how to build and deploy IoT solutions. Our Industry Experts will give you hands-on IOT Training.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect and exchange data, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems, resulting in efficiency improvements, economic benefits, and reduced human exertions.

Hyderabad became the IT Hub mainly due to the efforts of the then CM Mr.Chandrababu Naidu.  He played a crucial role in attracting Companies from USA particularly Microsoft, IBM, to open units in Hyderabad.  He also encouraged lot of Telugu speaking US Entrepreneurs to start business in Hyderabad and for this purpose made available land, power, water.  Hyderabad was also blessed with availability of qualified manpower and due to weather and easy housing, many were willing to relocate to Hyderabad. So there has a chance to hire as IoT Engineer in those companies. Join today Indian Cyber Security Solutions to build your career as an IoT Engineer by IoT training Hyderabad. We are looking for land in Hyderabad to start our Institute instant to reach out to the students of Hyderabad, but at the present time we are providing training by online.






IoT Training Hyderabad


Eligibility CriteriaMust have Knowledge in Embedded System




Check Out Current Jobs for IOT in India


While the median salary of IoT professionals stands at ₹15.2 lakh, professionals in the IT sector get around ₹8.65 lakh, Primary Research around ₹9.03 lakh, Financial Research around ₹8.96 lakh and Secondary Research professionals around ₹7.83 lakh.





Product Manager

Senior Product Manager

Software Developer (IOT)


IOT Course Syllabus


What is the Internet of Things?

Applications of IoT

IoT OS Solutions

IoT Frameworks

Introduction to Arduino and Atmel Devices

Design of Analog And Digital electronics circuit

Arduino coding: – 

Lesson 1:   In this lesson we create a two LED circuit, and we learn about for loops.

Lesson 2:   Learn how to print to your computer screen from the Arduino using your serial port. Good Stuff!

Lesson 3:   Learn how to work with strings in arduino. This is a simple but important lesson

Lesson 4:   This lesson will show you how to get user input from the Serial Monitor.

Lesson 5:   This lesson will show you how to implement while loops.

Lesson 6:   This lesson will show you how to write arbitrary voltages between 0 and 5 volts to the arduino pins.

Lesson 7:    Introduction to Ohm’s Law, and using a potentiometer.

Lesson 8:    Reading Analog Voltages with the Arduino

Lesson 9:    Creating a dimmable LED with Arduino

Lesson 10:  Simple and Easy way to read Strings, Floats, and Ints over the Arduino serial port.

Lesson 11:   Control an RGB LED with an Arduino

Lesson 12:   If Statements and Conditionals in the Arduino. In this lesson we learn how to have the user input his color  preference, and then turn the RGB led to any color requested by the user.

Lesson 13:   turn the RGB LED to whatever color that is put in front of a color sensor. It works for an amazing array of color cards.

Lesson 14:   Control the position of a servo from a potentiometer using the Arduino.

Lesson 15:   Measure the Speed of Sound with an Arduino and ultrasonic sensor.

Lesson 16:   Step-by-step tutorial on connecting and using an LCD display with the arduino.

Lesson 17:   Tutorial on creating a Distance Measurement device based on the Arduino, an LCD, and an ultrasonic sensor.

Lesson 18:   Logging Pressure and Temperature using arduino

Lesson 19:   Make your own GPS tracker using arduino

Lesson 20:  Final Project IOT based Home Automation System using Arduino


Course Duration: 3 Months


COURSE FEE: Classroom – INR 14,000/-

Online  –       INR   12,000/-



Certificate from INDIAN CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS will be awarded after successfully completion of the course.



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IoT Training in Hyderabad


Hyderabad has been working towards building one of the strongest foundations for a powerful startup ecosystem and hub in India.

The government has done much to support the development and the growth of the IT industry in Hyderabad. Many multinational companies receive invitations from the Government of Andhra Pradesh and India to come and set up their headquarters/ base for operations in the country. The government also provides support in the land allocations aspect in the event of building an IT park or establishing a single office. Many companies benefited from the building of the first IT Park in the city, HITEC City. Apart from land allocation aid, the government also helps domestic and international companies avail state-of-the-art facilities with modern offices and international styled architecture.

Manpower is a critical component for IT industry to grow, and Hyderabad had a good supply of it, thanks to the engineering colleges here, as also the existing IT firms already there.

On top of it, the moderate climate( barring summer), the relatively lower cost of living, cosmopolitan atmosphere, the city’s rather leisurely pace of living, good public transport, all contributed to many IT professionals, migrating to Hyderabad, and contributing to it’s growth.

Hyderabad is an important seat of learning in southern India. Many famous institutes are established in Hyderabad for education like Osmania University Hyderabad, University of HyderabadJawaharlal Nehru Technological University, HyderabadInternational Institute of Information TechnologyIndian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad etc.




Osmania University Hyderabad




University of Hyderabad




Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad




International Institute of Information Technology




Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad


Students from these and from other colleges, universities can polish their technical skills by Summer training and winter training from Indian Cyber Security Solutions and also can do IoT Training Hyderabad. This institution provides the best IoT training so join Indian Cyber Security Solutions today.

The future of the IT industry in Hyderabad promises growth and success stories along with expansion and further technological development. It is said that Hyderabad is also known as the second Silicon Valley of India.  In upcoming future these companies will increase their demand for IoT so this IoT Training Hyderabad will help you to be ready for the upcoming chances. After completion of IoT training Hyderabad you can get job in professionals include IoT Engineer, IoT Developer etc.


IoT Certification Training

IoT Certification Training from Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the most demanded course in Hyderabad as well as in India. An Internet of Things (IoT) gateway is a physical device or software program that serves as the connection point between the cloud and controllers, sensors and intelligent devices. All data moving to the cloud, or vice versa, goes through the gateway, which can be either a dedicated hardware appliance or software program. An IoT gateway may also be referred to as an intelligent gateway or a control tier.

You will Learn by IoT Certification Training to develop embedded systems. That is the beginning step. You need to have a mentor to learn in details about IoT, So Join today at Indian Cyber Security Solutions for IoT Training Hyderabad. You will gain more knowledge on IoT by expert mentors who have real time experience.

Internet of Things (IoT) is presently a hot technology worldwide. Government, academia, and industry are involved in different aspects of research, implementation, and business with IoT. IoT cuts across different application domain verticals ranging from civilian to defence sectors. These domains include agriculture, space, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, water, and mining, which are presently transitioning their legacy infrastructure to support IoT. Grab your chance to build your career in IoT field by doing IoT Certification Training from Indian Cyber Security Solutions.

The Internet of Things is relating and connecting with our day to day life in a professional way. By 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices communicating through the Internet. IOT is moving from experiments to Business scales, all the devices developed are connected to help automobile product development. This technology is like to have the definition of the future, the devices which offer new insights, some of the most compelling predictions about the future of IoT. The business in clothing, home services, wearables, mass adoption of smart devices, homes, smart kitchens, etc. Grow your skills by IoT Certification Training for growth your career in IoT field.

The Future of IoT, look absolutely exclusive than it does nowadays. IoT is a greenfield market. New gamers, with new enterprise fashions, procedures, and answers, can seem out of nowhere and overtake incumbents. An IoT system can be viewed as a complicated mesh of connected gadgets and objects that ultimately makes no sense if it is not planned properly before implementation. Due to the wide variety of implementations being done and will be possible in the future, there are different types of sensors and transmitters that communicate differently within the system. This is where the network specialisation would come in. There will be a broad array of methods of communicating data. So, there is a bright future in IoT, so join immediately at Indian Cyber Security Solutions for IoT Training Hyderabad.



IoT Certification Training




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