Facebook spam – New way to hack Android Devices – Be aware

facebook spam

Facebook spam – New way to hack Android Devices – Be aware

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Facebook spam to hack your android devices


Facebook spam with a news of DONALD TRUMPH dead in a heart attack is new way to hack into your android device.


What it Does ?

Victims if click on the Facebook spam post are redirected to new page and the phone starts vibrating.

Victim is forced to click OK button and the application gets downloaded in the device.

The application automatically shares its post on the timeline of the victim.


Facebook spam


This post is harmless if you open it from your laptop or Desktop.


Clever and a new way to hack into your android devices.


Following are the screen shots on the Android devices after you click on the post

After You Click on the post 

hacking news Kolkata

After you click on the cross button on the pop up option of Facebook Share 

facebook phishing

The previous page automatically redirects to this page and the option pops up and your Smart Phone starts vibrating

facebook hacking

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