Most important Cyber Security tools you need to aware of before 2020

Most important Cyber Security tools you need to aware of before 2020

Protecting your IT environment is critical. Size does not matter when it comes to safeguarding your start-ups or firms. Hackers, viruses, malware…these are just some of the real security threats in the virtual world. Security measures need to be in place.

New security threats seemingly appear daily. The progressive nature of these attacks requires dynamic multi-point security solutions. It is critical administrators quickly identify vulnerabilities to protect data security.

We have collected the best security tools to combat network threats. These applications should make for a strong starting point for anyone working in Information Security.


Web Vulnerability Scanning tools:


Burp Suite

A powerful tool for network protection. Burp Suite is a real-time network security scanner designed to identify critical weaknesses. Burp Suite will determine how cybersecurity threats might invade a network via a simulated attack. The suite is available in three versions: Community, Professional, and Enterprise. Professional and Enterprise are paid application testing tools, including the web vulnerability scanner. The Community version is free but severely limited. The community includes only essential manual tools. Burp Suite is a potent tool for businesses, but perhaps pricey for smaller organizations. Still, a critical application security testing tool.

burp suit



Companies seeking improved access to potential weak spots in their network can use this free open source monitoring tool. It has been designed to offer a close look at every network. Including indicating hosts, what services are being provided at each host, what types of packet filters are in use and other features.

Nmap also includes a debugging tool for all major platforms and can be used to scan one network at a time or multiple networks at once. The network security tool is designed to be user-friendly and can be easily customized.



Nexpose offers real-time, on-premises vulnerability scanning, and management.

It helps security/IT teams look for, detect, and reduce possible weak points, and presents ‘live’ views of the network.  It also continually refreshes and adapts to new threats in software and data. Another useful feature is its ability to help security teams prioritize the highest vulnerabilities by providing a risk score. This is useful for coordinating responses to multiple breaches or delegating workflow, starting with the weakest areas where the more potentially damaging breaches are more likely to take place.

nexpose -icss


Penetration Testing Tools:



you are looking for a penetration testing tool, you’ll appreciate this framework of Metasploit. Available in open source versions for developers/security staff or a commercial Pro version. Users can use the network security tool from Rapid7 to look for more than 1,500 exploits, including network segmentation.



Kali Linux

Kali Linux offers a security auditing operating system and toolkit with more than 300 techniques to make sure your sites and Linux servers stay safe from attack.

Funded and maintained by Offensive Security, which also operates and moderates an active user community and an extensive database of threats and exploits.


kali linux

Auditing Tools:


A Mac, Windows, and Linux app predating market leader Wireshark. Although Tcpdump is not the newest packet sniffer available, it set the standard in the field. Tcpdump remains a favorite network sniffer with ongoing active development and a fresh approach. The tool uses fewer system resources than competing options and opens little security risk.






Ethereal was the name that Wireshark debuted under. Modeled mainly after Tcpdump, the console-based tool is an excellent protocol analyzer.

Wireshark offers real-time network analysis. It allows users to view reconstructed TCP session streams. Many prefer Tcpdump for security and system-resource reasons, but Wireshark remains the most popular packet sniffer. The software receives regular updates to outfit its robust packet-sniffing capabilities. Wireshark is an essential tool, even if it’s not every security pro’s first choice.



Network Defence Tools:


A suite of WEP and WPA cracking tools. Aircrack features ideal internet security solutions for mobile devices. Aircrack is vital for cracking algorithms. The suite’s tools include airdecap for WEP/WPA capture file decryption and airplay for packet injection. Several other tools are included as well, creating a robust set of apps for InfoSec use. For many wireless security tasks, Aircrack is an all-in-one solution. The series of tools available within the suite allows for the pros to handle an entire job at once. Some tasks may demand more than AirCrack has to offer. Many tasks can be accomplished only with AirCrack tools.





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