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Future Mobile Phones

Future Mobile Phones

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Shape-shifting ultra-phones

Future Mobile Phones compare to sci-fi films have taught us anything its that holographic floating displays will burst out our future  mobile phones. They are not working. A 3D Screen materializing in thin  air we can prod and manipulate is already in development from start-up Ostendo Technologies. Their ‘Quantum Photonic Imager’ is a Tic-Tac sized projector until that can beam a high-resolution image into the open like something from Iron-Man. In ten-years time the technology would be finetuned to a point where we’re fully interactive with the floating screen which might be implemented In future Mobile phones — we could watch sport playout in front of us, get inside maps and play games in a whole new way.


Future Mobile Phones

Wearable future Mobile Phones


This technology is already trying to bridge the necessity to carry a future mobile phones and in years going forward we will see the physical handset disappear from pockets altogether. Just as the smart mobile phones called smartphones, managed to evaporate the hardware of things like sat navs, MP3 Players, Wallet and — to some extent —  watches and compact cameras, new smartwatches and smartglasses operated by spoken command will become the primary communications device to make the mobile vanish. If you’re thinking “where’s the screen?” it could be displayed on glasses lens or perhaps that pill-sized holographic projector could unfurl it in midair for you. How do you take a selfie would be the next one to answer …


Wearable future Mobile Phones Wearable future Mobile Phones







In Twenty years we’ll look back and laugh at how we once had to actually hold our mobile phones to operate them. Going way beyond wearable, a smart contact lens could offer a device-free experience to display messages, web pages, directions and video literally right in front of your eye. A lens with basic compute circuitry being tested, which contains sensors to alert diabetics to dangerous glucose levels. With nanotechnology having the potential to build robots the size of blood cells the prospect of developing computing components small enough to fit on a contact lens is a distinct possibility. As the memory of clunky, manual mobile phones fade into a world of invisible communication devices plugged straight into our bodies we will also see highly sophisticated Operating System that we can talk to like another human. 



Future Mobile eye lens
Young woman looking at virtual graphics in futuristic background


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