Cyber Security – whats the status of your company, Is it strong?

Cyber Security – whats the status of your company, Is it strong?


Cyber Security is an in-demand field. It is important to protect your business against cyber security threats. Written policies are essential to a secure organization. Everyone in a company needs to understand the importance of the role they play in maintaining security. It’s a good idea to put an effective cyber security plan in place if your business accesses the internet or email to conduct business. An organization’s security culture requires care and feeding. Security awareness sums up the knowledge and behaviors that people within an organization have in regards to the protection of physical and information assets. It also sums up one of the hardest parts of the security management mix. 




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Employees must be trained

Security awareness is the process of teaching your entire team the basic lessons about security. A user is a weak link in a company’s security if he or she hasn’t been educated about security issues or adequately trained in best practices. And overall IT system security is only as strong as its weakest link! Every user must know which data is considered sensitive and be familiar with the company’s security policy and related guidelines. Companies can organize spot-training on specific issues — for example, an information session on phishing, on ransomware, on the risks associated with USB keys, etc. When someone goes through the mandatory security awareness program and completes it successfully, give them a high-five or something more substantial to motivate.

Manage your passwords

Passwords are at the core of every security policy, yet ensuring that they’re secure and enforced isn’t easy. Users must receive detailed guidelines on how to create robust passwords. The guidelines must strictly forbid the writing down of passwords on physical media or non-encrypted digital media. Users who must juggle several complex identifiers should use a password management system. Frequently change your passwords every few months. If you use the same password for everything, once someone has your password, all your accounts are potentially under attack.


If you want your business to be secure, you need to stay up to date. Specifically, you must update all the software you use day-to-day in your business: the operating systems of all the devices, from smartphones to servers, plus the software that runs on the security systems that protect them all. Whether you’re using Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, or just a Pebble, you’ll make sure that you’re running the very latest version of the operating system. individual apps get security patches as part of their regular updates. Before install or update any app you’ll have to check in the app menu, usually under the “about” section or you can check their websites. On Android and iOS, if you’ve stuck to apps from the Play Store and App Store, you should be able to just get all of your apps updated at once. You should update all yours devices.



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Encrypt Data

Any non-encrypted data circulating on the Internet is vulnerable: emails, exchanges with cloud platforms, SaaS, etc. All these communications must go through secure protocols (HTTPS, IMAPS, SMTPS, POP3S, SFTP, etc.) Remember that email always travels on networks in an unencrypted manner. From SSL and encrypted USB containers at one end of the scale to on-the-fly encryption at the other, encrypted data is more secure than data that isn’t.

Key Control

Unlike an electronic access device, mechanical keys can be duplicated and used without leaving a trail. Your key control policy should include a means to track who is currently holding mechanical keys and who has permission to duplicate those keys.

Use spam filters

A spam filter is a program that is used to detect unsolicited and unwanted email and prevent those messages from getting to a user’s inbox. Use spam filters to reduce the amount of spam and phishing emails that your business receives. Spam messages are usually from a person or company that you don’t know, and they often contain offers too good to be true. Don’t respond, attempt to unsubscribe or call the number provided in the message. The best thing to do is delete them. Applying a spam filter will help reduce the chance of you or your employees opening a phishing or fraudulent email by accident.



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Be up-to-date about latest cyber security risk

Online transaction issues and payment fraud can be a real concern for businesses trading online. It’s important to stay informed about the latest scams and security risks. Subscribe to the Stay Smart Online Alert Service to receive up-to-date information on cyber security issues and solutions.

Transfer data securely

Transferring data introduces security risk. Employees must Avoid transferring sensitive data to other devices or accounts unless absolutely necessary. When mass transfer of such data is needed, request employees to ask security specialists for help. Share confidential data over the company network/ system and not over public Wi-Fi or private connection. Ensure that the recipients of the data are properly authorized people or organizations and have adequate security policies.


There is always a trade-off between security and convenience. IT security management is in place to help a company defend all of the components of an information system. This includes data, software applications, hardware, and networks. A security policy does not, in itself, establish the requirements of a customer on specific information systems. It is instead the bridge between the customer’s expectations, and stated requirements that can be applied to develop an information system. A security policy should clearly state the customer’s expectations, and should be based on an evaluation of the risk to a customer should the customer’s expectations not be met. This risk-based evaluation helps avoid an infeasible, intractable, or excessively restrictive security policy. The security policy is the foundation on which effective security is built. As with any foundation, it must be well designed, and well constructed; it can then be trusted to support the customer’s needs effectively, and enduringly.








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