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Android App Security Testing Company in Pune


Android App Security Testing Company in Pune, Indian Cyber Security Solutions has truly mastered the art of android app testing to perfection. With the changeover from desktop to mobile been so fast and revolutionary, it was almost certain that it’s only just a matter of time before the security aspect would creep in and take vital shape in mobile applications too.


Mobile apps are being used by both public organizations and businesses alike on a large scale. With new vulnerabilities growing every day, managing the security aspect is an ever-growing challenge and a daunting task. ICSS, the best Android App Security Testing Company in Pune truly leads the way and tops the chart in this realm and regard. ICSS employs both automated and manual analysis on android applications so as to ensure that a comprehensive and complete test is run and that no vulnerability is escaped or gets left out.

We at Indian Cyber Security Solutions have got the prudence and a deep understanding of mobile app security. This profound expertise enables us to customize assessments accordingly as per the concerned requirement. This great knowledge and high level of expertise of our expert unit together with their unique and innovative approach of functioning keep us at the helm when it comes to Android App Security Testing Company in Pune. From Payment Gateway to Banking and Finance, Gaming to Manufacturing; we render our android app security testing service to each and every industry. And the result you get by testing your mobile app security against vulnerability is multifarious. We understand the importance of documentation and reporting in mobile security testing. Thus we provide detailed, comprehensive and immaculate report of the analysis performed with the level of severity for the threats found together with the ways of how to mitigate the same.



Android App Security Testing Company in Pune

Why choose us?
  • CYBER INSURANCE – 70% of the project cost will be paid back to the client if any cybersecurity incident is recorded & proved on the same scope of work where ICSS had performed the VAPT.


  • VA & PT, not a separate service – ICSS performs both VA- Vulnerability Assessment and PT- Penetration Testing for all clients.


  •  NON-DISCLOSER AGREEMENT (NDA)  the TRUST FACTORThis agreement states that if any critical data of the client is exposed, tempered or used for any promotional activity without any written consent of the client, ICSS will be held responsible and can be sued in the court of law.  ICSS singes NDA with every client before the audit / VAPT.


  • ZERO False Positive Report GUARANTEED ICSS provides manual-based testing along with tool-based testing which reduces the false positive report to maximize accurate identification of critical level vulnerabilities.


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Mobile app security testing company in Pune


Mobile app security testing company in Pune is variant. But Indian Cyber Security Solutions or ICSS is the fore-running android app security testing company in Pune. This acclaimed statue of ours is the result of the most relevant, reliable and satisfactory cyber security services that we offer to our digitally established or establishing clients. We turned out to be the very best mobile app security testing company in Pune not by mere coincidence but because we have become the sheer need of the hour. The rising consumerism is the reason behind all the cyber threats. The advancement of technology and digitization gave everyone fluid access to global virtual reality. Through IT networks and auto-intelligent smartphones, people are diving into the digital world in pursuit of ease and efficiency in diurnal lives. The growing client base on the cloud is the effect of unrestricted use of smart mobile apps.

The following are the main vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service that we cater to our esteemed clientele.

  • Assessment management for mobile devices in order to record the detailing of the security layouts of any smart device.
  • Through our assessment program for application security, we analyze smart apps and websites for their security measures. An analytical report will provide the clients with the possibility to revamp their security.
  • We also have a refined source code review schedule. Through this, we test the mettle of websites & mobile apps and find & fix any hack-able faults prone to a major security breakdown.
  • We offer endpoint solutions. By implementing the most valid and secured security solution we protect your server end and thus your entire system.

The reasonable rates for affluent services and continual cyber security consultancy make ICSS  the leading mobile app security testing company in Pune.


Mobile app security testing company in Pune


Mobile app testing company in Pune


Mobile app testing company in Pune is the term you must heard synonymous to the name of ICSS or Indian Cyber Security Solutions. There are sets of android app security testing company in Pune but we provide the best cyber security aid. The main objective of ICSS or ICSS is to make the virtual platform safe. With our expertise in cyber security, we enable our clients to counter any and every type of cyber threats. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the leading mobile app testing company in Pune because of its innovative & committed workforce. This is why we are capable of offering top class service to all digital firms at most affordable rates.

We make your system secure. Through application security services you can fortify your websites and apps very veritably. With our superlative service, you can actually make your e-commerce establishments very secured against online cyber maladies. ICSS has an advanced  VAPT setup to detect every major and minor security loopholes present in your system. ICSS does the following to detect the flaws & vulnerability in your digital app

  • Verify and identify storage compliances and external applications
  • Authentication and authorization problems
  • Perceive data flow and data leakage issues
  • Detect the safety issues in your app mainframe and stay vigilant in the back end ongoing
  • Identify the system alerts against server breach and user-side cyber-attack issues
  • Delimit information disclosure and cryptography
  • Give testing raids to the commercial & open source tools
  • And test the mettle of the app security in response to retrospective engineering

ICSS provides detailed report and comprehensive consultancy on mobile app security testing. We are the top mobile app testing company in Pune because we give the clients the very best securitization layouts for their apps’ cyber security.



Mobile App Testing Company in Pune



Android application penetration testing company in Pune


Android application penetration testing company in Pune is an annotation many firms have but among all the title of best belongs to us. We are the leading android app security testing company in Pune and we aim to keep it so. The way of handling the virtual security crisis and offering a plethora of possibilities for overcoming those makes ICSS  the best choice for securing your smart application and also the website behind it. We make it a mission statement to provide every digitally augmented firm with feasible and viable security solutions against cyber threats like virulent attacks and unethical hackings. But what we also do best is proficient VAPT. VAPT stands for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. This is a method, we use to ensure that the security framework of the client product is effective and resilient.

Being the top android application penetration testing company in Pune entitles use with an array of responsibilities that we fulfil with diligence and excellence. We have a crew that can handle any project and reciprocates with the most satisfactory results. The main features of mobile app penetration testing technique –

  • Categorization of exploitation – ICSS has classified the faults in the following types – device code injection & exploitation, configuration & authentication problems, web service problem & corruption and database maladies.
  • Assessing the vulnerabilities – We check for the data storage insecurities, data leakage, data transfer channelization, poor authentication schedule, bad binary protection, improper session monitoring and frail server side systematization.
  • Testing protocols – ICSS tap into the vulnerabilities and exploit those to gauge the depth of the application’s security resilience. The test is conducted by device jail breaking, rooting and with the process that bypasses both jail breaking & rooting.


Android application penetration testing company in Pune



Android application VAPT service in Pune


Android application VAPT service in Pune is best served under the banner Indian Cyber Security Solutions. The reason behind the meteoric rise of Indian Cyber Security Solutions and its transformation into the top android app security testing company in Pune is because of its exclusive and fortified cyber protection solutions. Like every other entity, the digitization has its own pros and cons. We cannot separate these tow. But we can definitely limit the cons by enforcing some effective countermeasure against malicious cyber threats and hackings. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is the best in providing vulnerability assessment and penetration testing or VAPT service to all the Android app developing start-ups & corporate. We extend our best efforts to every generic digital domain.


The main factors that contribute to the cyber health of an android based app are

  • Information in the device storage
  • The medium of data flow
  • The security of the device
  • The awareness in the user about the data security

From gaming to social networking and from finance & baking to manufacturing & ecommerce, we offer best android application VAPT service in Pune. Pune is the start up hub of india. Pune has record of impeccable growth in just 20 years. The future of Information Technology in the country will be Pune. And development of the city has to take place on fast track. Pune is an attractive prospect as it has a good quality massive talent pool  and it has fairly decent infrastructure. The Mumbai-Pune connectivity is also a strong factor that would attract start-ups. The growth of the IT sector has tremendously benefited the real estate market of the Pune by increasing employment opportunities which increased the migration rate of the city. Hence we cater the best android application VAPT service in Pune.



Android application VAPT service in Pune




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