Brainjacking – The Blessing became Curse

Brainjacking – The Blessing became Curse


We are living in a such kind of world where everything is connected to internet. We woke up in the morning on alarm of a mobile phone, we control our AC remotely & many more things. Thanks to Internet of Things (IOT). Wirelessly controlled computing devices make almost every aspect of our lives easier, but they also make us vulnerable to cyber-security attacks. Today, nearly everything can be hacked. But perhaps the most concerning threat is the one posed by implanted medical devices. In medical science we are also using computer operated thing to revive someone. But every good things come with some bad things. Some people with bad mentality can hack us. They can change our life style completely.

Today we are going to discuss about Brainjacking. We will discuss how this thing which made for save our life, can take our life easily.







The human mind is already pretty open to manipulation. Hacking the brain of someone with an implanted medical device is not a far-fetched illusion.’Brainjacking’ refers to the exercise of unauthorized control of another’s electronic brain implant. Neural implant technology could potentially open up a direct digital link to our innermost thoughts that could be exploited by hackers. Whilst the possibility of hacking a Brain–Computer Interface (BCI) has already been proven in both experimental and real-life settings, there is reason to believe that it will soon be possible to interfere with the software settings of the Implanted Pulse Generators that play a central role in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) systems. Private medical information could also be compromised due to the lack of encryption and authentication of these implantable devices. Future neurotransmitters are expected to leverage information extracted from brain waves like P-300, for the purpose of customizing therapy. So, if a hacker is able to capture and evaluate the signal,  it would be possible for the victim’s private thoughts to be exposed. By utilizing remote exploitation, hackers can make voltage changes that, could result in sensory denial, disability, and death. Medical devices in general, including insulin pumps and defibrillators, can be hacked. Once these devices are connected to the internet things can take a sinister turn, and it’s known as “brainjacking.” There exists any number of reasons why a brainjacking attack might be carried out: blackmail, revenge, warfare, political motivations, etc. It could also be used as a bullying tactic. Once an attacker has successfully breached security on a device, they have several options for brain-jacking their victim. Stimulation parameters including voltage/current, frequency, pulse width, and electrode contact can be altered in order to change the effect of stimulation. These potential attacks are unlikely to be directly lethal, but may cause serious harm and distress.



DBS system



Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep brain stimulation is a neurosurgical procedure involving the implantation of a medical device called a neurostimulator. which sends electrical impulses, through implanted electrodes, to specific targets in the brain for the treatment of movement disorders. While DBS has proven to be effective for some people, the potential for serious complications and side effects exists.

DBS directly changes brain activity in a controlled manner, but its underlying principles and mechanisms are not clear. The stimulator consists of a battery, a small processor, and a wireless communication antenna that allows doctors to program it. In essence, it functions much like a cardiac pacemaker, with the main distinction being that it directly interfaces with the brain. The intended effects of DBS on both an individual’s physical abilities and mental life can be profound.

A neurosurgeon will implant the Deep brain stimulation system in two steps. First, he or she will place the thin wires that will carry electrical signals to precise areas of your brain. Second, the surgeon will place the small pacemaker-like device, or neurostimulator, under the skin of your chest.

You will have an MRI or CT scan to provide the hacker surgeon with images and maps of your brain. They may attach a frame, or halo, to your head to help hold it steady during the scan. The Hacker will use these images to calculate 3-dimensional coordinates of brain locations for lead placement. They can read the brain of the victim steal his thinking.



brain implant




Neurosecurity is not an immediate concern, there is sufficient time for manufacturers and regulatory agencies to carefully consider methods of risk mitigation. While there is a responsibility for manufacturers to make their devices secure, the expected value of any novel security features should be carefully weighed against other clinically relevant factors, and innovation should not be unduly stifled by the demands of neurosecurity. The possibility of “brainjacking,” the malicious manipulation of brain implants, is a serious consideration say the authors. While at first glance neuroprosthetic systems incorporating BCI technology to restore movement or communication to paralyzed people might not seem like an appealing target, this could depend on the status of the user. A paralyzed politician, for example, might be at increased risk of a malicious attack as brain readout improves.




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