DuckDuckGo, Brave Improving online privacy

DuckDuckGo, Brave

DuckDuckGo Brave Improving online privacy. The feature is accessible today via the new Brave browser desktop release 0.19.116 and will be combined in Brave Android and iOS apps in the first quarter of 2018.

DuckDuckGo Brave

Here’s how DuckDuckGo Brave are increasing online privacy together. Users that open a new private tab in Brave will be offered with an option to select DuckDuckGo as their default search engine. Other search engines track users even when they are employed inside of private browsing modes. DuckDuckGo does not ever accumulate or share users’ personal information. With over 16 billion cumulative anonymous searches as of 2017, DuckDuckGo is growing to be the world’s most trusted search engine.

Many popular sites can host as many as 70 trackers, following users around the web and compile information about their site visits. Brave, by default, stops ads and trackers that violate users’ privacy. Users get an even higher level of privacy by opening a private tab, available from the browser File menu. These tabs are not logged in History or in browsing data and are not included in Brave Payments calculations. Both Brave private tabs and their cookies disappear when the browser is closed.

In a recent study, DuckDuckGo found that isolation is now a mainstream concern in the U.S. with 24% of adults caring enough about their online privacy to take meaningful action to protect it. 65% of people would be excited to switch search engines if they knew a new search engine did not collect personal data about searches. In a January 2017 report, 84% of Americans said they would consider trying another primary web browser if it offered more features to help protect their privacy.

“A lot of people think their searches aren’t tracked in private browsing mode. Sadly, that’s not true unless you’re using a private search engine like DuckDuckGo. We are excited to partner with Brave to give people the search privacy they expect and deserve,” said Gabriel Weinberg, Founder & CEO, DuckDuckGo.

“With Brave and DuckDuckGo, users can rest ensured that we don’t see the sites they browse, that personal data is not stored, and that they are protected from trackers,” said Brendan Eich, CEO, and co-founder of Brave Software. “Users have submitted long enough from the current broken online ecosystem, and with the right tools, they can improve their privacy and take a stand against the agents that exploit their personal data.”

DuckDuckGo Brave together will prove to be a very effective team to provide its end user a seamless and smooth experience.

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