Man Hacked Apple iCloud & Gmail accounts of 30 celebrities in Loss Angeles.

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Man Hacked Apple iCloud & Gmail accounts of 30 celebrities in Loss Angeles.

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Email Phishing scam does the trick for the Hacker.

Email phishing is a very old technique used by hackers to get the log in credentials of the victim. On September 23rd 2016 a man hacked into iCloud and Gmail accounts of 30 celebrities in Loss Angeles.  As per the report the hacker conducted the email phishing scam trough his computer from Chicago.

Mr. Edward Majerczyk the man behind the email phishing scam has pleaded guilty to computer fraud in federal court on 28th of September 2016. He had been charged and found guilt on violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and faces a maximum of five years in prison.

Email Phishing scam

Edward had spoofed emails using mail id’s – and He had inserted a phishing link into the mail body and asked the victims to click on the link which redirected to a website which is a clone of apple iCloud login page.

All the passwords were available to Edward within few seconds. He had carried the same scam to get the login credentials of Gmail accounts from the victims.  He used this credentials to get access to the victims personal files and steal videos and photographs.


Email spoofing and phishing had increased in recent past. Hackers are gaining access to individuals personal data and are hacking into social media accounts. Demand for cyber security experts is expected to rise heavily in the global market as corporate espionage’s have increased. Ethical Hackers are in huge demand with challenging and dynamic job available in the market engineering students across the globe are getting themselves trained in cyber security.


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