5 Reason to Learn Android Development

android development

5 Reason to Learn Android Development

Android is one of the most popular Mobile Operating System in the world. Android holds 80% market of mobile sells. Android become so popular for its easy to use feature, beautiful design and variety of Apps.

Employers now hiring Certified Android Developers to much faster in recent times. Many Companies start building their own Apps to give their clients a smooth experience. In recent times the demand for Certified Android Developer has increased.


Why you should learn Android Development:

Android Is Open Source:

The best thing about Android is that It is an open-source. So Mobile and Electronic Manufacturing companies have got access to the code which makes it easy for them to use it in their smartphones.

Since Android devices are getting more efficient and affordable, the size of the market is expected to grow. And the demand for Android Developers will increase more.

Google Play Store:

Google Play store has millions of Apps. There was a time when we all looked up to the other App Stores and sometimes finding an App was very difficult. But with the Google play store and Android smartphones access to apps has become so easy for all.

Every day around 1.5 million Android devices are activated across the globe. And the best thing is that over 60% of Apps are free.

After learning Android App Development you launch your own App with Paid or Free version. You can also use Google’s Ads service to earn good money by posting Ads on Android Apps.

android development

Job Opportunities:

Learning Android App Development gives lots of opportunities. After learning Android App Development you can work from or freelance. Many Companies setups dedicated Android App developers team for their work. Similarly, when you learn Android App development you can easily learn to develop Apps for other platforms.

Apps revenue Models:

You can set a price after launch your App. You can also use Google Ads to earn money from your Apps. More people download your App, more money you can get. Also, you can simply add a price so people can purchase your App. This model helps Developers to earn a good amount of money.


Android Is Everywhere:

Android almost everywhere. From Mobile to Smartwatches and wearables, Smart TVs and Even Drones Android used almost everywhere. Learning about Android App development will help you so much.

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