Organization’s Most Important Consideration for DDOS Attack Mitigation


Organization’s Most Important Consideration for DDOS Attack Mitigation

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. They target a wide variety of important resources, from banks to news websites, and present a major challenge to making sure people can publish and access important information.

DDoS attacks have been carried out by diverse threat actors, ranging from individual criminal hackers to organized crime rings and government agencies. In certain situations, often ones related to poor coding, missing patches or generally unstable systems, even legitimate requests to target systems can result in DDoS-like results.







How DDoS attacks work


In a typical DDoS attack, the assailant begins by exploiting a vulnerability in one computer system and making it the DDoS master. The attack master system identifies other vulnerable systems and gains control over them by either infecting the systems with malware or through bypassing the authentication controls (i.e., guessing the default password on a widely used system or device).

A computer or networked device under the control of an intruder is known as a zombie, or bot. The attacker creates what is called a command-and-control server to command the network of bots, also called a botnet.

Botnets can be comprised of almost any number of bots; botnets with tens or hundreds of thousands of nodes have become increasingly common, and there may not be an upper limit to their size. Once the botnet is assembled, the attacker can use the traffic generated by the compromised devices to flood the target domain and knock it offline.



How DDoS attacks work




Organization’s Most Important Consideration for DDOS Attack Mitigation


DDoS Attack is one of most dangerous threat for any organization and the attack main aims to exhaust the resources of a network, application or service that leads an organization to face the various technical impacts.

Also impact on sales, support, and marketing, who are charged with communicating the situation to customers, the media and potential buyers.

Powerful DDoS attacks always end up costing your organization tens of thousands of dollars in man-hours, lost business and reputation damages.

DDoS Attack comes in many shapes and sizes, so in order to protect themselves, organizations must be prepared for anything.



Powerful DDoS attacks



Breaking Down Time to Mitigation


In order to Break Down the DDoS attack , an organization needs to follow the quick mitigation service from the best Anti-DDoS attack providers such as Incapsula for the fast response so you can minimize potential service disruptions.

Mitigation time defined as the period from when the first DDoS attack packet hits your system to when your mitigation provider begins scrubbing incoming traffic.

The time is taken to execute Based on the organization size in order to implement the following mitigation steps.


  • Detection – The speed with which a mitigation service notices that a DDoS attack is taking place.
  • Sampling – The time taken to analyze traffic flows and create directives for scrubbing.
  • Scrubbing – The ongoing process of filtering out malicious traffic, based on patterns identified during the sampling process






Stop DDoS Attacks In 10 Seconds


Among all other DDOS attack service provider, Incapsula Cloud Based Anti-DDoS Service Gets you Immediate Protection From DDoS Attacks and Stop any DDoS attack in under 10 seconds.

Once organization activates the Incapsula Anti-DDoS service all traffic aimed at your website is routed through our global network, where DDoS and other malicious traffic is absorbed and filtered before it is passed on to your host servers.

Also with this, once the protection will be applied your legitimate visitors will not even know that your website and the network is under a DDoS attack.

It removes the need for the traffic diversion and allows the system to speed through detection and sampling in just a few seconds.

This Rapid Detection possibly made by the robust processing capabilities of Incapsula mitigation solutions and its network’s ability to exchange real-time traffic data.



Traffic data






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