Bypass Google’s ReCaptcha v2 anywhere

Bypass Google’s ReCaptcha v2 anywhere

Bypass Google’s ReCaptcha v2 anywhere

We can easily Bypass Google’s ReCaptcha v2 anywhere on the web . Yes, you heard it right. ReBreakCaptcha is a new bypassing technique for Google ReCaptcha v2.

Bypass Google’s ReCaptcha v2 anywhere

The three steps of ReBreakCaptcha :-

  • Audio Challenge
  • Recognition – Converting the audio and sending it to Google’s Speech Recognition API.
  • Verification – verify the speech and bypass the ReCaptcha.

Bypass Google’s ReCaptcha v2 anywhere

Audio Challenge

There are three types of ReCaptcha v2 challenges:-

  • Image Challenge: It contains some description with images of 6 Sub images. The images are said to match with the description defining the images.
  • Audio Images: It contains an audio. The User is requested to put the digits after listening the audio.
  • Text Image : Contains a category and 5 candidate phrases .The user is said to select those phrases which matches the category.

There is also “I am not a robot” checkbox that verifies user and do rest of their jobs.

Sometime we get to see that instead of audio challenge we get some text challenge which we can bypass simple by clicking the “Reload Challenge” button until we get the correct type.


  • A play button
  • A text button
  • A download button

What we will do now?

Download the audio , send it to Google Speech Recognition API. Before that we will convert the audio to ‘wav’ format and send it to Google Speech Recognition by using their API. We will use their Python library Implementation of Google Speech Recognition API. Google will send it as a string.


You just need to copy paste that string into the text box and then verify on the ReCaptch Widget.

We are using half of the Google services to bypass another services.


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