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COVID-19 Impact | Job losses and Unemployment in IT sectors

COVID-19 Impact | Job losses and Unemployment in IT sectors

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COVID-19 Impact | Job losses and Unemployment in IT sectors


COVID-19 India: Indian IT sector may witness major job losses ...


If you are not worried about your immediate survival in the current national lockdown, then your next worry is how does this impact your employer and your future. Like most professionals, your job is and will remain your primary source of income for the most part of your life and this unprecedented crisis appears to be a major threat in the short to medium term. Let us go through some important knowledge of this outbreak and the impact on the IT sectors. Let’s meet Shreeram M*, a techie working for a small IT firm in Pune, was forced to resign along with six others, in March. A fortnight later, in another ITeS-BPO firm — Fareportal — more than 300 employees were laid off. This may just be the beginning as HR experts and industry players see around 1.5 lakh employees in India’s IT industry losing their jobs over the next three-to-six months. As per the news, we can see Spain has shed jobs at a record pace since it went into lockdown to fight the coronavirus, social security data showed on Thursday, laying bare the scale of the epidemic’s impact in the euro zone’s fourth-largest economy.  As per the news, Some 900,000 workers have lost their job since mid-March, with those on short-term contracts in tourism or construction among the hardest hit. At least another 620,000 have seen their contracts suspended with temporary layoffs and tens of thousands are on sick leave.   Jobless numbers for March, also published on Thursday, showed Spain registered its highest monthly increase ever, with a 9.3% jump from the previous month bringing the total number of unemployed people to around 3.5 million.

Immediate actions

As the lockdown proceeds, you will increasingly feel disconnected and irrelevant, blunting your professional edge and reducing your employability. Thus, your most urgent requirement is to stay busy and connected with work. Establish and follow a proactive routine to manage time optimally and get the results you seek. Work diligently and don’t miss the daily team call routine. Volunteer for additional tasks and deliver within deadlines. Next, check out online training programs offered or assigned by your firm and set aside an hour daily to complete them. You will learn new stuff and keep your brain engaged and sharp. Now, formulate and lead online training sessions on different Skill sets for your junior team members. Finally, create and execute weekly projects from team goals that were put on the backburner earlier.


How to enhance your skills?

Learn Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing refers to the computing services including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and others over the Internet (“the cloud”). What does it do? It offers faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. Cloud Computing has the flexibility of offering a “pay per use” feature that enables business houses to pay only for services you use, helping lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently and scale as your business needs change.

Learn Python Programming Language:

According to the latest TIOBE Programming Community Index, Python is one of the top 10 popular programming languages of 2020. Python is a general-purpose and high-level programming language. You can use Python for developing desktop GUI applications, websites, and web applications. Also, Python, as a high-level programming language, allows you to focus on the core functionality of the application by taking care of common programming tasks. The simple syntax rules of the programming language further make it easier for you to keep the code base readable and application maintainable.


Learn Networking:

Experts agree that the most connected people are often the most successful. When you invest in your relationships — professional and personal — it can pay you back in dividends throughout the course of your career. Networking will help you develop and improve your skill set, stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, partners, and clients, and gain access to the necessary resources that will foster your career development.

Learn Cyber Security :


Cybersecurity is important because it encompasses everything that pertains to protecting our personal information, intellectual property, data, and governmental and industry information systems from theft and damage attempted by criminals and adversaries.


Because of the massive increase in hacks and hacking attempts, cybersecurity has become an unavoidable topic of discussion in the past several years. Events that occur in the cybersecurity industry can and often do have global consequences and the possibility of catastrophic results.


Learn Machine Learning:

The machine learning field is continuously evolving. And along with evolution comes a rise in demand and importance. There is one crucial reason why data scientists need machine learning, and that is: ‘High-value predictions that can guide better decisions and smart actions in real-time without human intervention.’

Machine learning as technology helps analyze large chunks of data, easing the tasks of data scientists in an automated process and is gaining a lot of prominence and recognition. Machine learning has changed the way data extraction and interpretation works by involving automatic sets of generic methods that have replaced traditional statistical techniques.



There are some of the most highly demanding skills in the IT industry. Getting new skills will help to get more opportunities in your career. It will also help to survive in a crisis situation, where people lose their jobs and unemployment in the IT sectors. Now coming to an end suggesting to utilize this lockdown period and enhance your skill by these online live classes.


Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Networking, Cloud Computing, and Python programming are the most demanding skills, employers are looking for. Because in today’s world Cyber Security is a big concern. Machine learning also helps companies to enhance their product and services. Python is the most popular language because of its easy implementation with any technology. In this connected world network engineers play a very important role. Companies hire Network engineers to main their network infrastructure. Many companies now shifted their Web apps and services to the cloud because of its high features.

So learning any of this skill will help to enhance your current skills and also help you get more opportunities in your career.


Scope of Machine Learning Professional

Scope Of Machine Learning Professional

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Scope Of Machine Learning Professional

Machine learning is one of the most demanding skills today. People who have basic skills and knowledge are getting more opportunities. According to a report by Indeed, machine learning engineer is the best job in 2019 due to growing demand and high salaries. The average salary of $146,085 with a growth rate of 344 percent in the last year. Due to the increase in machine learning application and demand, it has become the best career option in recent times.


Machine learning


If you are a student who is currently looking for the best career option or a graduate who wants to apply for a higher study can choose machine learning as a career path.People with 3-4 years of experience can expect a high salary with the growth of careers.


There are so many posts you can choose to join machine learning.You can apply for a machine learning engineer, algorithm developer or post like a business analyst.This is actually based on your qualification and experience.Choosing a machine learning course is the best option for a career growth.


These are some of the scope of machine learning professionals.


Machine Learning Engineer :

Machine Learning Engineer creates algorithms to understand and analyze meaningful patterns from humongous amounts of data. The Machine Learning Engineer is a skilled programmer and has very good problem-solving skills. They are capable of building highly distributed systems and works in a team to focus on personalization. This is one of most demanding post in machine learning.


Machine Learning Engineer


Data Scientist :

The data scientist is responsible for collecting,analyzing,and interpreting large amounts of unstructured data. They use machine learning algorithms and predictive analysis to derive insights and help to develop future strategies. The Data Scientist is experts in R, SAS, Python, SQL, Matlab, Hive, Pig, and Spark. They manage and structure a large amount of data from different sources.


Data Analyst :

The Data Analyst analyzes data and finds the trends. They basically work with huge data. They use Hadoop based analytical tools and business concepts. They are highly skilled in mathematics,statistics,machine learning and programming. The core responsibility of a Data Analyst is designing and deploying algorithm to analyze data. The Data Analyst is one of the most demanding job roles that companies offer now.


Data Architect :

The Data Architect is responsible for taking care of companies Big Data ecosystem. They develop and construct the data management system by using Machine learning algorithms. They are very skilled in Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, NoSQL, SQL, Data streaming, and programming. In addition, they are proficient in R programming, Python, C++, and other programming languages


The Future Scope Of Machine Learning Profession:

The future of Machine Learning looks Bright because the industry demand is very huge. Currently, there are not enough Machine Learning professionals as compared to demand. This is a data-driven world. Where data helps to grow a company.

So, Companies now collect as much data as possible. But just collecting data doesn’t make any sense. They need to be arranged in a systematic way and companies need professionals to mine the important data to improve their services.

Search engines to E-commerce websites, everyone uses machine learning to provide the best search results and recommendations. Machine learning has lots of applications in different industries. That’s why Machine learning professionals are in huge demand. People who are skilled and have good knowledge of machine learning can get more opportunities in their careers.


How WAPT service helps you to secure Your web application

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How WAPT service helps you to secure Your web application:

Web Applications are now the most vulnerable things now a days. Many companies now shifted to web applications to provide user-friendly and easy access service. With the advancement of the web application, it has become one of the most favorite things to attack by hackers.

It is very critical to maintaining the security of web applications. Any holes in the web application security can cause loss of their service and reputation. Because many companies store financial data like credit card and debit card details, sensitive user data and information on the web apps.

Sometimes it is not possible to check the security holes in web apps without a Cyber Security professional. Many small companies face this problem because they don’t have large It security infrastructure or professionals to maintain the security of their web applications.





What is WAPT?


WAP or Web Application Penetration Testing helps to identify vulnerabilities in your web application. It is a systematic process performed by a web application tester, who have good knowledge and skill to find and fix any vulnerability. The Web Application tester performs a real word world hacking simulation and launch attacks to check the vulnerabilities and strength of your web application.


wapt -icss


Why Do You Need WAPT?


Any security holes can be the target of hackers. They can steal your companies data and it will cause damages to the financial and as well as the reputation of your company.If your are using a web application, you should check the vulnerability of your application. It will help you to fix any vulnerability and secure your company from any potential attack in the future.

How WAPT works?


The Website Application Penetration Testing helps to identify and fix any vulnerabilities in your application.It is very important to check the security of your web application to secure from any cyber-attacks.


Some of the most common web vulnerabilities are


    •     SQL Injection


  •     Broken Authentication
  •     Sensitive Data Exposure
  •     XML External Entities (XXE)
  •     Security Misconfiguration
  •     Cross-Site Scripting


Web Application Tester performs automatic testing and manual testing to check the vulnerability in the system. Manual testing helps Cyber Security professionals to find security errors that are mostly missed in automatic testing.


Steps Of WAPT :


Planning and Reconnaissance:

In this step, the tester defines the scope and goal of the test. It included systems to be addressed and the testing method to be used. After that, they collect information like network and domain names, mail servers to understand how the target works and its potential vulnerabilities.


Scanning :

In this step, the tester reviews the codes and tests different attacks to check the vulnerabilities. This step helps to find the vulnerabilities. This step takes some time and depends on the web application.

Gaining Access:

In this stage, the attacker tries different web attacks like SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, creating backdoors, etc. The Cyber Security professional launches real-world attack simulation to gain access. They check how the application vulnerabilities can cause damage to the web application.


Maintaining Access :

The importance of this step is to check if hackers can maintain access to the system. This step allows testers to imitate advanced persistent threats, which can allow hackers to maintain access for months to steal an organization’s most sensitive data.

Report Generation :


Cyber Security Professional creates a report after the above steps. The eprots basically contain specific vulnerabilities that were exploited, sensitive data that were accessed, the amount of time the pen tester was able to remain in the system undetected.



Web Application Penetration Testing is a very important thing to maintain the security of your web application. It helps to understand the vulnerability of your system and fix the security issues of the Web Application. If you have a Web Application then it is very important to check the security and fix the vulnerabilities to protect from any potential cyber attack.


Scope Of Cyber Security Professionals In 2020

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Scope Of Cyber Security Professionals In 2020


Cyber Security professionals are one of the most demanding in the industry. The increase of cyber threats and lack of professionals is the main concern for companies. The cybersecurity market still has skill gapes that will take more years to fill up. People who have good cyber security skills can get lots of opportunities. So learning Cyber Security skill is very important to get in the Cyber Security.

IT infrastructure security is very important. Companies store the user data, transfer important data using networks. But few companies have people and skills to manage security. That’s why the demand for Cyber Security professionals increases day by day.

If You want to learn Cyber Security, you can go for an Ethical Hacking course to start a career in Cyber Security. After that, You can specialize in Network Penetration Testing, Web Penetration Testing, Android Penetration or application for more advanced Cyber Security courses.

Companies hire beginners to advance ethical hackers to analyze their It infrastructure and detect vulnerability to ensure before any Cyber Attacks.

After completing the course and learning cyber security you can apply for the following posts.


cyber security -icss


Cyber Security Analyst : 

Cyber Security Analysts mainly focus on analyzing securities in IT infrastructure. They detect and identify security issues in Networks, Websites, and Applications. They find solutions to fix the problems to protect the systems from any cyber-attacks. Their main role is to detect vulnerabilities and report the senior security analyst.

After completion of Cyber Security Course you can apply for this post. The course contains the fundamentals of cyber security concepts and techniques. A Cyber security analyst has good knowledge of network and web application security. People who are currently an IT professional can apply the Ethical Hacking course or Global certification in cyber security to get more opportunities in their domain.

Students who are interested in Cyber security can also apply for the Ethical Hacking course to start their career in cyber security. Because it is one of the most demanding skills that companies are currently looking for. You can also specialize in network testing and web application testing to get more opportunities.




Network Security Engineer :

Network Security engineers are responsible for maintaining the security of companies’ networks. People who have good knowledge of computer networks and its security can apply for this job. If you are a student and want to start your career in Network Security Engineering can apply for the Basics of CCNA and Ethical Hacking course. After that, you can be specialized in Network Security.

The security of the network is critical to maintaining. So companies prefer skilled network security professionals to maintain the security of their network. It is also the most promising career option in cyber security.

Web Application Security Tester :

Web Application security tester responsible for testing and maintaining the security of the web application. Companies that use web applications are vulnerable. So they need to main security. So they looking for people who know secure web development and web application security. Many companies now use web applications to make their service user-friendly and accessible from any device. So they need to main security to protect their web application from any cyber-attacks. It is also one of the most demanding career options in cybersecurity.

Security Architect :

Security Architect is the designer who analyzes the security and designs according to the company’s needs. The security architect basically analyzes the security architecture of the organization. He works with the development team and suggests the design to implement in the system. They design the particle system and are responsible for maintaining the security policy of any company

Cyber Security Manager :

Cyber Security Managers manage all security analysts and testers. They are responsible for maintaining the security of the company. Ensure to maintain all the development and security of the application. They check all the latest cyber threats to protect the IT Infrastructure from any type of cyber attacks.

They maintain the cyber security policy and make sure to fix vulnerabilities to protect the system.It is a senior post. Cyber Security professional who has 4-5 years of experience can apply for this post.

python language

Application Of Python Programming Language

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Application Of Python Programming Language


Python is one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages. It is the most versatile programming language that is used in many domains. Python is now the most used programming language.

From Web Development to Game Development, Desktop GUI to CAD Application, Machine learning and Data science python used in many domains. It is easy to implement and it can be integrated with other technology.

Python offers different libraries for different domains. That helps to develop different applications for different domains. Python is very simple, readable and easy to apply on complex software development.

Python is a cross-platform language. It is used to build different applications. Below are some of the examples where python is highly used to develop different applications.

Application Of Python :


Web Application Development

Desktop GUI

Game Development

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Data Science and Data Visualization

Audio and Video Applications

Business Applications

Network Programming

Web Scraping Applications

Embedded Applications


Web Application Development:


Python is highly used in web application development. Python has lots of features and it is easy to implement. It helps to develop web applications. Some web application needs different functionality and features. Python offers libraries for internet protocols like HTML and XML, JSON, email processing, FTP, IMAP, and easy-to-use socket interface. The package index also offers more libraries.


Python is also used in web frameworks. Some of the most frameworks are Django, Pyramid, Flask, and bottle. The security, scalability, and convenience these frameworks provide help developers to develop web applications from scratch.


Desktop GUI:

Python is also used to develop Desktop Application. Python is a cross-platform language. So it can be used to build applications on different platforms. Python provides a Tkinter library which helps to develop Desktop GUI. It is also used to develop basic applications like Calculator and To-Do list applications.


Game Development:

Python is highly used in game development.PySoy is a library that is used for 3D game development.PyGame is a very popular python library that is used in game development. Battlefield, Toontown, Eve Online, Mount and Blade are some of the most popular games that developed using python language.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence :

In the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, python is highly used. In machine learning, we make computers to learn from past experience. Where computers analyze different patterns to make solutions to any given problem. It is used to develop machine learning algorithms. Some of the python libraries are Pandas, Scikit Learn and Numpy.


Python is highly used to develop Artificial Intelligence projects. It is easy to implement and helps to build algorithms that are used in AI applications.


Data Science and Data Visualization :

In the Data Science field scientists and researchers deal with data. Here python is used to develop algorithms to analyze data.

Data is the new currency. Companies now use Data Science to extract importance from data. Python libraries like Pandas, Numpy used in data science.


Python also uses to build Data Visualization to build insights into the data. Matplotlib,

Seaborn, which are helpful in plotting graphs and much more.


Audio and Video Applications:

Python used to develop media applications such as audio players and video players. It also used to develop multitasking applications that output media.TimPlayer, Cplay has been developed using Python libraries. Python application offers more stability than other applications.


Business Applications:


Python is used to develop ERP and e-commerce systems. The developer uses different python web frameworks to build E-commerce websites. They can easily add new features and functionalities. This is the reason why python highly uses in Web App development.


Network Programming :


Python is very useful in networking. It provides low-level networking programming. Python can be used to access the basic socket support in the underlying operating system, which allows you to implement clients and servers for both connection-oriented and connectionless protocols. It also has libraries that provide higher-level access to specific application-level network protocols, such as FTP, HTTP, and so on.


Web Scraping Applications:

Web scraping is the technique to extract data from different websites. The Web Scraping application can extract data from thousands to hundreds and even from billions of websites. Python is used to develop web scraping applications. This application helps in many real-world processes like research and development projects.


Embedded Applications:


Python hasṣ functionality like the C program. So it is used in the embedded application development. The embedded application used in small devices. Python is very useful to build and integrate different functions in the embedded application.

machine learning

Use of Machine Learning in Industry

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Use of Machine Learning in Industry

Machine learning is a process to execute any process without any explicit programming. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning techniques are used to automatically find the valuable underlying patterns within complex data and make decisions.

Machine learning is a powerful tool that helps businesses analyze bigger, more complex data to uncover hidden patterns, reveal market trends, and identify customer preferences. Many companies have started implementing machine learning. They use machine learning to improve their user experience and services.

There are three most common Machine learning algorithms that companies use.

Supervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning

Reinforcement Learning

machine learning

Industry That Uses Machine Learning:


Machine Learning Application In Healthcare:

Machine learning is now highly used in Healthcare. Many people use wearables to track their daily health. They check the activity to analyze any health problem. Healthcare industries also use this wearables device to collect patient’s data and analyze them. They use this machine learning data to build insights. It helps to identify any vital signs and solve the patient problem.

machine learning in healthcare


Machine Learning Application In Finance Industry:

Machine learning applications in the finance industry growing day by day. Many financial companies use machine learning to identify insights data and prevent any type of financial fraud. This data helps to predict investment opportunities and time of trading. It also helps to improve other financial works.


Machine Learning Application In E-commerce Industry:

Machine learning Applications in E-commerce used heavily. Many eCommerce companies like Amazon, Alibaba builds their own machine learning tools to improve user experience.E-commerce companies use user data and process that data using machine learning. The algorithm recognizes the patterns and converts the data into useful insights. This data helps to recommend products to customers. It also helps to analyze customer buying behavior and interest. Machine learning tools also help to identify potential customers.


machine learning in e commerce

Machine Learning Application In Retail Industry:

Tools built by machine learning helps retail industries to analyze customer data. They can identify customer buying behaviors and interests. Machine learning algorithms can differentiate user data and helps to segment them according to their interest. It helps to target customers and personalized product recommendations.


Machine Learning Application In Automobile Industry:


Machine learning is now used in the automobile industry. Many Automobile companies, even the tech companies now use machine learning in automobiles. Driverless cars made possible because of machine learning. Soon driverless cars will be commercialized. The technology used in cars are built using machine learning. Driverless cars use location data, sensors data, cameras, and other technologies. The collected data analyzed by machine learning algorithms. This actually helps to improve the prediction and improve the user experience.


These are some of the industries, where machine learning is highly used. Machine learning is a new concept and researchers find new ways to implement it. Many companies still do not use machine learning. So in the future, many companies will adopt this and improve their service.

Although machine learning is automated, powerful and helps to analyze data it still needs human operators. Machine learning professionals are in huge demand. Learning machine learning will help You get lots of opportunities in these domains.

security testing

Why security testing is the need of the hour?

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Why security testing is the need of the hour?


Nowadays companies have to test all aspects of their software thoroughly to make it popular and profitable in the long run. The testers need to assess both functional and non-functional requirements to ensure that the software application is flawless. Security testing helps testers to check if the software is vulnerable to attacks, effective in protecting sensitive user information and behaving normally in the presence of the virus. Most cybercriminals nowadays use a variety of tools to execute malicious attacks. So the testers need to use advanced tools to assess the security of a software application effectively. Most cybercriminals nowadays use a variety of tools to execute malicious attacks. So the testers need to use advanced tools to assess the security of a software application effectively.

Yahoo! recently confirmed that a massive data breach occurred to their system in late 2014 and due to that, at least 500 million users account information may have been hacked. The statement by Yahoo spokes-person states that the account information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers.


security testing


What is Security Testing?


Security testing refers to the testing initiatives that are aimed at ensuring proper and flawless functioning of an application in a production environment. Security Testing is a type of Software Testing that uncovers vulnerabilities, threats, risks in a software application and prevents malicious attacks from intruders. The purpose of Security Tests is to identify all possible loopholes and weaknesses of the software which might result in a loss of information, revenue of the Organization.


security testing


Why is it important?


Security testing is not just finding vulnerabilities. This is a systematic procedure. The whole process is done by a Cyber Security expert. The expert first finds the vulnerability in the system then they report the problem to admin. Then they try to exploit the vulnerability. They try to launch a real-life attack and intentionally compromise the system to check its strength and weakness.

Insecurity checking experts measure different types of flows and launch attacks to exploit the IT infrastructure. They identify vulnerability in Network devices, Websites, and Android devices. This is the most critical thing that actually the main target of hackers.


digital security testing


How does it help?


The security testing not just helps to identify vulnerabilities in the It infrastructure. It also helps you to secure your system from any type of cyber attack. Companies didn’t aware of the security flaws in their system. Sometimes it’s not possible to build a security infrastructure because of high costing and experience. So hiring a security analyst company is the best choice. They can identify vulnerability and measure security strength and weakness. This helps you to fix the security in your IT infrastructure. So you can protect your company from any type of cyber attack.

The security testing is not only preventing the financial loss but also protecting the user data to slip onto the wrong hands of the hackers. Security testing ensures that your Network, Android App, Web Apps are well protected from any type of data theft, unauthorized access, and other security vulnerabilities.







Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Marketing Can Help You Meet Your Marketing Goals

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How Social Media Marketing Can Help You Meet Your Marketing Goals:

Social Media Marketing is a powerful technique for businesses of all sizes to reach potential customers or audiences online.There are so many social networks that help business to create their brand online.

You can directly promote your product to the audience through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Social Media Marketing



So, what is SMO or Social Media Marketing?


It is an online marketing technique that involves creating and sharing content in social media to attract and achieve marketing goals. In SMO we can share Text Contents, Graphical Post, Video Post or blog post that drive social media audience.

When marketers build their strategy and plan for marketing they set their goals first. May be it’s the Increasing website traffic, building conversion, Raising Brand Awareness or Improving Communication and Interaction with key audience.


Increasing Web Traffic:

Social Media Marketing helps to drive traffic to Your website.You can build engaging content and share your website links to drive traffic.You can also use paid service to promote your Website or page content to drive traffic to your Website.


Increase Web Traffic


Building Conversion:

Social media is also best for selling products online.You can post your engaging content on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to sell your product.You can use analytical tools to check the conversion or any type of user behavior.


Raising Brand:

You can raise Brand Awareness using Social Media Marketing.You can post Referral programs, Graphical Post, Infographics, Social Media Contest to raise Your brand awareness.


Improving Communication and Interaction:

Social Media is the best place to communicate with your clients.People interact with Brands in Social Media.They can send you messages, commenting on your post.This helps you improve your service or products.

You should check all the messages and comments. Then reply to them accordingly to create good Brand Identity.


Improving Communication and Interaction


These are some of the marketing plans that you easily achieve by using Social Media Marketing. You can use any social media platform accordingly your needs.

Why Digital Marketing Is Booming:

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Why Digital Marketing is Booming ?

Why Digital Marketing Is Booming:

People who use smartphones or computers are digitally connected now. Almost every smartphone user has an internet connection. People use social media to share their thoughts and moments. They use search engines to find answers. People use the internet to read blogs, watch videos, shopping and many more.Because many people connected to the internet, Businesses are now moving from traditional marketing to Digital Marketing.


So what is Digital Marketing?

In short words, Digital Marketing is the way to market any product, service or brand through digital channels. People use social media, website and other online platforms to market their products and services.

How does Digital Marketing works?


How does Digital Marketing work?

Digital Marketing is quite different than traditional marketing. A marketer uses different techniques to market their products online.

SEO is one of the most important things to drive traffic to your website and create a powerful web presence. SEO means Search Engine Optimization that drives organic traffic to your website. SEO experts optimize the website according to search engine guidelines.

SMO is totally focused on social media. SMO means social media optimization that helps to drive traffic or building a brand online.

PPC is one of the techniques to get traffic to your website. You can choose any PPC service to get traffic. But it is a paid service and you need to bid to get a desired position in the search engine.

This are some of the techniques that will help you to promote your service and products.

Why Digital Marketing is Booming ?

In Digital Marketing you don’t need a high budget for marketing. The best thing is you can market your brand to the right people. You can segment the audience to promote a particular product. Paid services like Facebook Ads and Google Ads can help you to reach write to people with a small budget. That’s why many companies started investing in Digital Marketing. This is some of the reason why Digital Marketing is booming.

technical skills

Top 10 Technical Skills to Get Job In 2020

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Top 10 Technical Skills to Get Job In 2020 :


Landing the Dream Job is not easy but if You have the most demanding skills it will be helpful. Many companies now looking for people who have knowledge of modern technology and skills. In the last 10 years many new technologies introduced in the technology world. To develop new technology and solve modern-day problems, companies need professionals who have these technical skills.

technical skills


Python is the 2nd most loved programming language in the world. Today python used almost everywhere. From 8.1% in 2014 to 18.0 % in 2019, Python demand increased by almost 123% in just 5 years.

These is some of the places where Python used.

Web Development:

Python can be used to build small to complex Web Applications.You just need Web Frameworks like Django and Flask to build your project.

Software Development:

Python also used for software development. It is useful to build software that has control and testing functions.

Scientific and Numeric Research:

Python used in weather data analysis, processing land surface temperature satellite images, predicting soccer games, and probably everything else that has to do with data and numbers.

Maintaining Data:

Python is one of the most used programming languages used to maintain data. It has lost of features and functionality that are helpful in Data Science.

Python also used in Automation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and many other technologies.Python is easy to learn and has lots of features. It is used in many Applications.Skilled Python developers are in high demand.





Java is an open-source programming language developed by Sun Microsystem in the Year 1995. It is the leading programming language. Developers Used Java to build mobile and web applications, games and other data-driven software.

People who are passionate about development can choose a Java Development career. It is the leading programming language. People have knowledge of Java are in high demand.


Amazon Web Services(AWS):

Amazon Web Services is one of the most powerful tools that power the internet. It is a cloud solution that has millions of active customers. It has customers in 190 countries.AWS was officially launched in the year 2006. About 1/3rd of people who visit websites on the internet daily access websites which are powered by AWS.

You can build powerful applications on AWS. Skilled AWS Professionals are in demand. If you want to become a Cloud Developer then AWS is one of the best things.

aws (amazon web security)

Data Science:

Today’s world is a data-driven world. Many companies use user data to improve their service and experience. But managing huge amounts of data is not easy. We need skills and techniques to manage the data. That’s why Data Science is one of the most demanding skills. You can learn data science to get hired by Big companies.

A Data Scientist Everyday work is to

  • Identifying the data-analytics problems that offer the greatest opportunities to the organization
  • Devising and applying models and algorithms to mine the stores of big data

  • Analyzing the data to identify patterns and trends

  • Determining the correct data sets and variables

  • Collecting large sets of structured and unstructured data from disparate sources

  • Interpreting the data to discover solutions and opportunities

  • Communicating findings to stakeholders using visualization and other means


Learning Data Science will give you lots of opportunities and help to get Job easily.



Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that will change the online transaction system. It was first introduced in a Crypto Currency known as Bitcoin. It has created numerous job opportunities for developers and tech enthusiasts.

Many companies started to adopt new BlockChain technology. So there is a demand for a BlockChain developer. Learning Blockchain will give You a loss of opportunity. You can work as a Core Blockchain Developer or Blockchain Software developer.



Today we access, share and send the data is possible for networking. The networking helps to connect two or more systems to communicate, send or receive data. The concept of Networking is really huge. To maintain the networks companies need skilled Network Engineers.To build a career in Networking you can learn CCNA and CCNP.




Internet Of Things:


Internet Of Things or IoT is in trend. Many devices now connected to the internet and the number keeps increasing. Professional IoT developers can get a job in the Big Companies.


Ethical Hacking:

The advancement of technology also gets threats from cybercriminals. To protect the data, network,IoT devices and many other things need Professionals, who can protect them from cyber Threats. You can learn Ethical hacking or Go for a CEH certification to become a professional cybersecurity expert.


Ethical Hacking

Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure is one of the best Cloud solutions.It offers major services related to computing, storage, network, and security. You can learn Azure And become an Azure developer.


Machine Learning:

Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that gives the system to learn automatically and improve the experience. Machine learning used by many companies. They use this technology to improve user experience. You can learn machine learning. It is one of the most demanding skills that can give you lots of opportunities.


Machine Learning



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