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ios Penetration Testing Company in Kolkata

ios Penetration Testing Company in Kolkata is synonymous with one of the leading cyber security firms in the country called ICSS. We are based out in Kolkata and we have gained traction in the domain of cyber security from this city of joy. We inaugurated our venture of making the digital space safer. And more profitable for every online endeavor in Kolkata a few years back and since then we never looked back. The smartphones have become an integral part of not only our living but also of our being.  Form education to entertainment and form banking to business, everything that has an online presence is accessible by the people through their smartphones. Hence smartphones are the new personal identification card and data bank for the phone holder. If the security of your smartphones is not resilient enough then you are prone to fell prey to different cyber criminalizes.



However, if you are using an apple gadget then you are a bit better protected than other gadgets users. This is because ios is an open sourced & sheathed system that has some of the most intricate and effective security protocols ever. But still it may even break down in front of a barrage of pinpointed cyber-attacks. ICSS, being one of the top ios Penetration Testing Company in Kolkata ensures that your ios is in good condition and will be fine against any online maladies. Our ios penetrating tactic is a proven & tested scheme that takes into consideration every metrics of cybernetic behavioral and hacking patterns, to fish out the best strategy for safeguarding the data inside your ios device. So if you want to protect your privacy on an ios platform then contact ICSS, the best ios Penetration Testing Company in Kolkata.


ios Penetration Testing Company in Kolkata

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Why choose us?
  • CYBER INSURANCE70% of the project cost will be paid back to the client if any cybersecurity incident is recorded & proved on the same scope of work where ICSS had performed the VAPT.
  • VA & PT, not a separate serviceICSS performs both VA- Vulnerability Assessment and PT- Penetration Testing for all clients.
  •  NON-DISCLOSER AGREEMENT (NDA)  the TRUST FACTOR- This agreement states that if any critical data of the client is exposed, tempered or used for any promotional activity without any written consent of the client, ICSS will be held responsible and can be sued in the court of law.  ICSS singes NDA with every client before the audit / VAPT.
  • ZERO False Positive Report GUARANTEED - ICSS provides manual-based testing along with tool-based testing which reduces the false positive report to maximize accurate identification of critical level vulnerabilities.



“Company having SQL injection vulnerability in their website purchases Firewall from the market cannot prevent them from being compromised” --- Abhishek Mitra (Managing Director & CEO)


“Nothing is 100% secure in the cyber world but testing your own infrastructure periodically reduces the risk of getting HACKED” ---- Samiran Santra (Managing Director & CTO)


VAPTVulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing is a common terminology / process that we all know about.

Vulnerability Assessment is the process where we assess the critical infrastructure and check for loopholes for penetrations. In the case of ios Penetration Testing Service, we assess the ios application using scanners and other tools to find out vulnerabilities in the ios applications.


Penetration Testing is the phase in the process where the ICSS team of penetration testers mimics the real-time attack and tries to exploit the vulnerabilities to the maximum extent. In the case of ios penetration testing service, we try to exploit the available vulnerabilities using penetration testing tools as well as manual testing to reduce false positive report.


What are the charges for a ios Penetration Testing Service?

ICSS customer satisfaction strongly depends on cost-effective VAPT solutions and helping the company to allocate the right budget for cyber security. We do not aim at competing with the vendors in the cyber security product market. Instead, our cyber security consultancy aims at consulting the organizations to take actions as per the VAPT report.

Pricing of VAPT penetration testing heavily relies on the two types of penetration testing. “BLACK BOX” testing & “WHITE BOX” testing. Enterprise can select any one type of penetration testing depending on the level of critical infrastructure involved.

BLACK BOX testing – In black box testing, penetration testers are not given any specific scope by the enterprise and are not accompanied by any internal member from the enterprise. In this type of testing ICSS penetration testers act as a real time black hat hackers and tries to penetrate the organizations' ios application using all possible means of hacking.

Pricing for Black box testing is normally INR 4000/- per IP based devices available and found on the network while the process of penetration testing.

WHITE BOX testing – In white box testing the enterprise/organization defines the entire scope of work including the number of devices. ICSS penetration testers will only focus on the ios applications defined in the scope. ios application Associate or any representative from the organization will be associating the penetration tester in the organization. In white box testing the entire VAPT process will be monitored by the representative from the organization.

Pricing for White box testing is normally INR 3000/- per devices mentioned in the scope of work.


Steps involved in the process of ios VAPT:

Indian Cyber Security Solutions takes clients data privacy very seriously. Once the scope of the work is finalized between ICSS and the client, they are requested to sign up a NDA agreement.


Step 1 – (Non-Disclosure Agreement signed and agreed by both the parties)


NDA agreement is a Non-Discloser-Agreement signed and agreed by both the parties which primarily states Indian Cyber Security Solutions will never disclose any findings publically which ICSS will come across at the time of testing without the consent of the client.


Step 2- (ios application Scanning)


ios penetration testers are invited by the client to their location for ios VAPT. Penetration testers strictly follows the SCOPE of work and starts scanning the applications as mentioned in the SCOPE of work. Scanning using different risk assessment tools by the security professionals is the first stage categorized under Vulnerability Assessment.


Step 3 – (Vulnerabilities Assessment)


After the scanning is done we network penetration testers dig deeper to find out vulnerabilities and assess the level of critical the vulnerability possess. ios penetration testers mimic the real time hackers and tries to find out maximum vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, strictly defined in the scope.


Step-4 (Penetration Testing)


ios penetration testers tries to exploit the vulnerabilities as per the finding in the process of scanning. Different penetration testing tools are used as per the industry standards in this process. ios penetration testers use different manual techniques to maximize the level of exploit and reduce false positive reports.


Step 5 (Recommendation)


ios penetration testers generate the vulnerability and penetration testing reports as per the findings. In this VAPT report we document the vulnerabilities and the level of criticality on a scale of ten. The high level vulnerabilities and the middle level vulnerabilities are instantly sent to the network head of the client or the manager who ever is relevant. In the report we document possible rectifications that can be made from the clients end to patch the vulnerabilities.


Step 6 (Implementation)


The top level management of the client and the technical team those who are responsible to take necessary actions as per our recommendation sit for a meeting. ios Penetration testers and the technical team of the client discuss and take appropriate action to patch the vulnerabilities.


Step 7 (Re-Testing)


After patching and fixation of the vulnerabilities by their ios application administrator or the concerned person who is responsible in this aspect. We do the re-scan for the vulnerabilities and if we found further any vulnerability then we will follow the same process from step 1 to step 6. If no vulnerability were found we issue the VAPT certificate to the client.

ios App Testing Company in Kolkata


ios App Testing Company in Kolkata, ICSS discovered a flawless procedure that assures the performance. ROI and security of any & every app designed for the ios platform. The experienced & creative team of engineers in our house invest their diligent efforts. Innovative techniques on inspecting the app thoroughly and solve the problems, if any, with insightful solutions. We at Indian Cyber Security Solutions have got some serious talent in the form of highly qualified professionals in penetration testing. Our team boast of a heavily experienced team who knows ios penetration testing like being acquainted with it just like the back of their own hands. Needless to say and no wonder that we are the top ios Penetration Testing Company in Kolkata.  Some of the most significant attacks threatening iOS applications in recent times and learn methods of patching them to make payment transactions and personal data sharing more secure.


Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the best ios App Testing Company in Kolkata because we have discovered a flawless procedure that assures the performance. ROI and security of any & every app designed for the ios platform. The experienced & creative team of engineers & administrators in our house invest their diligent efforts. And innovative techniques on inspecting the app thoroughly and solve the problems, if any, with insightful solutions. Our major ios app testing approaches are namely the manual testing, the network simulation testing and the behavior driven testing. Moreover, we make sure the app is in compliance with Apple terms & regulations. ICSS maintains & supports the ios apps with constant vigilance and periodic yet statutory updates. So for launching your own app on Apple Store get it approved by ICSS, the best ios App Testing Company in Kolkata.


ios App Testing Company in Kolkata

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