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Certified Network Penetration Testing Training In Delhi

Certified network penetration testing training focuses on finding out flaws in a network and actually exploiting them with the help of Kali Linux and Metasploit. A penetration testing is a process of evaluating an organizational IT infrastructure by exploiting vulnerabilities that may exist in an operating system, service or application loop holes. These assessments are done by organizations to evaluate the defense mechanism of the IT infrastructure. In the Certified network penetration testing training one will learn how to carry out a successful penetration test which actually mimics the real-world attack and generate a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing report for the organization.

With the rise in cyber-attack worldwide, organizations have started investing billions to follow the security best practices and IT security compliances (GLBA, NCUA, FFIEC, HIPAA, etc). As these best practices requires regular assessment of external and internal networks our penetration testing course prepares individuals to conduct successful pen test and generate VAPT report for organizations.

Our certified network penetration testing training will help you to learn the tricks to conduct successful reconnaissance and use your social engineering skills to gain knowledge about the target network infrastructure. Learning the skills from the best professional white hat hackers and using the most updated tools will make you industry ready.


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Certified Network Penetration Testing Training



Online LIVE Certified Network Penetration Testing Training

Certified Network Penetration Testing Training is also available online where we provide LIVE classes to individuals just like having private tuition. Indian Cyber Security Solutions have 25+ Penetration Tester who are working professionals working in different organizations geographically located in different locations. All the Certified Network Penetration Testing Training is held in online software where students and the faculty be LIVE online and share their screen. The best part of this Certified Network Penetration Testing Training online is you get all your LIVE classes recorded and uploaded on YouTube where you can access it for a lifetime. We have our online library where you get all the updated course materials.


Course Fee:

INR – 12,000/- + 18% GST




Course Duration: 2 Hours per class




Eligibility Criteria

Students and working professionals with sound networking knowledge can apply for this course. Corporates and students who are from different educational backgrounds are highly recommended to go for Networking course from us and then complete the Ethical hacking course. With the successful completion of all the assignment, you will be a certified network penetration tester and can apply for network security and penetration tester jobs.


Class Room training for Certified Network Penetration Testing Course

Certified Network Penetration Testing course in Kolkata and Bangalore with hands on training in the lab from the professional Penetration Tester. Certified Network Penetration Testing training is designed is such a way that you get the maximum practical knowledge. At our training center, we bring in guest faculties from the industry so they can share their practical experience with you. At the end of the course, we aim to make your placement ready.




Course Fee:

INR – 14,000/- + 18% GST

Course Duration: 2 Hours per class


Jobs for Certified Network Penetration Tester in India


 Check out the current job openings as Network Penetration Tester available in India.




Penetration Tester

Security Analyst


Why should you go for a certification course on Network Penetration Testing course?

Network penetration testing course is a high end network security course which focuses on actually breaking into a system or a network with the permission of the organization. With 100% practical lab based classes, and real world assignment one would be highly equipped to apply all skills as per organizational requirement. Companies focuses on reducing training expenditure as they tend to recruit fresher’s with proper skill set. Our certification course on penetration testing is regarded as one of the best in India as per organizational standards.



Network Penetration Testing Course Content:


Lesson 1:   Introduction to Network Penetration Testing 

Network security consists of the provisions and policies adopted by a network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources.


Lesson 2:    Penetration Testing Lab Setup

According to the configuration of Laptop, 32/64 bit, provide VMware, and any Penetration testing OS like Kali/Parrot, Windows XP SP3, Windows 7


Lesson 3:       Deep Information Gathering

Active Information Gathering in-depth, Passive Information Gathering in depth, Sniffing, Vulnerability Scanning.


Lesson 4:     Getting into System

“Exploiting Windows and Linux System

Application of Metasploit

Creating malicious files (standalone binaries) using msfvenom

Remote Exploit

Evading Antivirus

Uac Bypass

Exploiting using different File Format

Post Exploitation”


Lesson 5:     Android Hacking 

Here students will learn how to hack an android device and get details out of it.

Lesson 6:          Sniffing & MITM

Studying ARP, how it works and how it can be manipulated to mount sophisticated attacks is made extremely easy to understand. Sniffing is a technique that you will be able to fully grasp in its most practical aspects. We will make sure you have enough basics of network theory before we cover actual attack scenarios using the best tools available. Man in the middle attacks are one of the most used penetration testing techniques today; you will be able to mount man in the middle attacks within local networks and over the Internet.


Lesson 7:     Anonymity       

Penetration testers rarely need to cover their tracks. However there are times when testing the efficiency of the target organization incident response team is within the scope of a Penetration tester’s engagement.


Lesson 8:             Social Engineering   

Social engineering module will guide you through the most modern social engineering attack techniques. Real world attacks will be illustrated by exploiting the potential of social networks such as Facebook, Spokeo or Twitter. Almost one hour of video lessons will teach you everything you need to know to master the most important tool in the field: Social Engineering Toolkit.


Lesson 9:     Attacking Wi-Fi Network

The following module focuses on the attacks that can be executed on Wi-Fi networks. The student will learn how to attack and access remote Wi-Fi networks, obtain keys, password and much more, according to their configuration and security mechanism. We will first start exploring the attacks against WEP and then focus our tests on more secure networks: WPA, WPA2 and WPS.


Lesson 10:     “Wi-Fi as an attack Vector”

In the last module, of the Wi-Fi section, the student will learn how to use Wi-Fi as an attack vector. This means that we will not attack Wi-Fi networks, instead we will use Wi-Fi in order to create fake networks, obtain credentials, run MitM attacks and much more.


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Gradation System: (on total marks obtained)

E Excellent Performer (90% – 100% marks)
A+ (80% – 89% marks)
A (70% – 79% marks)
B+ (60% – 69% marks)
B (50% – 59% marks)
C (not qualified – reappear all the modules)


Check Out The Sample Certificate: Click Here


Course Fee:

Online: INR – 12,000/-  + 18% GST

Offline: INR – 14,000/-  + 18% GST




 Industry professions from Amazon, Cognizant & Intel will share their practical experience in the class

 100% practical and lab-based classes (available online & offline)
 25% Scholarship program for merited students with a minimum of 90% marks in their board exams

 LIFETIME access to video tutorials, case studies and hacking forum “HACKERS LAB”

 EMI option is available if you go for 2 or more courses.


Best Networking Penetration Testing Training in India

Best Networking Penetration Testing Training in India from Indian Cyber Security Solutions is most demanded course in India. Get Hands-on training by Industry Experts.

We at ICSS prepare you in such a way that you are up for any challenge(s) that may come your way in course of your tenure as a network pen tester by the course Certified Network Penetration Testing Training.

We not only train you from the skill point of view but we also provide in our curriculum the muchneeded mindset and attitude required to work in such demanding and challenging environment.  Our experts are closely associated with some of the renowned world class penetration testing companies and they are here to share their expertise with you.

There’s been increasing debate online and in the cybersecurity sector recently over both the future and current utility of penetration testing. Penetration tests, when properly scoped, highlight assets and functionality which can be abused by an attacker looking to gain access to an organisation. However, poorly scoped penetration tests don’t always offer good value. Often companies use penetration tests not because they genuinely want to test the security of their systems but rather as a way of appeasing an auditor or demonstrating compliance. If the motivation is simply to meet rigid compliance requirements, then the outcomes are often not useful. Do your Certified Network Penetration Testing Training from Indian Cyber Security Solutions for grab this job.

Whilst just performing a vulnerability assessment does help as it can identify any low hanging fruit that could be a potentially easy attack surface for script kiddies or professional attackers to focus on.

At the end of the engagement communicating the risk is one of the toughest challenges in both penetration testing and cybersecurity in general: how do we make the message intelligible to the recipient, especially if they don’t have a cyber background.

20 + certified Pentester will be your trainer. We provide class room training for certified Network Penetration Testing training at our Kolkata center and have online training facility for outstation and international students.  Our training institute is located in the city of joy Kolkata famous for its food and IT industry located in Salt Lake. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is located in salt lake sector 2 Kolkata in between the IT hub Kolkata Sector V and Sector I surrounded by MNC’s like wipro, cognizant, TCS.

As a cybersecurity professional, you have a unique responsibility to find and understand your organization’s vulnerabilities and to work diligently to mitigate them before the bad guys pounce.



Network Pentest Course in Delhi

Network Pentest Course from Indian Cyber Security Solutions is most demanded course in Kolkata. Get trained Lab based Hands-on training.

The primary objective for a network Pentest is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, systems, hosts and network devices (ie: routers, switches) before hackers are able to discover and exploit them. Certified Network Penetration Testing Training will reveal real-world opportunities for hackers to be able to compromise systems and networks in such a way that allows for unauthorized access to sensitive data or even take-over systems for malicious/non-business purposes.

Network Pentest Course in Kolkata will take network security to the next level by actually exploring the network for vulnerabilities. Simply deploying a firewall, vulnerability scanner, and an antivirus program is not enough to protect the system against an attack.

Regardless of how many security systems you use, there is still a good chance of weaknesses that exist within the network. Without a comprehensive test, sensitive data is prone to disclosure and some organizations can face legalities if they do not comply with network security guidelines for data protection.

With cyber attacks becoming the norm, it is more important than ever before to undertake regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and ensure on a regular basis that the cyber controls are working. You will be able to work as penetration tester after completion of Network Pentest Course in Kolkata.

By doing your Network Pentest Course in Kolkata you will be able to determine the weakness in the infrastructure, application and people in order to develop controls, to ensure controls have been implemented and are effective, to test applications that are often the avenues of attack and to discover new bugs in existing software.

With comprehensive coverage of tools, techniques, and methodologies for network penetration testing, Indian Cyber Security Solutions prepares you to conduct high-value penetration testing projects step-by-step and end-to-end by Network Pentest Course in Kolkata. Every organization needs skilled information security personnel who can find vulnerabilities and mitigate their effects, and this entire course of Network Pentest Course in Kolkata is specially designed to get you ready for that role. The course Network Pentest Course in Kolkata starts with proper planning, scoping and recon, then dives deep into scanning, target exploitation, password attacks, and web app manipulation detailed hands-on labs throughout.

You will learn how to perform detailed by Network Pentest Course in Kolkata. Our hands-on labs will equip you to scan target networks using best-of-breed tools. We won’t just cover run-of-the-mill options and configurations, we’ll also go over the lesser known but super-useful capabilities of the best pen test toolsets available today.



Network Pentest Course in Kolkata