ATM Hacking in Thai Banks

ATM Hacking in Thai Banks

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ATM Hacking in Thai Banks

ATM Hacking in Thai Banks!!!! A staggering 12.29 million Baht ($350,000) stolen.

So after Japan, it’s Thailand. The hacking spree continues. Just a couple of months back cyber criminals had successfully stolen 1.44 billion Yen ($13million) from more than 1400 ATMs in just over 2 hours and fled from the country. Hackers this time have managed to steal a whooping amount of 12.29 million Baht ($350,000) reportedly from the Government Savings Banks of the country. The hacking spree continued from 1st August as 21 ATMs were attacked resulting into this stealing of such substantial sum of money. The ATM’s were situated in the Southern provinces of the nation.

The malware used in the attack to compromise the ATM was so advanced that it could not even been detected for quite some time. The attack targeted single machine and each time the attackers withdrew 40,000 Baht ($1154). The ATMs targeted were in Phuket, Surat Thani, Petchaburi, Chumporn and Prachuab Khirj Khan. Five of Bangkok’s ATM were also targeted by the hackers located in the Vibhavadi Rangsit and Sukhumvit areas.

Aftermath the incidence, the bank closed down all of its ATM operations for an indefinite period. It is mention worthy here that the bank is having 4000 ATMs in Bangkok which are manufactured by a Scotland-based company. Moreover, 16 other machines also have been found to be infected with the same malware barring the 21 that have been attacked and hacked.

Microsoft representative has said to Thailand-Business that Thailand is the most vulnerable nation in the Asia-Pacific region that is constantly encountering malware threats and attacks. In fact, it is facing the highest malware attacks in the Asia-Pacific zone. Overall, worldwide too Thailand is amongst the top 25 countries to be experiencing malware attacks on a frequent and regular basis. Initially the government agencies were the preferred target of attack for hackers but now it seems that banking sector has joined their favourites list too.

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Mr. Chartchai Payuhanaveechai, director of GSB has told in a statement that the hack had nothing to do with customer’s accounts and money and that the services of the Scottish company ATMs were terminated since 8th August. He, on his part has further notified the Bank of Thailand so that banks having ATMs from the same Scottish company could be alerted  as there are around 10,000 actively operating ATMs in the country out of which 4,000 are of GSB.

The million dollar question now is of course what will be GSB’s stance against the Scottish firm. It is being heard that GSB would straightaway demand for compensation from the Scottish company.

Bangkok Post has reported that there were in total 5 hackers involved in the hack; all from East Europe, out of which a few have already left the country. However, warrants for all of them who were involved in the ATM hacking will soon be issued, a senior police official asserted.

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