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The new Amazon Kindle flaw may have enabled attackers to take control of your eBook reader. Amazon patched a significant vulnerability in its Kindle e-book reader platform earlier this April, which could have been abused to take full control of a user's device, resulting in the loss of personal information by simply deploying a rogue e-book.

"An attacker may have grabbed everything data stored on the device, from Amazon's credentials to payment information, by mailing an infected e-book to Kindle customers "In an emailed statement Yaniv Balmas, Head of Cyber Research, stated Checkpoint. "Security flaws allow a hacker to target a very specific public."

Amazon Kindle flaw may have enabled attackers

To put it another way, if a threat actor wanted to target a certain group of individuals or demography, the adversary could select a popular e-book in a language or dialect widely spoken within the population to tailor and organise a highly focused cyber attack.

After appropriately revealing the issue to Amazon in February 2021, the retail and entertainment behemoth released a remedy in April 2021 as part of its 5.13.5 edition of Kindle software.

Attacks that take advantage of the flaw begin by sending a malicious e-book to the intended victim, who, upon opening the book, initiates the infection sequence without any interaction, allowing the attacker to delete the user's library, gain full access to the Amazon account, or could turn the Kindle into a bot to infiltrate the target's local network and attack other devices.

The flaw is in the firmware's e-book parsing architecture, notably in the implementation of how PDF documents are opened, which allows an attacker to execute a malicious payload on the device.

This is made possible by a heap overflow vulnerability in the PDF rendering function (CVE-2021-30354), which can be exploited to gain arbitrary write primitive, and a Kindle application management service (CVE-2021-30355) local privilege escalation weakness that allows threat actors to combine the two flaws to root the malware laid code.

Earlier this month, Amazon patched a similar flaw known as "KindleDrip," which may have allowed an attacker to seize control of victims' devices by delivering a malicious e-book to the targets and making unauthorised purchases.

"Kindle, like other IoT devices, is frequently thought of as benign and overlooked as a security issue," added Balmas. "These IoT devices are subject to the same types of threats as computers are.Everyone should know about the cyber dangers of any computer related use, especially something that is so commonly used as Amazon's Kindle."

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