Hacking your voice to perform social engineering attack

hacking your voice

hacking your voice

Hacking your voice to perform social engineering attack

Hacking you voice is real and possible as Hackers can use photoshopping voiceover . An engineer’s dream is “project voco” where the software allows the controller to edit and insert words into an audio recording without bringing back the original vocalist back to the studio. Hacking your voice and fooling the other person to perform the social engineering attack can be done by just recording the 20-min speech of the person. Now the attacker can change, edit text and do whatever he wants.


Watch out the video of the demo presentation of ADOBE “project voco”


Clearly, lots of people are excited about the prospect of being able to alter audio recordings. But not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Dr. Eddy Borges Rey, a lecturer in media and technology at the University of Stirling, is concerned by the development. He revealed as much to BBC News.

An attacker can record the CEOs voice and can use this software the fool the accounts head and can perform fraud at its will.

It’s unclear when Photoshopping Voiceovers will become publicly available. When it does, it’ll take even more time to determine how easy it is for people to identify an audio recording that someone’s modified using the technology. With that in mind, organizations’ best hope of preventing attacks such as those described above is to train their employees to be on the lookout for vishing and spear-phishing attacks. If an attacker can’t build a pretext, they won’t be able to leverage VoCo to make fraudulent wire transfers or steal sensitive information.


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