Broken Access Control | What is Access control and how does it become broken?

Authorization (access control) is a method that allows us to designate which data, functions, systems, and resources are accessible to which people and groups. This is accomplished by creating policies that determine access privileges. Access control in web applications is dependent on authentication and session management.

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When there is a defect in the provided access control model, a user is able to bypass the control system and access outside of their authorised permissions. This vulnerability can be further exploited by getting administrative access and attempting to edit or delete material, conduct unauthorised operations, or even take over a site.

Buffer or stack overflow, Access Aggregation attacks, Password assaults, Spoofing attacks, Social Engineering attacks, Smart Card attacks, and Denial of Service attacks are all common sorts of attacks in this environment.

How does broken access control attacks occur?

  • Changing the URL, state of an internal application, or HTML page, or just employing a customised API attack tool.
  • Manipulation of metadata, such as reusing or changing a JSON Web Token (JWT), a cookie, or a hidden field altered to elevate privileges, or leveraging JWT invalidation.
  • Both horizontal and vertical privileges are elevated.
  • When employees or employee roles change, accessing and exploiting old directories, cached sites, weak passwords, or passwords that have not been reset.
  • Because permitted access rules are evaded, backdoors can cause system functionality to be lost.
  • Misconfiguration of CORS allows unauthorised API access.
  • Proper account lockout measures were not established, allowing attackers to conduct brute force attacks, birthday attacks, and so on.

How to prevent attacks due to Broken Access Control:

Access control should be implemented on trustworthy server-side or server-less APIs, where the attacker cannot change the access control check or metadata.

  • Implement access control mechanisms that are appropriate for your business needs and reuse them throughout the application, while minimising CORS usage.
  • Use Role-based authentication systems, as well as access control lists.
  • Access to functionality is denied by default, with the exception of public resources.
  • Disable web server directory listing and ensure that no file information or backup files exist in webroot.
  • After logging out, JWT tokens should be invalidated on the server.
  • To reduce automated assaults, rate limit API and controller access.
  • Developing multi-tiered login procedures and workflow accessibility.
  • Monitoring activities for unlawful personal-use web sites, phone usage, and software installation, as well as logging access control failures and alerting administrators when necessary (like repeated failures)

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