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Ethical Hacking Training Online

Ethical Hacking Training Online teaches you about ethical hacking and becoming an ethical hacker. You will learn about reconnaissance, protocols, Windows hacking, attacking web technologies, and pen testing wireless networks. Our most popular information security and hacking training covers the techniques used by malicious, black hat hackers with high energy lectures and hands-on lab exercises. While these hacking skills can be used for malicious purposes, this class teaches you how to use the same hacking techniques to perform a white-hat, ethical hack, on your organization. You’ll leave with the ability to quantitatively assess and measure threats to information assets; and discover where your organization is most vulnerable to hacking in this network security training course.


An intensive 10 Hours learning & development program to enable students with emerging technology skills & engage them with industry.


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Know About your Expert Trainer :

He had been associated with some government cyber security projects. He is a bug bounty hunter, reported vulnerability to companies like Google, Instagram, Sastasundar , Foresee game, Indian School of Ethical Hacking, KFC India and TITAN India. He had developed many hacking tools in PYTHON Bug find out on facebook, instagram, gmail etc. Zero day exploit found on HRM thread payroll web application. He is an Exploit writer and had been mentioned in the international hacking community for finding vulnerabilities. Check Out in Exploit DB.

He is a bug bounty hunter, reported vulnerability to companies like NOKIA, University of Victoria, Harvard University, Asus and many more. Active member of Research & Development team 15+ Hall of Fame achieved on reporting vulnerabilities

Pritam Mukherjee (Vice President)

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Course Module

  • Module 1: Introduction To Ethical Hacking
  • Module 2:Remote Access Trojan 
  • Module 3: Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • Module 4: Dark Web or Deep Web
  • Module 5: Phishing Method
Module 1: Introduction To Ethical Hacking

Lecture 1: - What is Hacking

Lecture 2: - What is Ethical Hacking

Lecture 3: - Types of Hackers

Lecture 4: - White Hat Hacker

Lecture 5: - Black Hat Hackers

Lecture 6: - Grey Hat Hackers

Lecture 7: - Script Kiddies

Lecture 8: - Hacktivists

Lecture 9: - Spy Hackers

Lecture 10: - Cyber Terrorists

Lecture 11: - Vulnerability

Lecture 12: - Exploit

Lecture 13: - Remote Exploit

Lecture 14: - Local Exploit

Lecture 15: - Zero-day

Lecture 16: - Zero-day vulnerability

Lecture 17: - Zero-day Exploit

Lecture 18: - Brute force attack

Lecture 19: - Phishing

Lecture 20: - Remote access

Lecture 21: - Payload

Lecture 22: - Information Gathering

Lecture 23: - Active Information Gathering

Lecture 24: - Passive Information Gathering

Lecture 25: - Scanning

Lecture 26: - Gaining Access

Lecture 27: - Maintaining Access

Lecture 28: - Covering Tracks

Lecture 29: - Viruses & Worms

Lecture 30: - Trojan Horse

Lecture 31: - Spyware

Lecture 32: - Adware

Lecture 33: - Backdoor

Lecture 34: - Rootkits

Lecture 35: - Ransomware

Lecture 36: - What is Penetration Testing

Lecture 37: - Types of Penetration Testing

Lecture 38: - What is white box Penetration Testing

Lecture 39: - What is Black Box Penetration testing

Lecture 40: - Introduction to Linux OS

Lecture 41: - Social Engineering

Lecture 42: - Google hacking using google dorks

Module 2:Remote Access Trojan 

Lecture 43: - What is Remote Access Trojan

Lecture 44:- Using RAT how you can hack windows OS

Lecture 45:- Using RAT how you can hack Android OS

Lecture 46:- Setup RAT in over the Network

Lecture 47:- Antivirus Bypass Methods

Module 3: Web Application Vulnerabilities

Lecture 48:- What Injection

Lecture 49: What is Sqli?

Lecture 50: Sqli on Live Website

Lecture 51: What is XSS?

Lecture 52: Different Types of XSS?

Lecture 53: Live Website Demo on XSS

Lecture 54: Bypass Ecommerce Website and buy New Product

Lecture 56: Broken Auth (bypass Login Page Auth)

Module 4: Dark Web or Deep Web

Lecture 57: What is Tor Network?

Lecture 58: How you can access Tor?

Lecture 59: Live Demo on Deep Web

Module 5: Phishing Method

Lecture 60: Setup Manual Phishing in your Laptop

Ethical Hacking Course Online

Ethical hacking course Online by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the highest demanded training in India. Since 2016 Indian Cyber Security Solutions had conducted 400+ cyber security workshop and training programs on ethical hacking in different collages across West Bengal. ICSS ethical hacking course Online is the most advanced level hands on training program prepared by IT security professionals. As the demand for trained cyber security professionals had increased is recent past, students and working professionals are actively looking for practical based ethical hacking training Online

Cyber Security Course in West Bengal conducted by ICSS has seen huge rise in demand. Thanks to all our students who had been benefited from our CEHP course. If you want to brush up on your penetration testing and network security analysis skills so you should join Cyber Security Course in West Bengal taught by industry experts, bug bounty hunters & exploit writers.

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Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India

Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India, ICSS is a great opportunity for interested people to grow their careers in the Cyber Security industry. They can join immediately at Indian Cyber Security Solutions for Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India. As the internet continues to advance, cybercrimes increasing as well. Criminals can commit crimes easily with a few clicks. Current technology has given us assess to huge amounts of information on the web and mobile devices. It has simplified tasks like shopping, paying bills, and banking services. It has also given rise to the need for ethical hackers to battle cyber criminals.

How you can get priority in Job Placement after doing the course from ICSS?

There is no better time than now to begin a career in the cybersecurity industry. In fact, candidates who will accomplish a Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India can get career opportunities with high pay scales. Indian Cyber Security Solutions had trained more than 1298+ students and is proud to be the best Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India. With around 20+ penetration testers and ethical hackers working with Indian Cyber Security Solutions, it is quite easy to provide world-class practical training which is required for CEH certification. Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India. You will be able to improve your knowledge of risks and vulnerabilities and learn how to think like a hacker.

After that course, it will boost your salary and advance your security career. You will learn to use the real hacking tool. Cybercriminals are innovators and will constantly discover new ways to attack IT infrastructure and exploit vulnerabilities. Without knowledge of the risks and vulnerabilities associated with your computer systems, you will have a difficult time keeping them secure. ICSS confirms by their course of Best Ethical Hacking Institute in India the capacities of an ethical hacker to prepare for vulnerabilities of system foundation and prevent illegal hacking.

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