Pacemakers are the target for hackers

pacemaker hacking

Pacemakers are the target for hackers

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Hackers can target pacemakers

Hackers can target pacemakers remotely as researchers have found security flaws in the device that can be exploited and hacked. Hackers can target the pacemakers remotely from a distance by sending malicious codes which can trigger fatal shocks can cause death.

Using common equipment’s the researchers were able to find loopholes in several protocols. Researchers even demonstrated that they were able to steal telemetry data used to communicate health information, can drain out battery by DDOS attack.

pacemaker hacking

A great cyber security threat looming around the health care industry around the globe and specially in India. Cyber Security companies in India have taken many steps to mitigate the risk. Researchers have made findings of how to stop these kind of hack which can compromise the security of common person.

Health care industry only concentrating on implementing policies and standards like HIPAA and many more but are missing out on actual root cause analysis of the hacks and threats looming.

According to cyber security firms across the globe it is obvious to follow standards by the health care industry but also equally important to maintain and check and conduct penetration testing on devices, networks in order to strengthen security.


In the recent research it was more to surprise the attacker can launch an attack without any good knowledge of the medical device.  The attacker can reverse engineer the protocols by sending wireless malicious codes to the device.

Recent news stats that the vendor of the compromised devices have launched the patch. But what about the devices which are implanted in the human body ?


Hacking into medical devices is not a thrill or a great script of a movie. It is matter of great concern.


Vice-President of the USA Dick Cheney had the wireless feature of his implanted heart defibrillator deactivated due to the potential for it to be exploited by assassins.




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