Indian Cyber Security Profesional


Course Module

1. Introduction To Ethical Hacking

i)  What is hacking? And what is Ethical about it?
ii) Types of Hackers.
iii) Terminology of Hacking [Vulnerability, Exploit, 0-Day]
iv) 5 Steps of Hacking [Information Gathering, Scanning, Gaining Access, Maintaining Access, Covering Tracks]
v) Discussing about Information Gathering [Active, Passive]
vi) Information Gathering Practical [,]
vii) Google Hacking
vii) Types of malicious files [virus, worm, rootkit etc]
viii) Introduction to Kali/Linux OS
ix) Social Engineering

2. Setup Environment

i) According to the configuration of Laptop, 32/64 bit,provide VMware,and any Penetration testing OS like Kali Linux/Backbox, Windows 7
ii) Install VMware, OSs on it using Bridge Connection
iii) Completion of the Lab setup.

3. Explanation of the tools to be used

i) Ping a website to get IP
ii) Addon:- server spy, Passive recon, Flagfox, Ghostery, Cryptofox, Wapplazer
iii) Network Scan, Port Scan, Service Scan, OS Fingerprint Scan [Nmap/Zenmap]
iv) Network Vulnerability Scanning [Nessus/Open VAS]
v) Metasploit, Set Toolkit
vi) Web Vulnerability Scanning [Acunetix]
vii) Sql-Injection [Havij, Sqlmap]
ix) Cryptography
x) Steganography

4. System Hacking

i) System Hacking using Kon-Boot, Live CD
ii) Prevention of System Hacking
iii) Types of Passwords
iv) Password Cracking
v) Dictionary, brute force attack, Rule Based attack
vi) Keylogger, Spyware, Rootkits
vi) Defending Keylogger, Spyware and Rootkits

5. Network Penetration

i) Remote Administration Tool {RAT}
ii) Scanning with NMAP
iii) Installing of Nessus
iv) Vulnerability Scanning using Nessus/Qualys Free Scan/ GFI Lan Guard
v) Metasploit
vi) Set toolkit
vii) Protect System from RAT
viii) Protect System from Metasploit
ix) What is Sniffing and what is the mechanism of Sniffing
x) How to use Wireshark and Cain and Able as a sniffer
xi) What is netscan and how it works. Real time practical
xii) Malware threats and prevention
xiii) Denial Of Service/ Distributed Denial Of Service
xix) Session Hijacking
xv) Hacking Wireless Network
Xvi) MAC Spoofing

6. Web Application Penetration

i) Web Application and its basics
ii) OWSP Top 10 Vulnerability
iii) Sql-Injection [Basic, Advance, Blind]
iv) Practical of Sql-Injection using Havij/Sqlmap
v) Prevention of Sql-Injection
vi) Cross Site Scripting and Its effect
vii) Prevention of Cross-site scripting
viii) Data-tampering on E-commerce Sites
ix) Prevention of Data-tampering
x) Website Defacement and Prevention
xi) E-mail hacking using phishing
xii) Hacking Web Servers
xiii) IP Spoofing
xiv) Cloud Computing
xv) Tor Browser and VPN

7. Project

Project on Network/Web penetration to be submitted by students.

8. Examination

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