Armenian hackers hacks into Banks and Military data of Azerbaijani

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Armenian hackers hacks into Banks and Military data of Azerbaijani

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Armenian hackers leaked personal data of government officials and  also defaced embassy sites to celebrate 25 years of independence

Armenian Hackers from MMCA – Montel  Melkonian Cyber Army claim to have hacked into Azerbaijani banks, military and police servers. They have leaked several confidential data and made it public just to celebrate their 25th independence. This was on of the biggest data breach of 2016 till now.

MMCA group also leaked several data in many non government websites containing personal data of 1200 Azerbaijani officers including names, ID numbers, phone numbers residence addresses and other details.

They have also leaked 10,000 customers data of Azerbaijani bank. Data breach and risk mitigation policies where not taken seriously by the bank authorities as secret sources confirm.

One of the organization scanned some of the files and found 9000 customer details of the bank which was shocking.

Armenian hackers

Bank Details of  Azerbaijani Bank

Military data leaked by Armenian Hackers – National Security of Azerbaijani is at stake

One of the leaked file contains 46 military & police officials personal info which contains really critical and sensitive data and this can adversely effect the national security of the country. More security measures must be adopted as soon as possible said Mr. Sammy  CTO of Indian Cyber Security Solutions. He also added many countries have very poor cyber security infrastructure which can be compromised by hackers easily. Risk mitigation policies if not adopted quickly can lead to complete shutdown of the economy of the county.


Military data leaked


Government website hacked and embassy website defaced – Its time for implementing Cyber Security

Cracked into several government websites and defaced embassies website of Azeri. Some of the websites which were hacked includes Azeri embassy in Bulgaria, Netherlands and Qatar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs AIDA.  Every 2 min an attacker is getting access of a website and every day black hat hackers are exploiting zero day before companies releases it and patches it as said by Abhishek Mitra CEO of Indian Cyber Security Solutions. He added companies are taking cyber security very seriously but still they are much into policy implementation and following standards but not considering the actual penetration testing as the best solution to protect them from these threats.

website hacked


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