How to Become an Ethical Hacker (Who Makes BIG Money)

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We now, (non) officially, have only two kinds of students. One, who want to be engineers. And second, those who want to become an ethical hacker.

With cyber security becoming such an important part of the conversations, more of students, as well as working professionals, are enrolling in ethical hacking courses. The IT branch has emerged to be a viable career option. The trend looks promising for the future with plenty of opportunities and incredible pay packages for the right candidates.

And not to forget, the mainstream has made this idea of being an ethical hacker quite cool. Adding to that appeal are bounty programs and their winners that make it to the news every other week. So, so many people want to run on the same path.

BUT HOW? It’s not easy, is it?

You can’t just wake up one day and call yourself an ethical hacker.

Moreover, if you really want to make it a career choice, you’ve also got to know how to make money from it.

To help you get the right start, here are five tips to become an ethical hacker and make big money:

1. Do you really want to be one?

This is the most important question you must ask.

Do you want to become an ethical hacker because you’re genuinely passionate about it? Or you’re simply picking it because it’s popular, cool and everyone is going after?

Be honest in the answer.

Trying to make a successful career in anything that you have no natural interest in, it’s extremely challenging. And there’s a big risk of failure.

So, dream about it only if your passion and action can follow it.

2. The right ethical hacking courses

It all starts with this — a good ethical hacking course in Bangalore that has already produced many good professionals.

Do your research thoroughly. Find a good institute. Check its program and the curriculum. Ensure that it adequately fits your career goals.

3. Keep working hard(er)

Of course, a large part of what you will learn, you will learn from your trainer and course. But then you will also have to stretch that learning experience beyond the four walls of the class.

Meaning, self-learning!

One of the best things about becoming an ethical hacker is that you can self-teach yourself. You can watch videos, read articles and practice at home.

So, work hard. Spend time practicing what you learn from ethical hacking courses in class.

4. Be open to work for free

Don’t be highly demanding. Don’t be entitled. If you’re getting the opportunity to work in some of the world’s leading brands and organization, be ready to work for them even if you’re not getting paid anything.

In the initial stage, you want to get as much corporate exposure as possible. You want to gain as much hands-on experience as you can.

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So, if you believe the opportunity is right, and that it would further open you to amazing prospects in the future, be open to work for free.

5. Step it like it’s a ladder

A successful career is a long-term game. This is truer in the cyber security world that’s still growing. So, having enough patience is very important.

Start slow. Don’t dream for a job in top companies right from the go. Polish your skills in small organizations and startups. (Of course, make sure you’re getting paid decently!)

In the following months and years, step up your game. Progress. Grow.

Treat your career as a ladder. You’ve got to start at the bottom. And you’ve got to take every step before you reach the top.

Down the line, if you’re working hard and have patience, you will end up in your dream-organization, making more money than you have asked for.


  • More people now want to become an ethical hacker. However, the path ahead is not easy.
  • You must know how to grow and groom your career in cyber security domain the right way. The above five tips will help you get the right start.

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