Digital Forensic and Electronic Evidence

Attain the In-depth knowledge on how Investigators solve Cyber Forensic crimes.

15th - 18th Sept, 2021

Live Session

2 Hours Session

12 PM - 2 PM

Who is this Bootcamp for?

Court Lawyers

Defense Professionals

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacker

Government Officials

What you will Learn in this Bootcamp?

  • Module 1: 
  • Module 2:
  • Module 3: 
  • Module 4:
  • Module 5:
  • Module 6:
  • Module 7:
  • Module 8:
  • Module 9:
  • Module 10:
  • Module 11:
  • Module 12:
Module 1: 
  • Introduction to Forensic Science
Module 2:
  • How is Digital Forensic Used in Investigation?
Module 3: 
  • What is Cyber Crime
Module 4:
  • Collection, Handling and Preservation of Digital Science
Module 5:
  • Brief detail of Mobile Forensic
Module 6:
  • Tools used in Digital Forensic
Module 7:
  • Data Recovery Technique and the Process
Module 8:
  • What is Hashing?
Module 9:
  • What is Chain of Custody?
Module 10:
  • What is Forensic Imaging?
Module 11:
  • Digital Forensic on Social Media and Web Pages
Module 12:
  • Cyber Act Laws in India and IT Act




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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Bootcamp start and what are the timings?

The Bootcamp starts on the 15th of September to 18th of September, 2021. The Bootcamp will be conducted from 12 PM to 2 PM. Live Online Interactive Session.

Will this Bootcamp be live or pre-recorded?

The Bootcamp will be conducted Live so that an interaction takes place during the session. In this interaction you can ask the trainer any queries that you have during the Bootcamp. This would ensure that your doubts are cleared instantly at that moment.

Since the Bootcamp is live, will you be sharing recordings?

Yes, the live session will be recorded and shared to you as well.

Can we have lifetime access?

Yes, you will be given lifetime access to the recordings.

Can I have a refund? 

No, we do not provide any refund. However, if you could not attend the Live Bootcamp. We will be giving you an option to either take the recording session or attend the next Bootcamp session.

What is the bonus that I will be getting?

The bonus will be revealed during the Bootcamp and it is worth waiting.

When will I receive the certificate?

Certificates will be distributed virtually live online as well as a copy of your certificate will be sent to you on E-Mail as digital copy after the completion of the Bootcamp.

I made the payment but didn't receive any confirmation E-Mail

Please send the screenshot of the payment receipt to our WhatsApp number at +91 89721 07846. So that our amazing team will get in touch with you immediately.

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