Microsoft Azure Training in Hyderabad

Azure training in Hyderabad – 100% LIVE Hands on Training

Azure training in Hyderabad by Indian Cyber Security Solutions focuses on hands on training from industry professionals. It is difficult for students and working professionals to get industry oriented training from industry experts in Microsoft Azure cloud computing in India. We take pride to bring in the best working professionals in the industry under the same roof to share the actual challenges faced by them while working in cloud infrastructure management. This knowledge helps the students attending the course impart the technical know-how which makes them industry ready.

Hyderabad, The city, which has traditionally been known for its pharmaceutical and infrastructure businesses, has struggled to develop its identity with regards to the startup sector. However, the entrepreneurs and startup mentors from the panel believe that the backdrop of the city as a vaccine hub and an IT destination will bolster health technology and biotechnology startups. While Hyderabad still has a long way to go, entrepreneurs are buzzed about the upcoming summit, which they believe would open several doors for the city and its entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Azure Training in Hyderabad


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Best Azure training institute in Kolkata – 

Classroom training in Kolkata

Best Azure training institute in Kolkata and that is evident from our Google Reviews provided by our students. We take pride in being one of the top training institute on Microsoft Azure Cloud computing in eastern India. When it comes to cloud based infrastructure management it is Microsoft Azure which gets the second largest market share.

At our Kolkata training center we provide class room environment where professionals with 7 to 15 years of work experience share their practical knowledge in the class. We try to bring in the best working professionals to give the students the hands-on Azure training in Kolkata. Classes are held in a small batch with maximum of 5 students per batch. Each batch will undergo a training on Azure Cloud for 3 months.




Course Fee:  INR 12,000/-


Course Duration – 3 Months (60 Hours)




Online Training  – Apart from Azure training in Kolkata we also provide LIVE online classes. Unlike from other azure training institute who provide recorded session, we provide hands on LIVE classes through Go-to-Meeting application. The best part of the online Azure training in Hyderabad is you get all your live classes recorded and uploaded in our YouTube channel where you can have a life time access to it or even can download it for future reference.


Course Fee:  INR 10,000/-




Course Duration – 3 Months (60 Hours)




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Azure Course in Hyderabad – Check out the current JOB Openings


If you are a working professional or college student searching for Azure course in Hyderabad, it is obvious that you are aware about the job opportunities available in the market. Before you enroll for the Azure training in Hyderabad you should check out the current job opportunities available in Hyderabad and in other states of India. You can check the job descriptions of each job postings and match it with the course curriculum which we provide. This can help you to take the right decision parity easily.


Job Opening



Senior Software Engineer – Apply NOW

Microsoft Devops Architect – Apply NOW

IT Operations Manager – Apply NOW

Solution Specialist CLOUD – Apply NOW



Azure Training in Hyderabad – Microsoft Azure Training


Covered With Below Microsoft Exams

Exam 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

Exam 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions


  1. Introduction to Azure
  • Cloud Technology Overview
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Portals
  • Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell
  • Lab: Introduction to Azure


  1. Implementing and Managing Virtual Networks
  • Planning Virtual Networks
  • Administering Virtual Networks
  • Inter-Site Connectivity
  • Lab: Implementing and Managing Virtual Networks


  1. Implement Virtual Machines
  • Planning Virtual Machine Workloads
  • Using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit for Azure
  • Creating Virtual Machines
  • Lab: Implement Virtual Machines


  1. Managing Virtual Machines
  • Configuring Virtual Machines
  • Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machines
  • Lab: Managing Virtual Machines


  1. Implementing Websites
  • Planning for Website Deployment
  • Deploying Websites
  • Configuring Websites
  • Monitoring Websites and Web Jobs
  • Traffic Manager
  • Lab: Implementing Websites


  1. Planning and Implementing Storage
  • Planning Storage
  • Implementing and Managing Storage
  • Backing up and Monitoring Storage
  • Lab: Planning and Implementing Storage


  1. Planning and Implementing Data Services
  • Data Services in Microsoft Azure
  • Implementing Azure SQL Database
  • Managing Azure SQL Database Security
  • Monitoring Azure SQL Database
  • Managing Azure SQL Database Business Continuity
  • Lab: Planning and Implementing Data Services


  1. Implementing Cloud Services and Mobile Services
  • Planning for Cloud Service Deployment
  • Deploying Packages
  • Configuring Cloud Services
  • Implementing Mobile Services
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Lab: Implementing Cloud Services


  1. Implementing Content Delivery Networks and Media Services
  • Implementing Azure Content Delivery Networks
  • Publishing Content with Azure Media Services
  • Lab: Implementing Content Delivery Networks and Cloud Services


  1. Implementing Azure Active Directory
  • Creating and Managing Azure Directories
  • Configuring Application Integration with Azure Active Directory
  • Overview of Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Lab: Implementing Azure Active Directory


  1. Managing Active Directory in a Hybrid Environment
  • Extending On-Premises Active Directory into Azure
  • Directory Synchronization
  • Implementing Federation
  • Lab: Managing an Active Directory Hybrid Environment


  1. Implementing Automation
  • Overview of Automation Components
  • PowerShell Workflows
  • Managing Automation
  • Lab: Implementing Automation


  1. Microsoft Azure Solution (Theoretical)
  • An Example Business Systems Scenario
  • Software as a Service Scenario


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Azure training in Hyderabad



Hyderabad was conferred the title the ‘software training capital of India-and rightly so. Many domestic firms and multinational companies have established their headquarters in this city and have contributed to the steady growth of the tertiary sector in Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad provides an encouraging environment, getting various IT companies to establish their bases, grow and network with one another across the world. One of the fastest growing economies owing to the IT sector, Hyderabad is home to some of the biggest multinational companies. There is a great hope for increasing hire process as Cloud computing specialist in the companies. So students of Hyderabad can placed themselves by the Azure training in Hyderabad from Indian Cyber security Solutions which provides best Microsoft Azure course in India.

Information Technology Minister KT Rama Rao said 30 companies including top national and international firms were in talks with the state government to set up their operations in the area. According to the minister, these units will create 1.25 lakh jobs. He expects the units to come up in next five years.

Most of the IT companies including global giants are currently located in Hitec City and Gachibowli corridors. Some units have also come up in Uppal area.

Hyderabad is an important seat of learning in southern India. Many famous institutes are established in Hyderabad for education like Osmania University HyderabadUniversity of HyderabadJawaharlal Nehru Technological University, HyderabadInternational Institute of Information TechnologyIndian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad etc.




Osmania University Hyderabad





University of Hyderabad





Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad





International Institute of Information Technology





Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad



Students from these and from other colleges, universities can polish their technical skills by Summer training and winter training from Indian Cyber Security Solutions and also can do Azure Training in Hyderabad. This is the best institute for Microsoft Azure Course in Hyderabad and can get chance to work in the field of Cloud computing.

Hyderabad city saturated for IT growth and other industries, the government is seriously considering new sites along the 139 km ORR to promote IT, BT and other sectors.

The new IT hubs would have all infrastructure and facilities for the companies besides campuses having schools, colleges, hospitals, good roads, drinking water, drainage facilities, adequate power supply and policing among others.

We  are looking for a land in Hyderabad to grow our training institute as sooner than later in Hyderabad so the students of Hyderabad can got trained in online courses and placed themselves in a good work position by do Azure Training in Hyderabad but we are providing now online training of Azure Training in Hyderabad.



Azure Certification Training

Azure Certification Training by Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the most demanded training in India as well as in Hyderabad. We provide Classroom training in Kolkata. It is not possible for all to come for classroom training in kolkata, so you can do Azure Certification Training from Hyderabad. Also you can invite us to come in Hyderabad for give you Hands on training in Hyderabad colleges and universities. We go for workshop in various state in India.

Cloud Computing is the latest technology in data storage to take the world by storm. In many companies, it is already being used with great success. It is here that Microsoft is one up against its competitors by launching Azure. To know about the product and to understand cloud storage better, one needs to undergo a Azure Certification Training.

Microsoft Azure is more than mere cloud servicing with Windows. The American giant has created a wide range of cloud computing services that work easily with several Linux distributions, just as well as with other server Operating Systems. By learning Microsoft Azure Certification Training, all the above knowledge can be gained.

The future of the IT industry in Hyderabad promises growth and success stories along with expansion and further technological development. It is said that Hyderabad is also known as the second Silicon Valley of India.  In upcoming future these companies will increase their demand for cloud computing  so this Azure Training in Hyderabad will help you to be ready for the upcoming chances. After completion Azure Certification training you can get job in professionals include penetration tester, network security specialist, ethical hacker, security consultant, site administrator and auditor.

Career opportunities with Microsoft Azure is great in upcoming days ahead. AWS and Google Cloud lead in Cloud computing services, there are no fewer opportunities if you chose to make a career with Microsoft Azure. Now, with the increasing use of Cloud computing by most of the organizations from various fields, the jobs, related to Cloud computing skills, are also increasing. A recent study shows that the jobs requiring cloud skills have been the hottest trend in the current job market. A majority of the job openings in top firms need skills either working on AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. These job profiles with Microsoft Azure include Configuration, Development and Operation’s positions and salaries in the range of 150,000 USD to 250,000 USD annually. You will be able to do the job in cloud computing after doing Azure Certification Training.

Hyderabad has been working towards building one of the strongest foundations for a powerful startup ecosystem and hub in India. In fact, there was a time when it was believed that Hyderabad would give Bengaluru a tough competition. Azure Certification Training in Microsoft Azure will enhance your Cloud computing skills and chances of landing you in the right job.

Most of the candidates looking to start a career with Microsoft Azure start off as a Solutions Architect or an IT Architect. Once they are comfortable in this profile, they are bound to perform well by Azure Training in Hyderabad.


Azure Certification Training




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