Importance of Web Penetration Testing Services for Corporate Companies

Importance of Web Penetration Testing Services for Corporate Companies

Web Penetration Testing Services

The airt of exploiting weaknesses and vulnerabilities in networks, web applications, or people. This is different than just performing a vulnerability scan against your network.Web Security service provider in India takes the perspective of an outside intruder or an internal individual with malicious intent. This may not always involve technology, however technical controls are a big part of preventing easy exploitation and data compromise.

Importance of Web Penetration Testing Services

There is utmost importance of Web Penetration Testing Services even with the strongest security and safeguards in place, vulnerabilities exist and open your company to unknown risk. Those gaps might be as unsuspecting as a database, an application, website access—even your own employees. And any of those access points could provide a direct route into confidential electronic data, such as financials, patient information, strategic or classified documents.


Pentest services delve deeper to pinpoint pathways to access, ranking the potential value of each and providing a clear roadmap for remediation. A penetration test is not only smart business practice but also an annual requirement for those who must remain in compliance with leading regulations like PCI, FERPA, HITECH, FISMA, SOX, GLBA, FACTA, and GDPR.


Let our team of experienced, ethical hackers conduct a comprehensive assessment of potential vulnerabilities, prioritizing those and recommending ways to block attacks before they damage your bottom line.


The different types of penetration testing services.


  1. External Network Penetration Testing. We pinpoint potential avenues of network attack where access might be gained through internet-connected servers or network equipment by individuals outside of your organization who lack appropriate rights or credentials. We then conduct a mock attack to test security controls, developing and presenting you with a cybersecurity assessment on findings along with solutions and recommendations you can use to remediate the issue.
  2. Internal Network Penetration Testing. We help companies mitigate risk due to internal threats against their corporate network. While external testing investigates avenues that remote hackers might use to enter networks, internal testing looks at ways employees or insiders might lead to a breach either through neglect, malice, or the accidental download of an application, such as ransomware or malware, which has the potential to bring an entire network down.
  3. Application Penetration Testing.We investigate potential threats and vulnerabilities posed by the many internet-based applications in use throughout your enterprise. Conveniently accessed from any location worldwide and just as easily breached, web applications offer significant points of access into credit card, customer, and financial data. Vulnerability assessment services investigate the security of those solutions and controls in place, providing recommendations and strategies to block access to any data that might be stored within.
  4. Wireless Penetration Testing.We bring advanced expertise in a range of wireless technologies, offering ethical hacking services to investigate and identify potential access points where hackers could enter your internal network. This involves threat assessment and security control audits for traditional Wi-Fi and specialized systems. We then compile findings into a cybersecurity assessment report complete with recommendations you can put into place to mitigate damage.
  5. Social Engineering Penetration Testing.We survey employees to see how well they understand your organization’s information security policies and practices, so you know how easily an unauthorized party might convince staff into sharing confidential information. Social engineering penetration testing might include badge access points and mock phishing attacks or password update requests. We’ll then recommend ways to improve success through training or new processes that help employees better protect sensitive data.Importance of Web Penetration Testing Services for Corporate Companies

Why should companies take Web Penetration Testing Services at ICSS

It is evident that in upcoming time the Importance of Web Penetration Testing Services is going to be at its peak because of its demand. Indian Cyber Security Solutions is an organization which caters to the need of technology based risk management & cyber security solution across the globe. ICSS was established in 2013 & by this time it has gathered a good deal of momentum and has reached a distinguished position out of the leading firms in this domain in the country.