Cyber Security Training in India

Cyber Security Training in India

Indian enterprises — be it larger companies or smaller enterprises — are always on the hunt for skilled cybersecurity professionals to augment their digital infrastructure and safeguard their data from unwanted intrusions. Although there are several job vacancies in the country, recruiters are still facing a big challenge to find the right resources for the positions.

Cyber Security Training

According to a report, the increasing cyber-attacks and data protection laws are expected to create 1 million jobs and $35 billion opportunities for India by 2025. So, this could be an opportunity for individuals interested in cybersecurity as a career option.


As the country is creating massive opportunities, enterprises are desperate to hire people for a lucrative pay scale; however, a significant amount of upskilling is required. Here’s our first-ever ranking of Cybersecurity courses in India.


A primary survey which was conducted a few months back was taken into consideration to understand the preferences of candidates, based on their experience. The survey helped to invalidate the data and providing a rationale for the ranking, wherever required. Students feedback and expert advice were also accounted for the overall ranking process. The courses that have not been mentioned in the ranking either did not participate or did not make it to the top ten.

. Cyber Security Training Institute in India

Jigsaw Academy is a global award-winning training provider headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Founded by the duo of Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti, Jigsaw Academy has been instrumental in shaping the careers of over 50,000 learners in 30+ countries by helping them build a successful career in emerging technologies with specialised industry oriented courses. The domain experts and educators at Jigsaw Academy offer meticulously structured courses with industry-relevant curricula. Jigsaw Academy trains professionals in the areas of analytics, data science, big data, machine learning, business analytics, and more recently, cybersecurity and cloud computing.

Flagship Cybersecurity Program: Jigsaw Academy’s Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Red Team) in association with HackerU

Duration Of The Program: 600 Hours (20 Hours of Live Online Instructor-Led, and 40 Hours of In-person Classroom – Basic and Fundamental Program + 4 Months-Main Program)

Cost Of The Program: ₹2,80,000 + Taxes.

Great Learning is a technology-enabled online and blended-model learning organization that offers high-quality, impactful and industry-relevant learning programs to working professionals. The programs help learners master ‘hard’ competencies such as business analytics, data science, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, digital marketing and digital business. Great Learning’s analytics programs have been ranked #1 in India for five years in a row, and its professional learning programs have delivered over 6 million hours of impactful learning to over 10,000 learners.

Flagship Cybersecurity Program: Stanford Advanced Computer Security Program

Duration Of The Program: 6 Months

Cost Of The Program: $2,495 or ₹1,74,650 (approximately)

Cities Of Operation: Online for India, UK, South East Asia, Australia and other international locations

Course Content And USP Of The Program: Advanced Computer Security Program is created by Stanford University, and is taught by distinguished faculty from Stanford’s Computer Science and Engineering departments. The comprehensive program covers all the essential areas in cybersecurity from a practitioner’s perspective. Some of the salient features of the program are:

A certificate of achievement from Stanford Engineering

Regular mentorship from industry experts in cybersecurity

Hands-on practice through a series of labs and projects that allows participants to put what they learned to practice.

This program is aimed at aspiring security and system architects and provides a holistic understanding of the various moving parts within cybersecurity. The range of topics covered in the program includes web applications security, network security, mobile security, cryptography, writing secure code, and other emerging threats and defences.


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