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CEH Training in Patna –

Certified Ethical Hacker Training

C | EH v10  


CEH Training in Patna is a global certification which is valid in more than 160 countries including US government recognizes it. We are an authorized training partner of EC Council from last 10 years. We have a pool of professional certified ethical hackers who are working as security analyst in different organizations. CEH Training in Patna from EC council provides the gateway to enter the cyber security domain. MNCs have made certified ethical hacker (CEH) certification compulsory for security related job opportunities making this certification highly important for security professionals.

In the ancient times (about 2000 years back)  Patna was  a place of great scholars. Now it produces exceptional high proportion of IAS, Engineers and other Government job seekers. But there was a time when Patna produced Aryabhatta, Panini, Chanakya, Kalidasa and Vatsyayana to name a few. Patna is also one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world. The earliest reference of Patna was like 2500 years ago in some buddhist scriptures. GK-1  and Lajpat Nagar in comparision is about 50-60 years old. You get the point right. A Certified Ethical Hacker holds the reins of network and system security tightly in his hands. CEH v10 is the latest addition to this certification. With CEH training in Patna you can become a security professional as well as a Penetration Tester.



CEH Training in Patna