Free Workshop on Cyber Security | Bangalore

Online Free Workshop on Cyber Security


Indian Cyber Security Solutions are going to conduct an Free Workshop on Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking on 28th September 2019. Registration is going on & will be end on 28th September 2019. This free workshop will be held in Indian Cyber Security Solutions office, Vervenest Technologies Pvt Ltd, Behind New Horizon School. We gladly invite everyone to attend this workshop because as this free workshop will make you all understand about the Cyber Security. This is 2 hour free workshop from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm .


Fill up the Registration Form Below:


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This free workshop is fully free. Registration is going on. For registration contact +91-9986881363 / +91-8972107846 / +91-6291980077 / +91-6289183381 /+91-8420488199.


You will be learning the following topics:

  • Phishing Attack (Compromising Your Social Media Accounts)
  • Smartphone Hacking (Hacking into your personal space)
  • Email Spoofing and Hacking
  • Tempered Data (e-commerce website hacking and security)
  • SQL injection (hacking into Pakistan stock exchange client)
  • Credit cards hacking (accessing dark web to show where the trade take place)
  • CCTV Camera Hacking
  • Creating undetectable virus
  • Creating undetectable worm
  • Ransomware Attack