Employee paid $300,000 for hacking employer

Employee paid $300,000 for hacking employer

Employee paid $300,000 for hacking employer. Security Specialists, a former private security officer has been told to pay nearly $319,000 in damages for hacking his employer’s payroll records, so that he can fill the number of hours he had worked hard.

The main culprit , Yovan Garcia later hacked the data from the firm’s server and spoiled its website also.

Michael Fitzgerald, the District Judge of California said that the culprit had taken advantages to challengers business by using the stolen the data from the firm’s server.

The company first noticed the flaw with Garcia’s pay records which was in July 2014, after two years he joined the company. In one , they showed he had worked 12 hours per day over a two-week period and was owed 40 hours of overtime pay, when in fact he only worked eight hours per day.

Employee paid $300,000 for hacking employerAccording to the Judge of the Central District Court, without authorisation he had obtained login credentials and accessed the records.

Judge Fitzgerald said: “As a result, defendant Garcia was paid thousands of dollars more in overtime wages than he was really owed.”

He ordered him to pay $318,661.70 to cover the costs as lost income and lost data to Security Specialists.

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