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Most Usefuls Tools

Android is open to everyone: developers, designers and device makers. That means more people can experiment, imagine and create things the world has never seen. Smartphones are, at their core, tools. Because of this, many developers have created tons of tools for them that work really well. The genre is actually quite diverse. There are tons of Android tools and utility apps out there.




Most Useful Android Tools are listed below:


This tool for Android which can help you track the overall performance of your app and get in-depth insights on various key performance metrics like FPS, memory usage, CPU usage, disk usage, and much more from your live production app.


This tool makes debugging native Android apps as simple as debugging web pages using Chrome’s Developer Tools, and helps perform various actions like checking the complete View hierarchy, inspecting SQLite database, and monitoring network operations with ease.


JRebel for Android:

This  tool from JRebel comes to the rescue by drastically improving build times and making Android app development and debugging almost real-time.



LeakCanary is a powerful memory leak detection tool developed by Square, making the difficult and time-consuming job of detecting memory leaks so much easier. Once set up, it will automatically start giving you notifications whenever memory leaks happen in your app with complete stack trace to help you fix it



A tiny library which you can use to check the FPS of every corner of your app while debugging it. It is always better to catch bugs and significant lags in the development phase and not letting your users have a chance of a bad experience while using the production app.



Everyone will find some of these tools useful and it will help all day in day out. There are literally hundreds of other useful tools such as these available for Android development. Each developer has their own personal preference for what tools and environments they work with based on the particular application they are developing.

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