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dark webDark Web – The internet beyond Google


Dark Web which is indeed a very interesting topic to talk about as due to recent hacks and terrorist activities which took place took the help of the dark web. In this article, we will explain how one novice interest and curiosity can be dangerous in the underworld network of dark web.

The Underground Web is traditionally being the buzz word in the media. Numerous documents and articles on this dark web had made the common people very curious about this underworld network. To be very frank due to rise of internet users in the recent past there is a significant growth of deep web user and its underworld network had grown rapidly.

The deep web had gained its popularity as many news channels and media houses focus on the black market and hackers community functioning through dark web. One can easily gain more knowledge trough search engines like google and from YouTube.  Due to this huge vibe people get excited and  wants to know more. Due their curiosity they may be a victim.


Steps to be followed while exploring the Dark Web


Step 1:

Privacy should be maintained. A new user in the deep web should be cautious about their identity which should not be revealed. You should use random name which will never relate with your actual identity. It is really very easy to track one with the actual name and email id. One should be very careful while making payment using credit cards and debit cards while they are purchasing any item or service. Bitcoins are the standard payment method use for payment in the dark web.


Step 2:

The dark web is one of the main places where computer hackers, security experts, and other interested parties meet to discover, learn about, trade in, launch, and put a stop to digital attacks and crime. With that in mind, do not ever download binary files from untrusted sources, as they could be a conduit for dangerous new strains of malware. Some of the most popular and damaging malware have infected thousands of computers through the dark web before spreading to other machines via other networks and distribution methods.

As a result it is very important to either be aware and use the deep web safely or stay away as the dander of virus using Java Script extension looms in the deep web.


Step 3:

The Tor Browser is the most popular application used to access the dark web and the underground network but to be very frank over the years we have seen numerous vulnerabilities in the Tor. So it is quite evident that it cant be the sole browser that can protect your identity from being revealed.

Criminal activity, drugs, pornography that makes the underworld network of dark web so if you are caught using it there is no legislation that can protect you if you conduct the crime.


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