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Cloud Computing Training in Kolkata

Cloud Computing training in Kolkata is the only cloud labeled administrator certification from Amazon and Microsoft Azure. Our Cloud Computing course in Kolkata focuses on developing the necessary skills required to perform the job in cloud-based administration. At Indian Cyber Security Solutions, we bring in industry professionals working in Amazon Web Services. Such training build on the technical proficiency measured in the Amazon cloud service expertise certifications.

These training are designed for individuals who are experienced with designing scalable and elastic applications on the Amazon Web Services platform. The course builds on the concepts introduced in Architecting on cloud computing. Learn to build more complex solutions that incorporate data services, infrastructure configuration management, and security on cloud computing.

Kolkata is the 3rd largest metropolitan city in India and the state capital of West Bengal . The city is famous for the cultural heritages found within; from the Victoria Memorial to the delicious sweet of Roshogulla. It was the capital of British India until the early 20th century. It is also the birthplace of famous poet "Rabindranath Tagore". River Bhagirathi Hooghly, flows across the city. It has also been referred to as the "Cultural Capital of India". It is an important city in Eastern India as it is financial hub of this region. It's major Information Technology (IT) center is located in Salt Lake Sector 5, and in the Action Area of New Town.

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Which is the best cloud computing training institute in Kolkata with 100% placement?

Cloud computing is a fresh trend which is performing the to its core at this given time due to which there is a huge recruitment of on this platform with an ongoing trend that companies are shifting data to the cloud platforms. Seeing this great potential institutions like (I.C.S.S) Indian Cyber Security Solutions in Kolkata have focused on providing the best out of the ordinary in this domain. They have pool of instructors who can provide you the best resources which will help you gain knowledge and expertise to get accepted easily in this field of profession. Placement Training in Kolkata, India by Indian Cyber Security Solutions offers 100% placement assistance in Kolkata as well as in India.

Over 2500 students got placed in various MNC companies like: Deloitte TCS ITC Limited, wishnet, Zeomega, Allied Media Happiest Minds DNA

What are the pre-requisites of Learning Cloud Computing?

Pre-Requisites of learning Cloud Computing in India are:-

  1. Hardware Infrastructure
  2. Software Infrastructure
  3. Data Center facilities
  4. Visualization technologies
  5. Software Engineering Concepts.

Is Cloud Computing the Future?

Cloud Computing is powerful, expansive and will continue to grow in the future, providing many benefits. It is cost effective and companies can use it for their growth. This is turn will provide benefits to both the host and the customers.

Cloud Computing Training in Kolkata - ICSS

Cloud Computing Training

The Cloud Computing training in Kolkata provides the skill and knowledge which is required in this day and age for making a career in the cloud computing management. The aim is not to fetch monetary gains but to expand and this is why ICSS provides Cloud Computing Training in Kolkata at really affordable prices. Master the skills to secure your Cloud Computing infrastructure.

Class Room Training on Cloud Computing in Kolkata

Cloud Computing training in Kolkata with hands-on training in the lab from industry professional hackers are cloud computing certified. Cloud Computing is in huge demand as organizations are going online with more than 170 Billion Dollar investment in the cyber security domain worldwide. At Indian Cyber Security Solutions, you will learn in-depth on how to utilise the services of cloud computing in various multi-national organisations. Cloud Computing training in Kolkata is designed in such a way that you get the maximum practical knowledge within 40 hours of course module. At our training center, we bring in guest faculties from the industry so they can share their practical experience with you. At the end of the course, we aim to make you placement ready.

Online LIVE Training on Cloud Computing in Kolkata

Indian Cyber Security Solutions have 130+ trainers who are professional Employees in Cloud Computing in different MNCs like Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, ATOS, Intel and are also members of our research & development team. All the trainers are geographically located in different areas provide online training on Cloud Computing. All the Cloud Computing training classes are held through an application where the faculty and the students are LIVE interacting with each other over the internet. All the classes are recorded and uploaded in our online portal where all students have lifetime access. We guarantee your satisfaction or we pay back your course fee. There will be 3 instructors dedicated to individual batch which will carry on for 3 months.

Eligibility Criteria to become a Professional in Cloud Computing

Students from Technical background can apply for this course. We provide 12 Months Hands-on training by Industry experts. They are Industry Professionals and currently working in this domain. Diploma in Cloud Computing Training in Kolkata will help you to develop your necessary skills required in the industry. Grow your knowledge in this field by the course.

Technical Educational Background

If you had completed your graduation in science ( in CSE / IT / EC or BCA ) you will need to start with Certified Python Programmer to have a good base of programming and where you can develop hacking tools using it. After completion of python programming certification, you will be eligible for this ethical hacking course and then complete it with Certified Web Application Penetration testing which focuses on actually exploiting vulnerabilities in web-based applications which is in huge demand all around the globe

Non-Technical Educational Background

If you had your graduation in arts, commerce or any other stream other than science you will need to start with Certified Network Professional Which follows the CCNA global course module to be eligible for this course and complete it with Certified Network Penetration Tester course which is a high-end specialization course.

After completion of all the courses, you can apply for network penetration tester jobs.




Achievements of our Students

Many of our students have founded Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and also their CVE has published on Exploit-DB. Check their CVE and also read their Blog on Exploit DB.

Aniket Dinda is our student who have found out Zero-Day Vulnerability and has been published on Exploit DB.

Nainsi Gupta is our student who have found out Zero-Day Vulnerability and has been published on Exploit DB.

Rabsun Sarkar one of our students has found zero-day vulnerabilities in Google and in the Security Talent Website and also reported for the same.

Learn from Industry Experts & Get Real Hands-On Experience and get job ready

100% Placement Support After completion of the Cloud Computing course

Practice on Real Time Projects which can be showcased to future recruiters

Learn from industry experts who have over 12+ Years Industry Experience

Average Salary is $120,000 in the field of Cyber Security

Demand for Cloud Computing & Cyber Security will increase to 80% by 2022

Top Companies Hiring: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Uber & Many More.

Become Certified Cloud Computing Professional

Advanced Cloud Computing Course Curriculum

1500+ Professionals Trained with 4.8/5 Rating

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Why You Should Choose ICSS ?

Industry professions from Amazon, Cognizant & Intel will share their practical experience in the class

100% practical and lab-based classes (available online & offline)

25% Scholarship program for merited students with a minimum of 90% marks in their board exams

LIFETIME access to video tutorials, case studies

EMI option is available if you go for 2 or more courses.

Get educational loan @  O% interest








With our full Training Methodology you will get job


100% Job Placement Assistance

  • Career Guide: Job Opportunities will be shared with you
  • Be JOB Ready Resume prepared by Experts
  • Questions & Answers provided for interviews
  • Mock Exams you will write to test your skills
  • Mock Interviews to boost your confidence
  • Pre-Requisite: Any one can learn Cloud Computing and Get Job
  • Projects: Work on Real Life Case Studies

Course Duration

We Provide:

  • 40 Hours Classes
  • Fast Track Classes
  • Weekdays & Weekend Classes

  • In Class, You Get In-Depth Cloud Computing Knowledge on each Topic

  • Projects to do assignments
  • Location: Courses are run in our Kolkata training center (Salt Lake, Sector 5) & Bangalore (Indiranagar)
  • Corporate Training for your Employees
  • Online Cloud Computing Courses - Live Instructor LED Classes
  • Pay only after attending FREE DEMO CLASS

True Reviews by Real Students

4.8/5 Ratings


Course details for Cloud Computing Training in Kolkata

  • Module 1: Linux Administrator
  • Module 2: AWS Administrator
  • Module 3: DevOps Administrator
  • Module 4: VMware Administrator
Module 1: Linux Administrator

Unit 1– Get Started with the GNOME Graphical Desktop

Objective: Get started with GNOME and edit text files with gedit.

Unit 2 – Manage Files Graphically with Nautilus

Objective: Manage files graphically and access remote systems with Nautilus.

Unit 3– Get Help in a Graphical Environment

Objective: Access documentation, both locally and online.

Unit 4– Configure Local Services

Objective: Configure the date and time and configure a printer

Unit 5– Manage Physical Storage I

Objective: Understand basic disk concepts and manage system disks

Unit 6 – Manage Logical Volumes

Objective: Understand logical volume concepts and manage logical volumes.

Unit 7– Monitor System Resources

Objective: Manage CPU, memory and disk utilization.

Unit 8– Manage System Software

Objective: Manage system software locally and using Red Hat Network(RHN).

Unit 9– Get Started with Bash

Objective: Understand basic shell concepts, execute simple commands, and use basic job control techniques.

Unit 10– Get Help in a Textual Environment

Objective: Use man and info pages and find documentation in /usr/share/docs man and info pages and find documentation in /usr/share/doc.

Unit 11– Establish Network Connectivity

Objective: Understand basic network concepts; configure, manage, and test network settings.

Unit 12– Administer Users and Groups

Objective: Manage users and groups.

Unit 13– Manage Files from the Command Line

Objective: Understand Linux filesystem hierarch, pathnames and manage files from the command line.

Unit 14– Secure Linux File Access

Objective: Understand Linux file access mechanisms; manage file access from the GUI and the command line.

Unit 15– Administer Remote Systems

Objective: Share and connect to a desktop; use SSH and sync.

Unit 16– Configure General Services

Objective: Manage services; configure SSH and remote desktops.

Unit 17– Manage Physical Storage II

Objective: Manage filesystem attributes and swap space.

Unit 18– Install Linux Graphically

Objective: Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux and configure the system with first boot.

Unit 19– Manage Virtual Machines

Objective: Understand basic virtualization concepts; install and manage virtual machines.

Unit 20– Control the Boot Process

Objective: Understand run levels and manage GRUB.

Unit 21 – Deploy File Sharing Services

Objective: Deploy an FTP server and a web server.

Unit 22– Secure Network Services

Objective: Manage a firewall; understand SELinux concepts and manage SELinux.

Module 2: AWS Administrator

Unit 23: Introduction & History to AWS, Navigate the AWS Management Console  Recognize AWS Global Infrastructure, Describe the security measures AWS provides.

Unit 26: AWS Storage & Content Delivery, Identify key AWS storage option, Describe Amazon EBS Create an Amazon S3 bucket and manage associated objects.

Unit 27:Compute Services & Networking Identify the different AWS compute and networking options, Describe an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) , Create an Amazon EC2 instance, Verify how to use Amazon EBS.

Unit 28: Deployment and Management, Identify AWS Cloud Formation, Describe Amazon Cloud Watch metrics and alarms, Describe Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Unit 29: VPC & Resource Groups ,Virtual Private Cloud / Significance of virtual cloud. VPN Resource Group basic and implementation

Unit 30: EC2 Basic ,Instanc Spot Reques ,Reserved Instances

Unit 31:AMI & EBS ,Volumes ,Snapshots

Unit 32: Network & Security, Security Groups, Elastic IPs, private, public IPs, Placement Groups Load Balancer, Key Pairs.

Unit 33:Understanding of EWS Billing, Bills, Cost Explorer, Consolidated Billin, Account Settings

Module 3: DevOps Administrator

Unit 34: What is Software Development, Software Development Life Cycle, Traditional Models for SDLC, Why DevOps? , What is DevOps? ,DevOps Lifecycle, DevOps Tools.

Unit 35: Types of Version Control System, Introduction to SVN, Introduction to Git, Git Lifecycle, Common Git Commands Working with Branches in Git, Merging Branches, Resolving Merge Conflicts, Git Workflow.

Unit 36: Containerization using Docker – Part I

Introduction to Docker, Understanding Docker Lifecycle Components of Docker Ecosystem, Common Docker Operations, Creating a DockerHub Account Committing changes in a Container, Pushing a Container Image to DockerHub, Creating Custom Docker, Images using Dockerfile,  Common Docker Operations, Creating a DockerHub Account, committing Changes to a Container, Pushing container to DockerHub, Creating Local Image Repository, Building an Image using Dockerfile.

Unit 37: Containerization using Docker – Part II,  What are Docker Volumes, Deploying a Multi-Tier Application using Docker Network, Using Docker Compose to deploy containers, What is Container Orchestration, Container Orchestration Tools,  Introduction to Docker Swarm,  Deploying a 2-Node Cluster using Docker Swarm.

Unit 38:Configuration Management using Puppet, Need of Configuration Management, Configuration Management Tools, What is Puppet, Puppet Architecture, Setting up Master-Slave using Puppet Puppet

Manifests Puppet Modules,  Applying configuration using Puppet, Puppet File Server.

Unit 39:Configuration Management using Ansible, What is Ansible? , Ansible vs Puppet, Ansible Architecture Setting up Master-Slave using Ansible Ansible Playbook, Ansible Roles Applying configuration using Ansible

Unit 40:Continuous Testing using Selenium, What is Continuous Testing?, Introduction to Selenium, What is Maven? , Using Maven with Selenium,  Creating Test Cases with Selenium, Running Test Cases on Chromium Web Driver, What is Headless Mode?

Unit 41: Continuous Integration using Jenkins, Introduction to Continuous Integration, Jenkins Master Slave Architecture Understanding CI/CD Pipelines, Creating an end to end automated CI/CD Pipeline.

Unit 42:Continuous Orchestration using Kubernetes, Introduction to Kubernetes, Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes,  Kubernetes Architecture, Deploying Kubernetes using Kubeadms,  Alternate ways of deploying Kubernetes, YAML Files,  Creating a Deployment in Kubernetes using YAML, Services in Kubernetes, Ingress in Kubernetes Case Study – Kubernetes Architecture.

Unit 43:Continuous Monitoring using Nagios, What is Continuous Monitoring, Introduction to Nagios Nagios Architecture,  Monitoring Services in Nagios, What are NRPE Plugins,  Monitoring System Info using NRPE plugins

Module 4: VMware Administrator

Introduction to VMware Virtualization

-Introduce Virtualization

-Introduce Virtual machines

-Introduce vSphere components

VMware ESX and ESXi ( ESX/ESXi 6.5)

-Introduce the architecture of ESX and ESXi

-Manually configure ESX/ESXi

VMware vCenter Server

-Install and configure vCenter Server components

-Manage vCenter Server inventory objects


-Create, configure, and manage vNetwork standard switches

-Create, configure, and manage network connections

-Create, configure, and manage port groups


-Configure ESX/ESXi with iSCSI,

-Create and manage vSphere datastores

Virtual Machines

-Deploy virtual machines using the Create New Virtual Machine wizard, templates, cloning, and VMware vCenter Converter

-Modify and manage virtual machines

-Perform Storage vMotion migrations

Access Control

-Control user access through roles and permissions

Resource Monitoring

-Control virtual machine access to CPU, memory, and I/O resources

-Introduce VMkernel methods for optimizing CPU and memory usage


-Manage ESX/ESXi configuration compliance using Host Profiles

-Create, configure, and manage vNetwork distributed switches, network connections, and port groups

-Perform VMware vMotion migrations

High Availability

-Configure and manage a VMware High Availability cluster

-Configure fault-tolerant virtual machines using VMware Fault Tolerance

Class Room Training

Students Enrolled83%

Course Fee

INR 60,500/ - + 18% GST

Course Duration - 2 Hours per Class

12 Months Training

2 Classes Per Week X 2 Hours Each Day

Batch Timing

Week End Classes | Week Days Classes

Online Self Paced LIVE Training

Students Enrolled92%

Course Fee

INR 58,500 / - + 18% GST

Course Duration - 2 Hours per class

12 Months Training

2 Classes Per Week X 2 Hours Each Day

Batch Timing

Week End Classes | Week Days Classes

Our Hiring Partners for Placements

Still Hunting for a Job? or Want to Make a Career Switch into Ethical Hacking?

Recruiters are looking for you!

All you need to Learn Basic to Advance of Hacking with ICSS, Become Certified Professional and Get JOB with our Free Placement Assistance Program

Know About your Expert Trainer :

He had been associated with some government cyber security projects. He is a bug bounty hunter, reported vulnerability to companies like Google, Instagram, Sastasundar , Foresee game, Indian School of Ethical Hacking, KFC India and TITAN India. He had developed many hacking tools in PYTHON Bug find out on facebook, instagram, gmail etc. Zero day exploit found on HRM thread payroll web application. He is an Exploit writer and had been mentioned in the international hacking community for finding vulnerabilities. Check Out in Exploit DB.

Cloud Computing Course in Kolkata

Cloud Computing Course in Kolkata by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the most demanded course in Kolkata. Cloud computing has established itself outside of just startups and is now a mainstream option for any business. In this respect, the cloud is central to every tech infrastructure discussion out there. It will continue to take market share for a decade from traditional IT infrastructure providers. These services will continue to deflate and consume older models of IT. We provide Kolkata has risen four places in the latest Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking by San Francisco-based Compass. A research firm that provides global benchmarking tools. Many IT companies will develop in Kolkata in the upcoming future.

Cloud Computing profits are partly explained by allowing Google to take the lead on pricing and let lower costs flow. Such course is making hay while the sun shines. It is the third-most-populous city in India that attracts entrepreneurs, startups, tech experts, etc. It is India’s leading exporter of IT products and services to the rest of the world. The city itself attracts millions of IT professionals to keep the IT dream alive. It is a great opportunity for all IT students to get trained and work in the field of cloud computing. Such services is essential for the execution of the company’s crucial cloud-enabled platform for web-based services and apps.

Cloud Computing Training in Kolkata has helped many e-commerce companies flourish like never before. It helps the IT admin to chalk out applicable strategies and implements the same for Cloud Computing architectural design patterns as per the requirement of the company.

Need to Work on real-time projects and complete assignments to get Professional Certification from Indian Cyber Security Solutions

ICSS provides the course completion certificate once you successfully complete the Cloud Computing training program. Professional Certificate Holders work at 1000s of companies like HP, TCS, Amazon, Accenture and many more.


Certificate in Cloud Computing in kolkata - ICSS

Current Job Openings

Check job profile, salary scale of current jobs available in market

Cloud Computing Professional | Cloud Computing Engineer | Pen-Tester

IT Analyst | Cloud Sys Admin

Conducted Cloud Computing Training Session

Some Glimpses of our Workshop

Cloud Computing Training in Kolkata by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the highest demanded training in Kolkata. Since 2016 Indian Cyber Security Solutions had conducted 400+ cyber security workshop and training programs on Cloud Computing courses in different colleges across West Bengal. ICSS Cloud Computing Course is the most advanced level hands on training program prepared by IT security professionals. As the demand for trained cyber security professionals had increased is recent past, students and working professionals are actively looking for practical based Cloud Computing Training in Kolkata

What does an organization expect from a Cloud Computing Professional?

Our training module is delicately balanced between practical lab based training and theoretical content. Organizations expect real time practical based solutions to the real world threat of cyber attack. Focusing on practical training conducted by Bug Bounty hunters and exploit writers.

ICSS Cloud Computing Training in Kolkata will surely give you the edge and help you to grab the job. Our ethical hacking training program also focuses on the most important aspect of “Documentation” / “VAPT Reporting”. Cyber security professionals will not only impart you with latest cyber security training but will also help you to prepare and report critical vulnerabilities to companies as a bug bounty hunter and also helps you in VAPT report writing.

For an organization a cloud computing professional who has technical and as well as reporting / documentation skill will always be the first choice. This reduces the investment of organizations on the newly recruited cyber security professional.

Cloud Computing training in Kolkata - ICSS

Best Cloud Computing Course in Kolkata

To look for the Best Cloud Computing Course in Kolkata, it is better to visit Indian Cyber Security Solutions. It is one of the  most demanding course of the institute. These services deliver in computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence. In Cloud Computing training in Kolkata from ICSS , trainers will teach you according to the course structure as well as test your knowledge on such subjects regularly.

Such Service eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software and setting up and running on-site data center. This Service is a growing community, because of its unique features that are making organisation to utilise this service time after time. 1200+ students got placed in various MNC after completion of Best Cloud Computing Courses in Kolkata. After completion of the training you get a chance to give your career a better growth. 

At present it is the most demanding skill. Thus, it is best for you to get trained in this course from Indian Cyber Security Solutions and avoid the struggle of understanding it in the future. IT industry becomes very volatile if the small changes in business or trends, and here we are talking about cloud computing.

It has been discovered that the utility of Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure increased a lot in recent years. And their top clients tells that it has been very difficult for them to hunt for perfect cloud computing professionals. Hence many international organizations defined the certification criteria for Cloud computing aspirants before applying for the job. Even Silicon Valley had a terrible moment when the worldwide recession hit the job market.

How ICSS helps students to get Job’s?

Indian Cyber Security Solutions conducts campus placement drive for students within few months after completion of the cyber security course. ICSS conducts soft skills classes for students to enhance their soft skills which are highly required to crack interviews. Check out our placement records where we have displayed emails and letters which have come to us for conducting job interviews. MNC’s like PWC , ITC and CTS had recruited ICSS students since 2018. We sincerely believe that after the intense practical lab based training on cyber security conducted by ICSS you as an individual will definitely be self sufficient to crack any job which requires cyber security skills. CEHP course module is designed as per the industry demand which is evident from the job postings made by recruiting companies in different job portals.

Cloud Computing Course in Kolkata and workshops conducted by ICSS Educational Division

Cloud Computing Course in Kolkata and workshops are conducted across all colleges. ICSS had been fortunate enough to have been associated with some of the renounced educational institutions like IIT Kharagpur, NIT Durgapur, Jadavpur University, Lovely Professional University and JIS collage to name a few. Our campus representatives are highly active and conduct interactive sessions on cyber security. Campus representatives are student’s representatives from different collages those who are responsible for establishing a research lab on cyber security inside the campus of the respective collages. These research facilities & interactive sessions on ethical hacking helps the students to gain latest knowledge in cyber security. Indian Cyber Security Solutions offers Cloud Computing Course in Kolkata for corporate teams and individuals.

Do you want to be a Campus Representative?

If you want to be a CR there is a long list of benefits that you will be entitled too.

Campus Representative - ICSS