Brave Browser Adds Support for Private Browsing With Tor Integration

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Brave Browser Adds Support for Private Browsing With Tor Integration

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Brave Browser

Brave is a free and open-source pay-to-surf web browser based on the Chromium web browser and its Blink engine (with the exception of its iOS version, a Firefox for iOS fork using the WebKit engine), announced by the co-founder of the Mozilla project and creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich.




Brave Browser Adds Support for Private Browsing With Tor Integration

Brave, a lesser known but perfectly fine browser, launched a new version today that features a private browsing mode that automatically starts inside a Tor session.

The Brave browser is infamous for its privacy-first features, and the new “Private Tabs with Tor” feature, as it’s labeled in the interface (screenshot above), fits right in with the rest of the package.




Tor integration improves Brave’s privacy-focused features

The Brave team says the new “Private Tabs with Tor” feature will be helpful for users who are looking for additional protection that goes beyond the local PC.

Private browsing sessions were invented to wipe data from the browser after a browsing session is closed. But this type of browsing is not opaque to ISPs and the websites a user accesses, which can log traffic originating from the user.

Brave’s Tor-integrated private browsing sessions anonymize the user’s IP address by passing the browser traffic through the Tor network.

ISPs and websites can’t pinpoint the origin of the traffic on the user, similarly to how they can’t pinpoint the origin of any Tor traffic.

As a thank you for integrating the Tor technology inside Brave, the Brave team also announced it would be contributing back to the Tor Project by running a couple of Tor relay servers and help keep the Tor network up and running.




Brave not yet stable, but a solid product nevertheless

Brave hasn’t reached a stable 1.0 version yet and is still under development, but the browser is highly regarded in privacy circles.

The reasons are that Brave’s default configuration blocks ads, tracking scripts, and cryptocurrency mining scripts.

Furthermore, Brave’s normal private browsing session, even before of today’s addition of Tor support, was pretty privacy-focused as well.

Brave private browsing tabs do not save users’ browsing history or cookies, and they also use DuckDuckGo, a privacy-first and no-user-tracking search engine, as the browser’s default search provider.






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