DDoS attack

DDoS attack

DDoS attack

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DDoS attack set Liberia out of internet- culprit Mirai Botnet


DDoS attack had put the whole country of Liberia under distress, when people of the country could not access to internet. The culprit used Mirai malware to shut down the internet of insecure IoT devices. Mirai malware is remotely controlled by the bots, the systems that runs on Linux and have tendency to attack in large scale network.


It started just after, when a cyber-criminal published the source code of Mirai Malware that is designed to target IoT devices that exploits into botnet network; this leads to the attack and affects massively.

An enormous DDoS attack had caused internet outage of a DNS provider called Dyn using same Mirai which was later reported that approximately 100,000 were IoT devices were infected.

DDoS attack

Few days back, past a week hackers have taken down the internet of entire Liberia using another botnet that is known as Botnet 14. Major concern of attacks had been briefed by the experts that 10Tbps DDoS attacks can happen which is too large a number that can make whole country go out of internet. Again, in another incident Keivin Beaumont, security researcher did notice that a telecommunication company, Lonestar Cell MTN has faced faced the same, that provides internet services in Liberia to 10-15% from undersea fiber cable via single entry point.


Shocking isn’t it?


Liberia has faced civil war in past decade which has unestablished the telecommunications infrastructure of the country. Very small amount of citizen could actually access to internet through satellite communication. However the country is trying well to rebuild the infrastructure undersea fiber optics.

5.12 Tbps is the total capacity of the cable of 23 countries, since a massive DDoS attack has just turned down the IoT devices using Mirai botnet which leads capability of hacking of almost 1 million IoT devices.

With these capacity not the attackers could

disrupt not only Liberia bot all of Europe and Africa that completely thrives on internet of ACE fiber cable.


Know the cause

Vulnerable IoT devices leads to insecurity that will build more Mirai bots. Questions is how to protect your device? Answer to that will be be more alert towards to the smartness of the devices that is use because u must remember that they can be tracked down.




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