Approach to winning over the silent battlefield of Cyber Warfare  

Approach to winning over the silent battlefield of Cyber Warfare  

Cyber warfare is a rather scary-sounding title that refers to the use of cyber technologies to launch a virtual war against countries, governments and citizens. Increasingly, cybercriminals are attacking governments through their critical infrastructure, including transportation systems, banking systems etc. There are many ways to attack a computer or network of computers. In cyber warfare, the method chosen is based on what the attacker’s goals are.

Recent advances in technology have completely changed how we live on this planet. Everything can be done in an online world now, from shopping to banking to collaborating on projects. Today’s world is becoming increasingly dependent on computers and increasingly connected through the Internet. These two facts have created a new battlefield for countries to wage war on.

Cyberwarfare refers to the use of digital attacks like computer viruses and hacking. Cyber warfare involves the actions by a nation-state or international organization to attack and attempt to damage another nation’s computers or information networks through.


cyber warfare


Silent battlefield of cyber warfare  

Cyberwarfare is waged on a massive scale the world over. Just like normal warfare which can range from limited skirmishes to full-on battles, the impact of cyberwarfare will vary by target and severity. In many cases the computer systems are not the final target — they are being targeted because of their role in managing real-world infrastructure like airports or power grids. Knock out the computers and you can shut down the airport or the power station as a result. The internet is a very good place to hide and very rarely do hackers claim they were responsible for a launching an attack. Primarily, the weapons of cyber warfare are not dissimilar to those we see being used in criminal attacks all the time. So, there are DDoS botnets to serve up denial of service attacks that can disrupt if not actually take strategic servers out of play.



Silent cyber war



Approach to winning cyber warfare  

Thinking like an attacker cultivates an offensive mindset that leads to streamlined systems that incorporate the best of human skills and automated capabilities to shore up defenses from the inside out. Attacking your own systems is a critical step in formulating the best cybersecurity defense strategies, beginning with identifying risky insider behaviour to determine how hackers might infiltrate a network. It also can help establish measurements for continuous security monitoring. In the near future, AI-enabled technologies will pre-qualify security events and alarms, automatically eliminating false positives and elevating high-risk threats. AI-enabled technologies will augment threat investigations, immediately associating new forensic data and alarms with an active investigation or incident.  Cyberwarfare generally refers to cyberattacks perpetrated by one nation-state on another, it can also describe attacks by terrorist groups or hacker groups aimed at furthering the goals of particular nations.


cyber warfare




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