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Android Nougat-Will it be ‘sweeter’ than Marshmallow

Google is raising the bar with the latest version of its mobile operating system named Android Nougat after so many names were suggested for the same from all over the tech world and social networking sites following the trend of keeping its name after a sweet which started with Android 1.5 Cupcake. It was till this time that Google only alert you of the potential threats every time it underwent the boot process. Even with Android Marshmallow 6.0 your device is allowed to boot up in spite of being compromised with just a warning. But with Android Nougat it is going to be a different story altogether from now on.

Security features tightened to top tier to ensure further data protection:

The security features of Android Nougat have been literally elevated to a different level by strictly enforcing verified boot on devices. So as it is evident now that you will be getting something more than a meager warning as it will strictly enforce the boot check. There are some definite advantages of having strict verified boot on devices. It is that if some Android malware or rootkit has made its way into the device and in the process has affected deep system changes to critical kernel files your device would either be not starting or starting in a limited or safe mode ensuring that your data remains safe and protected.

Voluntary fixing of errors:

Another significant advantageous feature of Android Nougat is that without any user intervention it has the ability to repair some errors on devices.

So with Android Nougat you get optimum protection to your latest Android technology from the world of malware and viruses with the easy option of a simple restart of your smartphone.

Downsides of the aforementioned strictly enforced boot check:

However, there is a menace with it also and this strictly enforced verified boot check may, in fact will not be totally fruitful for all Android Nougat users. Since hardware and software issues could also result into data corruption and corrupted data may not be necessarily malicious, the device could fail to boot even due to a single-byte error. It is however correct that Android Nougat would be coming up with extra shield of protection against data corruption. There is another con of strictly verified booting system as it can get difficult to tweak your Android Operating System particularly with locked boot loader. It will get harder to play with your Nougat devices when the Nougat is rolling around in that case.

Overall evaluation of the enforced security feature:

All in all, it is a good idea to enforce strict verified boot in your Android devices simply because though most users fail to constantly and regularly take important security measures thereby keeping their devices exposed to malicious software’s and rootkits.


Seamless updates set to make it a flawless experience:

Seamless updates that would be a new feature of Android Nougat is something all Android users would be hoping to work well and be welcoming with both hands as it is something Android has been truly struggling putting their act together over all these years. Actually, a big problem with Android right since its inception has been that although so many updates have been timely launched but it has only reached to a very limited number of users. According to an estimate hardly 7.5% of present users of Android phones use Android Marshmallow, the latest technology of Android that is in the market now as 90% of Android phones don’t receive updates in due course of time.So in order to do away with this issue Seamless Updates would be implemented in Android Nougat by which on the event of an availability of an update your phone will be automatically downloading the latest image of it in the background. Later, after the first (next) restart of your phone it will automatically be switching over to the next system image. However, this feature would only be available in Nexus phones only to start of initially unless stated otherwise by Google.  However, it is a different issue for those Android users who are not that keen on regular and/or periodical updates.

A Performance& Productivity Enhancer:The Android Nougat is expected to be much higher on performance as well compared to the previous versions of the software with a JIT compiler installed which will speed up the installation of apps up to 75% as the compiled code size decreases by 50%. Productivity-wise also there’s a lot to look forward to in Android N. A Clear All tab would be there which has already been greeted with terrific applause for a grateful I/O audience.

Be in complete command of apps with the new Multi-Window mode:Multi-window mode which would be available on Android N would surely make a lot of potential users delighted as it has been on demand by Android users for quite sometime now.This will allow the user to use apps both in split-screen and picture-in-picture mode.

security features of android nougat

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Visibility as per your suitability:Also you need not worry regarding visibility after sunset in your phone as with the latest night color mode you can instantaneously shift to a different color of your choice once the sunsets in your area.

From the makers of the Android Nougat themselves- this is what the top Google engineers have to say:Top Google engineers are fully confident that Android OS Nougat would always be devoid of any ransomware attacks. They further opine that the experience that an user would undergo while using it would be something entirely out of the ordinary and cherishing for there has been much more than minor superficial changes in it.

Some other interesting features:The Doze feature will make sure that battery is saved when the phone is turned off while Java 8 language features would also be available within the phone. Also you can group together multiple notifications from the same app which is again something of great convenience and utility.

A big drawback with Android though is that it isn’t the greatest when it comes to software because of its fragmented nature. But, apart from that with its great features, fine performance over the years and enviable look it is something of real substance. And with Android Nougat ready to hit the market hard after so much of hype only better things would be expected out of it.


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