Million Android users downloaded Trojan from Google Play Store

android trojan

Million Android users downloaded Trojan from Google Play Store

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Android Trojan downloaded from Google Play Store

Android trojan


Android Trojan is now being downloaded by millions of users from the Google Play Store.  The Russian Security Agency “Doctor Web” found the malware popularly known as Android.MulDrop.924. The new Android Trojan disguise itself as games and other apps in Google play store.  The Android Trojan can download exploits and gives them root privileges and it may also allow download software’s without the prior permission of the user.


Millions of users have been compromised


Currently available in Google Play Store is the new application “ Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts “ is an Android Trojan. To be very precise  technically the Android Trojan had masked itself with the application with had already affected millions of Google Android users across the globe. The main frame utility of this application is to help the users to set up multiple accounts for playing games, email, messages and other software on the single device.


The Android Trojan unique module architecture with two auxiliary modules.  The two modules are hidden inside a PNG image in the resource catalog of Android.Mul.924.


Once installed the Android Trojan extracts and copies both the modules to the local directory section and then install them into the memory.


Do-not be fooled with the REVIEWS



android trojan


The main.jar module have several plugins which allows advertisements to pop up. It is designed to generate revenue. It pops up unwanted advertisements which irritates the user.


Main.jar can also carry Triada “ the android Trojan which allows exploits to have root privileges in the device” . This Traida can actually allow other malicious software’s get downloaded in the device and extract critical information’s.



How to be safe


In the world of technology it is highly difficult to come up with a great check list of safety when it comes to mobile devices.

  1. It is highly recommended to update the antivirus they are using in the devices regular.
  2. Download applications from trusted android develops from Google Play Store.



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